Owner   : Phoebe Bridgers
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   :

SADLP   001 C1  CLAUD                   SUPER MONSTER                   LP      02.2021
SADLP   001 C4  CLAUD                   SUPER MONSTER                   LP      02.2021
SADCD   001     CLAUD                   SUPER MONSTER                   CD      02.2021

Side A  1.      Overnight
        2.      Gold
        3.      Soft Spot
        4.      In Or In-Between
        5.      Cuff Your Jeans
        6.      Ana (ft. Nick Hakim)
Side B  1.      Guard Down
        2.      This Town
        3.      Jordan
        4.      That’s Mr Bitch To You (ft. Melanie Faye)
        5.      Pepsi
        6.      Rocks At Your Window
        7.      Falling With The Rain (ft. Shelly)

LP/C1   Green / blue split coloured vinyl LP on Saddest Factory.
LP/C4   Dinked Edition green / blue splatter vinyl LP on Saddest Factory.
        Includes exclusive flexi disc with bonus track + signed print.
        Limited to 500 numbered copies.

The maiden full-length album release on Phoebe Bridgers’ new Saddest Factory label,
‘Super Monster’ is a joyous debut record about dating, love and heartbreak from
twenty-one-year-old newcomer Claud. The thirteen songs here fit together like a
mixtape that gathers up all of Claud’s influences, from bedroom pop to chart-bothering
indie-rock styles from across the last two decades.