Owner   : Stuart Mckenzie and James Jeanette
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie /

SIG     1       WILD DAUGHTER           GET GONE                        7"      02.2017

        A       Get Gone

Stuart Mckenzie and James Jeanette came together over a mutual love of music and to
create the sound they love.This became Wild Daughter. Purveyors of their own brand of
'garage kink'. Get Gone is their first single. A slab of doom laden unrequited love.
Released on their own Sig'il Record Label produced by Steve Mackey of Pulp. Welcome
to the cityscape that is Side B - Drive is slower, darker, haunting, cinematic taking
you on a journey of despair through the highs and lows of Wild Daughter's world,
destination unknown. The cover artwork designed in collaboration with Turner prize
nominee (2015) artist James Richards and graphics by Ross Teperek at Another Kind of
Kick is breathtaking - snap up your copies quick as the single is a limited hand
numbered edition of 300. Get Gone!