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SEVLP   001     TV EYE : LOST STUDIO RECORDINGS 1977-1978               LP      04.2017

LP version. Red vinyl; Edition of 300. 2017 is going to see many bands celebrating
the 40th anniversary of their 1977 debut records. There won't be nearly so many from
1977 making their debut 40 years later in 2017. Here is one of those cases: TV Eye.
Five 17-18 year olds - Andy Wickett, Dave Kusworth, Eamon Duffy, Paul Adams and Dave
Twist - who channeled "Stooge-punk classicism, via brute-naivety and a great pair of
leather trousers into... something else." These are the lost studio recordings and
no-fi relics of Birmingham's first garage-punk band, TV Eye. 1977-1978 comprises five
studio tracks and six tracks from a raw rehearsal session (preserved by Stephen Duffy).
Includes a four-page photo insert and essay.