Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : punk /

STR     001 LP  SIN 34                  DO YOU FEEL SAFE                LP      12.2014
STR     001     SIN 34                  DO YOU FEEL SAFE                CD      12.2014

SIDE 1  A1      Do You Feel Safe ?
        A2      After You
        A3      War At Home
        A4      Barbie And Ken
        A5      Say We Suck
        A6      Not
        A7      Live Or Die
        A8      New Wave Slut
Side B  B1      Left Waiting
        B2      Forgive And Forget
        B3      Two Words
        B4      Join The Race
        B5      Turn On • Tune In • Drop Out
        B6      Nothin' Makes Sense
        B7      Uncontrollable Urge
STR     002
STR     003     STEEL POLE BATH TUB     TULIP                           LP+DLc  10.2015

        1.      Soul Cannon
        2.      Sister
        3.      Quark
        4.      One Thick Second
        5.      Pirate 5
        6.      BBQ Applause
        7.      Mercurochrome
        8.      Wonders Of Dust
        9.      The Scarlet
        10.     Misty Mt. Blowtorch
        11.     Myrna Loy
        12.     Paus

* Reissue of their second album, gatefold with **ALL NEW COVER ART** by Dale “Tooth”
  Flattum and Casey Burns
* 8 page booklet with notes from Noah Landis (Neurosis), Boner Records founder Tom
  Flynn, Chunklet’s Henry Owings and Steel Pole Bath Tub
* Painstakingly remastered by Bob Weston, Noah Landis and Mike Morasky from the orig.
  source tapes
* Available on 180g black vinyl
* Includes download card
STR     5       BLOODLOSS               BLOODLOSS                       LP      04.2017

A reissue of this Australian cult album, originally from 1986. The music comes across
as a notable mixture of lo-fi post-punk and early grunge. This was one of two releases
to feature female lead vocalist Sharron Weatherill.