SEANCE                                  London
******                                  UK

Owner   : Warren of The Clairvuyants
Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno / electronica /

Seance is a new London based techno and electronica label owned by Warren of The
Clairvoyants, who many will recognize from their former show on Rinse FM. The label's
first release is provided by Italian producer Kryss Hypnowave, the production alias of
Christian Scalas. The main remix comes from Edit Select, who is the producer Tony Scott
from Glasgow, UK. oct.31, 2016

SEANCE  1201    KRYSS HYPNOWAVE         ENDOSPHORA EP                   12"     10.2016

        01      Endosphora
        02      Eksosporium
        03      Endosphora (Edit Select Remix)
SEANCE  1202    ALFRED KOPKE            JACK HAVE A ART EP              12"     10.2016

        01      Jack Have A Art
        02      Cindy Is A Cat
        03      Jack Have A Art (Subjected Tool)