SERENADES                               RUSSIA

Distr.  : RU -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : electronic /

SRNDS   1       V / A                   SERENADES, VOL.1                2LP     05.2019

        01.     Pletnev                 Mate Overdosing
        02.     Cornelius Doctor        Toll Free From Bangui
        03.     Panorama Channel        Escape From The Bottle
        04.     Spazio Palazzo          Deviazione
        05.     DJ Athome               Taksim Cruising Walk
        06.     Soft Metal              Killa Song Yago
        07.     Pigmaliao               Cara Cara
        08.     Ohxala                  Meio Do Mato Feat Vitor Gomes
        09.     Andi Otto & Lorena Hollander : Eight
        10.     Josť Manuel             Stardust 1

Started as a local music community in Russia, Serenades became a real hotspot
involving dozens of international musicians and DJs with podcasts and parties.
Shamanic ambient, percussive drums and slow industrial beats represent Serenade's
taste in contemporary world music.