Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : jazz / fusion / avantgarde /

SCO     1       NOAH HOWARD             LIVE IN EUROPE, VOL.1           LP      04.2020

"Live In Europe Vol. 1" captures a series of the artist and his quartet's
performances throughout Europe in 1975. These gigs reflect Howard's peculiar
musical identity on the free jazz scene of that era. Remastered and limited to
300 copies.
SCO     2       KEN RHODES              PROFILE                         LP      02.2021

'Profile' is the first and only Ken Rhodes LP as a leader. This intimate and rare
recording captures an explosive concoction between blues, jazz and a touch of funky
swing. Though an acoustic performance, this LP offers overwhelming grooves, breaks
as well as introspective moments. The upbeat and funky title track 'The Profile'
forshadows the raw grooves of the session. The composition is driven by Rhodes' very
soulful and bluesy improvasitions in a colorful dialogue with Joachim Knauer's
percussive and obsessive bassline which embraces the funky rhymthms of George Greene.
However, this raw "in-your-face" formula is beautifully constrated in 'Nothing New'
and the piano solo 'Robyn's Lullaby' where the trio slows down to play deep, dreamy
and hazy tunes. 47 years after its original release and for the first time, Sconsolato
is proud to release the official reissue of 'Profile', limited to 300 remastered vinyl