Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : electronic / soundtracks /

SIRIUS  01      THE HAVELS/IRENA & VOJTECH HAVLOVI : Saving One Who     LP      03.2022
                Was Dead / Little Crusader

        1.      Saving One Who Was Dead
        2.      Intervals Of Waiting
        3.      Words Into Distance
        4.      Little Crusader
        5.      A Fathers Quest
        6.      Absence Of The Loved One

Czech musical pair Irena and Vojtech Havlovi (also known as The Havels) present
the original soundtracks to two films by director Václav Kadrnka. ‘Saving One Who
Was Dead’ is constructed almost entirely from violas, organs and vocals, while
"Little Crusader" is a little more detailed and diverse in terms of instrumentation.
In both instances, the Havels’ natural tendency to make enchanting, evocative and
mystical-sounding music complements the films’ narratives.