Owner   : Ind_Fris
Distr.  : JA -
          UK - Piccadilly
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : ambient / new jazz / fusion /

SCFREC  001     IND_FRIS                SINK IN                         LP      04.2019

        A1.     Sink In
        A2.     Guitar Under Water
        A3.     Casa De Nada
        B1.     Airplane Going Nowhere
        B2.     Mean Time
        B3.     Moon Inside Me
        B4.     Blue Moon

Osaka, Japan-based electronic music producer/musician ind_fris releases his first LP
record Sink In from his own Scaffolder Recordings. This LP includes seven soft and
watery sounds recorded with analog synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, and vintage
Rhodes piano. Under the influences of ambient, new age, jazz-fusion, and deep house