Owner   : Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey
Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

SKEPWAX  001    SWANSEA SOUND           INDIES OF THE WORLD             7"      02.2021

        1       Indies of the World
        2       Je Ne Sais Quoi

Indies of the World, appropriately enough, will be released by four different
Indie Labels of the World: UK, EUROPE  SKEP WAX (7 single  150 copies).
JAPAN  FORMOSA PUNK (7 single  100 copies),
USA  HHBTM (7 single  150 copies).
WALES  LAVENDER SWEEP (cassette  50 copies).

If, like me, you believe that we should have overthrown this government by now
then that kind of spirit of revolution is much in evidence in this collaboration
of indie old timers Hue Williams (The Pooh Sticks) and Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly
/ Tallulah Gosh). Economist Fletcher spars with hapless Hue over some fizzing indie
abetted by Rob Pursey (Heavenly) and the magnificently named Ian Button (Death
in Vegas).
SKEPWAX 002     THE CATENARY WIRES      MIRRORBALL                      7"      04.2021

        1       Mirrorball
        2       I Wish You Were Here Now
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SKEPWAX 006 LP  V / A                   UNDER THE BRIDGE                LP      07.2022
SKEPWAX 006 CD  V / A                   UNDER THE BRIDGE                CD      07.2022