Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/
Style   : indie / alternative /

SHIMMY  5001    JAD FAIR & KRAMER       THE HISTORY OF CRYING           LP      06.2017

        1.      Red Red Sun
        2.      I Wanna Make a Movie
        3.      The History of Crying
        4.      I won't eat until you come back to me
        5.      I'll Give you the Moon
        6.      Pickpockets of Love
        7.      Show me the Way to Nowhere
        8.      Do you really need a map to my hear
        9.      All I need is a Kiss
        10.     I miss my analog warmth
        11.     You Cripple Me
        12.     Tearjerker
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on red vinyl)

Jad Fair has been one of the premiere artists of the American Music scene since the
late 1970’s. He has recorded with many of the best musicians and bands in the history
of the world, including Half Japanese, Yo La Tengo, Daniel Johnston, R. Stevie Moore,
Teenage Fanclub, Moe Tucker, The Pastels, Danielson, and Kramer.

"He's released over 50 albums. Not content with being a pretty boy rock & roll legend,
Jad is also an accomplished artist, and has had 16 books of his art published in
Europe, Japan and America. He and Kramer have worked together since Kramer produced
two seminal LP’s from Half Japanese in the 1980’s; MUSIC TO STRIP BY, and THE BAND

They first collaborated as a duo in 1988 when they released ROLL OUT THE BARREL, and
then again ten years later with THE SOUND OF MUSIC. KRAMER is a world unto himself.
After paying his dues for 5 years with Eugene Chadbourne in both The Cadbourne’s and
Shockabilly, Kramer joined the BUTTHOLE SURFERS in 1985 but only remained with the
band through their first European tour before departing and establishing NOISE NEW
YORK, his own 16-track recording studio in NYC. It was there that he founded his
notorious SHIMMY-DISC record label, producing and releasing music by artists as
own bands, B.A.L.L. and BONGWATER. He then moved to a state-of-the-art 24track
recording studio, Noise New Jersey, where he produced some of the greatest recordings
by WILL OLDHAM, URGE OVERKILL (“Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” - for the Pulp Fiction
Soundtrack), DANIELSON, and the first two LP’s by LOW.

THE HISTORY OF CRYING is JAD FAIR & KRAMER’s third collaboration, and their first in
almost 20 years; 12 brand new songs produced by Kramer at his Florida studio, Noise
Miami. Longtime fans of Jad Fair will be stunned by how he SINGS on this LP. No other
LP in Jad’s storied career features him singing complex melodies in the manner he does
here. From a life in music spanning over 40 years, It is unlike anything he has ever
done before, and it is a wondrous thing to behold. Jad SINGS! This LP also features
guitar solos by PAUL LEARY (BUTTHOLE SURFERS), whose contributions to this LP cannot
be overestimated. BS fans will go hog wild."

SHIMMY  5003    PERMAHORN : MY BLOOD CARRIES MY DREAMS AWAY             LP      12.2017
SHIMMY  5003    PERMAHORN : MY BLOOD CARRIES MY DREAMS AWAY             CD      12.2017

Permahorn are a Scottish/Serbian London-based duo who has compiled a selection of
brooding, heartfelt songs on this cathartic debut album. 500 copies each format.