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Distr. : FR -
         US - Forced Exposure
Style  : modern classical / experimental / ambient /

SHIIIN  001     ELIANE RADIGUE          L'ile Re-sonante                CD      11.2006
SHIIIN  002     ELIANE RADIGUE          OCCAM OCEAN 2                   2CD     10.2019

87 year-old Éliane Radigue is a trailblazing French electronic composer. She worked
with modular synths but decided to take a new direction in the early ‘00s and compose
for acoustic instruments. Composer Frédéric Blondy asked her to write for an orchestra,
which took some convincing due to the enormity of the task. Ultimately she was
convinced though, taken in by the rich sound of the orchestra, and Occam Ocean 2 is
the result, performed by the 34 person strong French orchestra ONCEIM (translates to
Orchestra of New Musical Creation), led by Frédéric Blondy.
SHIIIN  003     ELIANE RADIGUE          OCCAM OCEAN 3                   CD      02.2022

Occam river II, for violon and cello
Occam VIII, for cello
Occam delta III, for violon, viola and cello
Silvia Tarozzi, violon.
Deborah Walker, cello.
Julia Eckhardt, viola.
Recorded in 2019 at l’Abbazia di Santa Maria Assunta, Monteveglio (Bologna)
With a 32 page booklet.

Minimalist composer Éliane Radigue delivers the third installment of her ‘Occam
Ocean’ albums. Where previous records presented mixes of solos and duets and wider
orchestral works, ‘Occan Ocean 3’ is a set of three pieces for a string trio,
consisting of Julia Eckhardt, Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker.
SHIIIN  004     ELIANE RADIGUE          OCCAM OCEAN 4                   CD      02.2022

        1.      occam delta XIX                                 24:19
        2.      occam XXII                                      17:34
        3.      occam river XXII                                26:00

The fourth volume of the ‘Occam Ocean’ series of works that minimalist composer
Éliane Radigue commenced back in 2011. Created in league with experimental artists
Bertrand Gauguet, Yannick Guédon and Carol Robinson, the pieces on ‘Occam Ocean 4’
push and probe at the boundaries of our understanding of minimalist and drone music.

01/ occam delta XIX pour voix, dessus de viole, birbyné et saxophone alto, 2019
bertrand gauguet, saxophone alto
yannick guédon, voix / dessus de viole
carol robinson, birbyné
24’ 15’’

02/ occam XXII pour baryton, 2018
yannick guédon, baryton
17’ 34’’

03/ occam river XXII (co-composé avec carol robinson)
pour saxophone alto et clarinette basse, 2018, 2012
bertrand gauguet, saxophone alto
carol robinson, clarinette basse
26’ 00’’

ingénieur du son : sébastien schottke
mixage & mastering : sébastien schottke
direction musicale : carole robinson
direction artistique : ludger brümmer
coordination et production : dominik kautz
co-production : stéphane roux / shiiin, ZKM / hertz-lab
coordination & rédaction : cécilia preiss
conception graphique : amélie scotta
photos : sabine mirlesse (éliane radigue), tobias wootton (ZKM)
enregistré les 24, 25 et 26 mars 2021 au kubus du zkm / centre d’art et des
médias karlsruhe. mixage/mastering au zkm, juillet 2021-12-01 la co-production du
cd occam ocean 4, ainsi que les résidences d’artistes invités de carol robinson,
bertrand gauguet et yannick guédon au zkm / hertz-lab font partie du projet «
eastn-dc », cofinancé par le programme de financement « creative europe » de
l’union européenne.