Distr.  : NZ - 
          US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Norman
Style   : ambient / electronic /

SBR     036     GIANMARCO LIGUORI       DUGA-3+                         2LP     10.2020

LP 1    A1      Cosmic Protrusion
        A2      Energy Wind
        A3      Path To The Fortress
        A4      Indian Milk
        B1      5AM-PRN-KSV
        B2      Translucent Formlessness
        B3      Primitive Nightmare
        B4      Duga-3

LP 2    C1      Stolen Paintings
        C2      Beat Instrumental
        C3      Jobimís Cigar
        C4      Sphinx
        C5      Ancient Flight Text
        D1      Ascending Spirals
        D2      Alpine Bossa
        D3      Bronze Frog
        D4      Penta

Limited edition repress 2LP on Sarang Bang Records. Comes in a deluxe tip-on gatefold
Gianmarco Liguori is a New Zealand based everything merchant whose electronica and
ambient sound is informed by 70's Miles Davis, 80s jazz funk, soundtracks and
impressionistic drift. This album was originally released in 2011 in just 200 copies
and has now been re-issued on Sarang Bang.