SENSU RECORDS                           Glasgow
*************                           UK

Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
Style   : techno / house /

Sensu has risen out out of its subterranean base in Glasgow, a city whose hedonistic
music tradition doesn't tolerate fools or fly-by-night musical scenes. Such is the
credibility of the club night and the label they've grown to a prestigious residency at
the infamous Sub Club. In keeping with their Clydeside ties, the label endeavors to
reach out to burgeoning local artists,helping to showcase the unique sounds and rhythms
that epitomize the cutting edge compositions coming out of their city.
[From: febr.25,2014]

SENSU   001     AFFI KONAN              CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST             12:     02.2014

        A1.     Champagne Breakfast
        B1.     In Love
        B2.     Love Dub