SEJA RECORDS                            Amersfoort
************                            Utrecht


Start   : 2012
Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : garage rock / r&r / indie / electronic / experimental / tribal
          / industrial / ambient / dark ambient / darkwave / post punk /
          new wave / synth pop / shoegaze / EBM / minimal / gothic / electro

SEJA    01      SOHO PREACHERS          WAKE UP                         LP      05.2012

        A1      Tonight                                         4:24
        A2      Carried Away                                    4:45
        A3      Last Call for Life                              5:24
        A4      Wake Up                                         5:03
        B1      Fallen Angel                                    5:13
        B2      In My Mind                                      4:04
        B3      Lose Control                                    3:52
        B4      Here We Are                                     3:18
SEJA    02      TRAFFIC A.M.            LEFT BEHIND LEFT WITHIN         LP      11.2012

        A1      Overrun
        A2      Time
        A3      Change
        A4      Resist
        B1      Sudden Crash
        B2      Love
        B3      Subway Story (Repetition)
        B4      Difficult
SEJA    03      NITON DECAY             CAGE                            LP      05.2013

        A1      Strange and Silent                              2:49
        A2      Don't Mind                                      8:00
        A3      Deny the Decay                                  4:46
        A4      Cage                                            5:16
        B1      Endless                                         6:34
        B2      Shiver                                          4:18
        B3      Trance                                          10:36
SEJA    04      FATAL CASUALTIES        PARIA                           CDEP    03.2013

        1       Aim                                             3:45
        2       Drifting                                        3:13
        3       En nervkostym                                   4:15
        4       Glas                                            5:48
        5       Slippery                                        3:51
        6       Toys                                            4:01
SEJA    05      FATAL CASUALTIES        SITM REMIXES                    CDEP    12.2013

        1       Somewhere in the Middle (Single Edit)           3:17
        2       Laica                                           5:06
        3       Graue Substanz (SITM Graue Substanz Remix)      6:45
        4       Daniel B. (SITM Daniel B. Remix)                8:17
        5       Beate Bartel (SITM ODD RMX)                     4:16
SEJA    06      V / A : A Visual and Auditory Reminder of the Beauty    LP      02.2014
                of Life

        A1      Fatal Casualties        Porta Breath (Remake)   3:12
        A2      Niton Decay : Generate Electricity (RMX)        5:31
        A3      Poeme Electronique      Let There Be Neon       5:14
        A4      ImiAFan & Adrian Smith : Try One                4:32
        A5      Kompleta                Das Haus                3:46
        B1      Sophya                  Mechanical Butterflies  3:07
        B2      Das Ding                Kafka Blues             4:24
        B3      Mängelexemplar          Internetdemenz          3:21
        B4      Selofan                 Nafthalini              4:00
        B5      Traffic A.M.            Babylon                 4:36
        B6      Chambre Froide          Les machines            3:25
SEJA    07      FATAL CASUALTIES        PSALM                           LP      09.2014

        A1      Misantropisk Filth
        A2      Död man
        A3      Skrik tyst
        A4      Laica
        B1      Somewhere in the Middle
        B2      Jag är Slowburn
        B3      New
        B4      Missfostret
        B5      Slut
SEJA    08      DAS DING                TRIFFID FARM                    7"      08.2014

        A       Triffid Farm                                    4:14
        B       We Can Rebuild Him                              3:54
SEJA    09      NITON DECAY             CHRONIC HAZE                    CD      10.2014

        1       Phantom In Your Dream                           5:22
        2       Sadhu                                           8:51
        3       Chronic Haze                                    7:41
        4       Cold Red                                        5:23
        5       Watching Waiting                                8:11
        6       Chronic Haze (Dark And Deep)                    7:55
        7       --                                              5:26
SEJA    10      IMIAFAN+DARIO SERAVAL   AGAINST THE WALLS               12"     06.2015
SEJA    10      IMIAFAN+DARIO SERAVAL   AGAINST THE WALLS               CDEP    06.2015

        A1      Možgani Na Asfaltu                              4:34
        A2      Crne Rukavice                                   5:08
        A3      Poker                                           4:12
        B1      Words Strong As Blood (Original Instrumental
                Version)                                        4:34
        B2      Poker (Damolh33 Rmx)                            4:12
        B3      Crne Rukavice (Gothic Version)                  5:03
SEJA    11      VENIM CARMIN            GLAM IS GONE                    LP+DLc  06.2015

        A1      Pure & Alive                                    3:02
        A2      Mirror Dirty Mirror                             3:35
        A3      Suckers (Are You)                               3:34
        A4      The Perfume, The Poison                         3:19
        A5      Fade & Forget                                   4:30
        B1      Drawing Down The Moon                           3:42
        B2      All You Got Is The Sun                          3:50
        B3      July Ain't Summer                               3:43
        B4      The Spiral Dance                                3:59
        B5      Glam Is Gone                                    4:21
SEJA    12      MOURNING ELEKTRA SLANGWITCH : MESSY RIOT                LP      07.2016
SEJA    12      MOURNING ELEKTRA SLANGWITCH : MESSY RIOT                DL      07.2016

LP      A1      Shivers
        A2      Masterclass
        A3      Bonetrap
        A4      Here
        A5      Cope
        B1      Old ways
        B2      Walling
        B3      Hustlers Truth
        B4      Harvest of Hope
        B5      Hard Times
        B6      Float
        B7      Kill or Love and Care

DL      1       Shivers                                         2:19
        2       Masterclass                                     1:49
        3       Bonetrap                                        5:06
        4       Here                                            4:16
        5       Cope                                            5:06
        6       Old Ways                                        1:20
        7       Walling                                         1:56
        8       Hustlers Truth                                  3:47
        9       Harvest of Hope                                 2:04
        10      Hard Times                                      1:12
        11      Float                                           5:14
        12      Kill or Love and Care                           1:42
SEJA    13      V / A                   SORE                            LP      04.2016

