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UK based label associated with Fantastic Expedition magazine.

Distr.  : UK -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : psych / prog / folk /

SR      1       COUNTRY FUNK            COUNTRY FUNK                    CD      06.2013

        1,      Apart of Me
        2,      Phoebe (Mourning Pink)
        3,      Really My Friend
        4,      Not This Time
        5,      For Me
        6,      Poor Boy
        7,      A Way To Settle Down
        8,      When Im Without You
        9,      Comin In
        10,     If I Find A Way (Song of Love)
        11,     Another Miss
        12,     Want
                Bonus Tracks:
        1,      One Time Lover
        2,      Woman
        3,      Melrose Street 5829
        4,      Love

First released in May 1970, Country Funk's debut was a confident and heady mix of
psych, blues rock and country rock. Despite achieving little success in their day,
40 years on the "Funkers" are now highly regarded, finally achieving the credit that
they were originally denied. The 'Country Funk'-LP was released in May 1970 after
a few name and line up changes, plus a short prison sentence. At the album's heart
lie the influences of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and a dose of hairy Byrds, Moby
Grape and the Dead. Although not a classic, this loosely groovin' but tight collection
of songs moves along nicely with genuine heart and soul." Country Funk's debut has
been newly packaged with extensive liner notes, unpublished photos and 4 unreleased
bonus tracks, and four 1967 cuts from earlier outfit ADAM including the superb Bee
Gees like 'Woman' (later covered by Pure Prairie League) and the trippy 'Melrose
Street 5829' (which easily rivals anything Emitt Rhodes cut around this time).
SR      2
SR      3       COUNTRY                 COUNTRY                         CD      06.2013

        1.      Beverly Glen
        2.      Love Quite Like Her Kind
        3.      Give My Best To Everyone
        4.      Traveling Salesman
        5.      Janie
        6.      Going Away
        7.      Fine And Easy
        8.      It's All The Same
        9.      Man From Alabama
        10.     Aragon Ballroom
        11.     Killer
        12.     Rock & Roll Heaven
        13.     Sylvie (Bonus) Fondiler & Snow
        14.     Just A Thought
        15.     Please Michael
        16.     Aragon Ballroom
        17.     Salt Lake City

Originally released in 1971 this forgotten gem is ripe for rediscovery. COUNTRY were
originally a duo called Fondiler & Snow. Both Michael Fondiler and Tom Snow had
already played with legends. Michael had been a member of the pre-SPIRIT bands The
Red Roosters and Western Union whilst Tom had been an original member of Gram Parsons'
band THE LIKE in 1965. With the addition of Michael's brother Steve, Bobby De Simone
and Ian Espinoza they became COUNTRY and produced this marvellous album which holds
similarities to the music of James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Bread. Impressed by the
band, Peter Asher soon took over their leadership but despite recording another fine
album their record label pulled the plug. Tom Snow stayed with Peter Asher for a solo
career and later became a million selling songwriter for the likes of Linda Ronstadt,
Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Cher... The list goes on and on. This Remastered album
includes all original tracks, plus five bonus tracks that have never previously been
released. One of these gems, 'SYLVIE', features Lowell George on slide guitar.
SPIRIT's and JO JO GUNNE's Mark and Matt Andes also offer guest performances. Tom
Snow tells Country's story in the extensive liner notes and recalls his days with
Gram Parsons.
SR      4       THE BEAD GAME           THE BEAD GAME                   CD      06.2014

        1       What A Day
        2       20 Dollars Bill
        3       Steamballin'
        4       She's On The Rollin' Pin
        5       This Is True
        6       Roller Skatin' Baby
        7       Sweet Love
        8       Water Boy
        9       Baptism
        10      Nude Bathin'
        11      Mr Sorry

On CD, here's an awesome, but previously unreleased album by late '60s band The Bead
Game, which featured future Steely Dan drummer/vocalist Jim Hodder. Bead Game released
one official album in 1970, called 'WELCOME', and then recorded this s/t follow up
which got shelved at the time. The CD has been remastered by members of the original
band and includes a 28-page history.
SR      5       TOM SNOW                UPTOWN HOPEFUL                  CD      03.2016

        1       Pioneer
        2       Five Minute Spell
        3       Uptown Hopeful
        4       I'm A Shadow
        5       Lindy Loo
        6       Hey
        7       Don't Say No
        8       Criss-Cross
        9       Rude Awakening
        10      Come On Children

First ever release of the first solo-album by Tom Snow of Country. The songs were
recorded in 1972 with Peter Asher producing and features multi talented backing
musicians Danny Korthchmar, Russ Kunkel, Red Rhodes, Wilton Felder and Michael Brecker.

SR      6       KUSUDO & WORTH          OF SUN AND RAIN                 CD      06.2019

        1       Elizabeth
        2       For You
        3       Sond To A Pelican
        4       Love Is Naught
        5       I Would Like To Hear Your Story
        6       The Gull
        7       Something From Nowhere
        8       Bittersweet
        9       Mill Valley Woodlands
        10      Of Sun And Rain
        11      Pau Hana
        12      Settle Ya Down
        13      Love Is Naught (2012)

Reissue of a very rare private press album from 1968 by Kusudo & Worth. The album
is very much in the loner folk tradition with some songs having psych acid folk
flourishes. The CD comes with a 32 page insert booklet which tells their story with
many rare photos. It also comes with 3 bonus tracks.

LP      Custom Fidelity     CFS 1882            1969        US