Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   : alternative / indie /

SH      01 LP   AYYUKA                  SOMESTR                         LP      02.2020

We can think of few groups who do psychedelic rock as well as Ayyuka. The Istanbul
based band flex their sonic muscles once more on their third studio LP Sömestr.
These sprawling, sun-hazed instrumentals are the kind of things you can get completely
lost in, their globalised struts reminiscent of Khruangbin while the guitar work has
the hardness of Hendrix about it. Lagos funk/Afrobeat legend Orlando Julius guests on
two of Sömestr’s tracks.
SH      06      (s) AHMET KENAN BILGIC : SARMASIK (IVY)                 LP      12.2016