Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : punk / hardcore /

SEALED  1       OMEGA TRIBE             NO LOVE LOST                    LP      07.2018

Remastered vinyl reissue of the debut and only Omega Tribe album, originally released
in late 1983 on Corpus Christi Records. The album was recorded by guitarist Pete Fender
deep in the Poison Girls basement studio in Leyton and contains 11 punk anthems with
a pop sensibility missed by most of their curse of 1983 peers. Omega Tribe were one
of the few bands that had a much more softer, poetic and melodic style of playing that
still managed to impress, educate and influence their audiences. It was protest music
with a heart and sense of love that still is relevant 35 years later. This album has
never been reissued and deserves it's place right next to The Mob - 'Let The Tribe
Increase', Poison Girls - 'Hex' and Zounds - 'Curse Of Zounds'.
SEALED  2       ZOUNDS                  CAN'T CHEAT KARMA               LP      03.2019

The second release on Sealed Records is a 14 track round up of the five singles by
Zounds. The debut single from 1980 'Can't Cheat Karma' was released on Crass Records
and 39 years later still stands as one of the finest singles both politically and
musically. For the next three singles Zounds released them on Rough Trade Records,
along with their debut album 'The Curse Of Zounds'. 1981's 'Demystification' was a
tense and stark masterpiece. It was followed by the haunting Mikey Dread-produced
'Dancing' and then the more straight up pop of 'More Trouble Coming Everyday'.
The final single of Zounds Mark 1 was 'La Vache Qui Rit' released on Belgium label
Not So Brave in 1983 and was originally supposed to be a split single with The Mob
but ended up with two scratchy studio tracks and two rough and raw live tracks
recorded in Holland in 1982. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings.
SEALED  3       THE MAU MAUS            SOCIETY'S REJECTS               LP      03.2019

21 track singles round up from one of the UK's first wave of hardcore punk bands,
the Mau Maus. They were formed in Sheffield and in the early '80s they released a
string of hard hitting EPs on the Pax and Rebellion labels. Including 'Society's
Rejects', 'No Concern', 'Facts Of War' and 'Tear Down The Walls', all of which hit
the UK Indie Top 10. This set includes all the tracks from those four singles plus
'Give Us A Future' from the 'Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer
Underpants Innit' compilation on Pax. Each track is a prime example of fury delivered
with intensity and passion. The LP comes with a A4 booklet of lyrics, reviews and