SEVENTEEN RECORDS                       UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : punk / garage rock /

SEVLP   001     TV EYE : THE LOST STUDIO RECORDINGS 1977-1978           LP      02.2017
SEVCD   001     TV EYE : THE LOST STUDIO RECORDINGS 1977-1978           CD      02.2017

        01.     Repartee
        02.     Stevie's Radio Station
        03.     Citizen
        04.     Dreaming Of Your Cars
        05.     Let Me Win
        06.     Chainsmoking / Let Me Win
        07.     Roses
        08.     Repartee (Rehearsal Version)
        09.     When You're Gone
        10.     Cry Cry To You
        11.     Kites
        12.     Citizen (Rehearsal Version)*
        13.     Stevie's Radio Station (Rehearsal Version)*

*CD bonus track.

2017 is going to see many bands celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 1977 debut
records. There won't be nearly so many from 1977 making their debut 40 years later in
2017. Here is one of those cases: TV Eye. Five 17-18 year olds - Andy Wickett, Dave
Kusworth, Eamon Duffy, Paul Adams and Dave Twist - who channeled "Stooge-punk
classicism, via brute-naivety and a great pair of leather trousers into... something
else." These are the lost studio recordings and no-fi relics of Birmingham's first
garage-punk band, TV Eye. 1977-1978 comprises five studio tracks and six tracks from
a raw rehearsal session (preserved by Stephen Duffy). Includes a four-page photo insert
and essay. CD version includes two bonus tracks.
SEVLP   002     Nikki Sudden, Johnny Fean, Simon Carmody                2LP     04.2018
                : The Last Bandits In The World

        01.     Tell Me
        02.     Dead Man's Shoes
        03.     Horse Island
        04.     Debbie
        05.     Four Wicked Winds
        06.     I Never Talk About Her
        07.     Winter
        08.     Up There In Heaven
        09.     Down On My Own Again
        10.     Tell Me (2)
        11.     Christmas Morning
        12.     Tell Me (B Side)
        13.     The Angels Are Calling
        14.     Angels (Instrumental)
        15.     'Till The Next Time
        16.     Farewell
        17.     The Dalkey Rake
        18.     Tell Me (Outtake)

(Note : remastered 2LP on Seventeen Records. Limited to 900 copies presented in deluxe
        gatefold sleeve with intensive liner notes)

Seventeen Records present a reissue of Nikki Sudden's The Last Bandits In The World,
originally released in 1986. Remastered at Woodbine Street Recording Studios by John
Rivers, with Simon Carmody. 30 years on from the original release of this album, now
compiled to include bonus material, singles, B sides, etc. Last Bandits In The World
has been out-of-print for over 25 years and the singles were only ever issued in Eire.
SEVLP   003     COGS OF TYME            TYME WAITS FOR NO MAN           LP      11.2019

Welcome to Rugby, 1986. Spacemen 3 and The Cogs Of Tyme launch The Reverberation Club,
sharing headliner duties. Twelve never before released tracks of garage punk
psychedelia, featuring: Gavin Wissen (The Guaranteed Ugly), Tim Morris (Spacemen 3),
Will Carruthers (Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Spectrum, Brian Jonestown Massacre), Sean
Cook (Spiritualized, Massive Attack). Cover art by Natty Brooker. Sleeve notes by
Will Carruthers (author Playing The Bass with Three Left Hands), Gavin Wissen, Sean
Cook, Tim Morris, and Mark "Mac" Macdonald (Sensateria). Mastered by John A Rivers
at Woodbine Street Recording Studio. Sleeve design by David Twist (The Black Bombers).