        A1      THX 1971                Atemlos Durch Das Land
        A2      Synths Versus Me        Running To The Sun
        A3      Schwarzblut             Vogala
        A4      Fatal Casualties        Skrik Tyst (alternative version)
        A5      Makina Girgir           Dalee Dalee
        A6      Psyche                  Love Is A Winter (opera mix)
        B1      Manic De{e}pression     Believe
        B2      Képeslap                Day By Day
        B3      Boudoir                 Wanderlust
        B4      A State Called Faith    Alone With Me
        B5      Identity Theft          Remember
SEJA    14      FATAL CASUALTIES : Jag är inte rädd för dig, men jag    7"      11.2016
                är rädd för vad du gör med mig

        A       Jag är inte rädd för dig, men jag är rädd för vad du
                gör med mig
        B       Lord, I Found Allure
SEJA    15      FATAL CASUALTIES        FILTER                          CD      12.2016

        1       Home From Home
        2       Jag Är Inte Rädd För Dig, Men Jag Är Rädd För Vad Du
                Gör Med Mig
        3       Drown
        4       Saga
        5       Cornelius Names
        6       Kramp
        7       Homo Erectus
        8       Unknown Place
        9       Springer
        10      Alphyddan
SEJA    16      THE REUTERS             EP                              7"      11.2017

        A1      Ambient Ambulance                               3:21
        A2      Down In The Sewer                               1:30
        A3      Vitamine Sex                                    0:57
        B1      Schmerzhaft                                     3:15
        B2      No Friend Of Mine                               2:44
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies)

7"      Noize Hunit             HU 02           2017    NE
SEJA    17      StringStrang            WAASLAND                        CD      09.2017

        1       Waasland                                        12:56
        2       Dead Flowers Alive                              15:40
        3       Reflections On Echos                            06:56
SEJA    18      SOPHYA                  SOUL STEALER                    7"      01.2018

        A       Soul Stealer
        B       Leave It To The Wind
SEJA    19      SOPHYA                  BROKEN MIRRORS                  CD      04.2018

2018 album by Dutch band Sophya; dreamy guitars, smooth bass lines, analogue synths
and drum machines. Together with the warmth and heavenly voice of Sonja this results
in a unique combination of dream pop and new wave.



Something edgy, raw and unpolished was added to the roster of incredible Seja bands!
Katie Kruel is stoner, sludge, psychedelic, goth... you may call it doom if you are
sensitive to it. Not much electronics here, but it corresponds to the label's vision
of music and how it should sound. Katie Kruel was founded by Nathalie Houtermans and
Hans Dirksen-Smits, who previously worked together in the occult noise band The Bride
(Stripped Bare). Completed with the rhytm section of underground band Spasmodique,
they debuted with a first album in 2013. Due to the re-establishment of Spasmodique,
the rhythm section was replaced. With the latest acquisitions, Martin Kooij (ex-Asrai,
Vanity 4) and multi-instrumentalist Jacob van der Linden on drums, a new era has
arrived for Katie Kruel. With an even stronger and more penetrating sound.
SEJA    23      M1NK                    EM ONE EN KAY                   LP      03.2019

        1.      Some Elusive                                    06:08
        2.      Devil Under                                     04:11
        3.      Psycho Erotic                                   04:02
        4.      EBomb                                           04:24
        5.      The Far Side                                    04:23
        6.      Drain Them                                      02:36
        7.      Love Sign                                       07:18
        8.      Do You Want Me                                  02:28
        9.      Halo Effect                                     06:24
        10.     Drown                                           05:41

M1nk (pronounced 'em one en kay') is a duo based in Manchester, UK and Athens, Greece.
Erika Bach (a.k.a. Lola Demo) comes from a more garage rock background with some
electronic influences in her productions. Her haunting voice and edgy trash ethic
sometimes reminds us of a less hopeful Patti Smith. Barry Snaith
(a.k.a. The Inconsistent Jukebox) moves effortlessly between genres, his productions
encompassing everything from acerbic alt-pop and industrial soundscapes to French
cabaret and dubstep. Together as m1nk they make dark, gothic, electronic soundscapes.
They are very distinctive, yet hard to define. Barry's influences include Bernard
Herrmann, David Lynch, Francis Bacon, Robert Fripp, Captain Beefheart and Dali.
Erika is inspired by stormy days, a little pain and ugliness, human kindness and
bewilderment. For fans of Savages, Portishead, David Lynch, The Bad Seeds, Sigur Ros,
Radiohead, Alt J.
SEJA    24      V / A                   SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER      LP      11.2019
SEJA    25      VENIN CARMIN            CONSTANT DEPRESSION             LP      05.2020

The trio Venin Carmin (Lula, Valentine and Francois) play quirky cold wave and post
punk tunes that stand out mainly because the vocals are provided by the ladies, which
gives a certain sensuality to the rather raw and even slightly punky compositions.
SEJA    26      TIJ                     GIG ECONOMY                     CD      05.2020

Barry Snaith (m1nk) is now also active solo under the name TIJ (The Inconsistent
Jukebox) of which 'Gig Economy' has been released by the Dutch labels Candy Bomber
Music and Seja Records. It's an album that cannot be labeled which creates an
atmosphere that can perfectly support an art house film or a film by Polanski.
SEJA    27      THE REUTERS             INCUBATION                      LP      08.2020

The Reuters present with their album 'Incubation' ten tracks in less than 40 minutes.
Their music is has strongly been influenced by old school alternative rock and punk.
this should appeal to fans of Magazine, Birthday Party, New Model Army, Killing Joke,
Wire, Herman Brood and Wipers.