SCHAMONI MUSIK                          GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : dub / lo-fi funk /

RWO     002     BELP                    BELP                            10"     04.2015
                (Note : 10"/45 RPM , blue vinyl)
RMX     007     SARAH GONPUTH           I'M STILL IN LOVE-THE REMIXES   12"     06.2015
LE      003     LEROY                   SKLASH                          LP      10.2015
LE      003 CD  LEROY                   SKLASH                          CD      10.2015
LE      004     LEROY                   BAMBADEA                        LP      01.2017
MANU    001 LP  MANUELA                 MANUELA                         LP      03.2017

Manuela, the London-based project comprising vocalist and songwriter Manuela Gernedel
and multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand, FFS), present
their self-titled debut album. Austrian Manuela and her British-born husband Nick have
been making music together on-and-off ever since they first met at a youth club summer
party in the late '90s in Bavaria, Germany, where they both grew up. They moved to
Glasgow together some years later after Manuela was offered a place at Glasgow School
of Art to study painting. While living in Glasgow, Manuela performed with the short
-lived band White Nights, who released one 7" EP via Paul Thomson's NEW! label. Nick
went on to join Franz Ferdinand, selling millions of records and touring the world,
all the while continuing to make music with Manuela as Box Codax together with their
long-term friend Alexander Ragnew, releasing two well-received albums Only An Orchard
Away in 2006 and Hellabuster in 2011 (GOMMA 151CD). The album was recorded after Nick
concluded touring the Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collaboration FFS at Sausage, Nick's
studio in London, and was co-produced and mixed by Sebastian Kellig. The album feat.
players and friends old and new including Jim Dixon (Django Django), William Reese
(Mystery Jets), Roxanne Clifford (Veronica Falls), and Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand),
among many others. Manuela is a joyous gem of addictive, eclectic, off-the-wall, and
instantly refreshing DIY pop.
JMM     210     GLYN BIGGA BUSH         SUNKEN FOAL STORIES             LP      06.2018