SACRED SUMMITS RECORDS                  London
**********************                  UK


Found   : Lindsay Todd/Stuart Leath
Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Piccadilly/Norman/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : world music / minimalism / minimal synth /

SS      001     LUIS PEREZ : IPAN IN XIKTLI METZLI, MEXICO MAGICO       LP      12.2013

        A1.     In Altepetl Tonal
        A2.     Xochiyaoyoloh
        A3.     Ketzalkoatl Yauh Miktlan
        B1.     Ipan In Xiktli Metzli

(Note : hand-numbered edition of 500 housed in gold ink screen-printed jacket and
        Spanish liner notes)
SS      002     COLIN POTTER            ENTERING AGAIN                  LP      05.2014

        A1      On Entering York Minster (Alternative version to original
                on "Reflections Vol.1")
        A2      Rooftops
        B1      Mainland (Alt. version edited especially for this release)
        B2      Hills (Taken from the Integration compilation tape on ICR)
        B3      York Minster, Side Entrance (Unreleased)
SS      003     COLIN POTTER            I COULDN'T AGREE                7"      05.2014

        A       Behind You
        B       We Are So Glad
                (Note : 7" , 300 hand-stamped & numb. copies)
SS      004     PSYCHICK WARRIORS OV GAIA : 1989                        LP      08.2015

        A1      Acid Dervish                                    9:32
        A2      Exit 23                                         9:18
        B1      War Chant                                       13:52
        B2      Intoxication                                    6:11

(Note : LP , first ever vinyl issue, remastered and cut to wax at D&M, housed in screen
        -printed jacket by House of Traps)
SS      005     MIKE COOPER : WHITE SHADOWS IN THE SOUTH SEAS           2LP     12.2015
SS      005     MIKE COOPER : WHITE SHADOWS IN THE SOUTH SEAS           2LP     02.2019

LP 1    1       Dr. Derelict
        2       Beached
        3       White Shadows
        4       Po Mahina
        5       Night Flower Tapu
        6       Each Day At Dusk
        7       What Cares Paradise

LP 2    8       A White Shadow Passes
        9       Lung Collapse
        10      The Ordeal
        11      Tiki Tampoo
        12      Hilo Hanakahi
        13      Tapu Lifted
        14      Jalan Sam Heng

(Note : 2LP in silk-screened sleeves, with metallic ink)

Mike Cooper plays  Electric and acoustic lap steel guitars / electronics
/ Zoom Sampletrack / Kaos Pad / Casio SK1 / Korg Drum Machine / Self Made Instruments.

It also features field recordings made on Pulau Ubin by Mike Cooper during a month
as Artist In Residence for The Artist Village / Singapore.

All music written and played by Mike Cooper PRS/MCPS - except Po Mahina
(trad. Arr. Cooper) and Hilo Hanakahi (trad. Arr. Cooper)

Recorded and Mixed at the Steelworks in Rome 2012/2013.
SS      006     MORGAN FISHER           INSIDE SATIE                    LP      10.2017

        A1.     Gnossienne #1 (Cabaret Piano)
        A2.     Gymnopedie #1 (Sugar Plum Piano/Water Bell Synthesizer)
        A3.     Gnossienne #3 (Street Corner Mouth Accordion)
        A4.     Gnossienne #3 (Organ Ripple Synthesizer)
        A5.     Gymnopedie #1 (Hesitant Piano/Confident Lips)
        C2.     Gnossienne #1 (French Ice Piano/Siberian Snow Synthesizer)
        B1.     Gnossienne #1 (German Haiku Pianica)
        B2.     Gymnopedie #3 (Family Piano/A Hint Of La-La-La)
        B3.     Gnossienne #2 (Perrier Swing Synthesizer)
        B4.     Gymnopedie #2 (Resonant Concert Piano/Tide Synthesizer)
        B5.     Gymnopedie #1 (Festival Soft Fanfare Synthesizer)

(Note : LP , sleeve design and screen print by House of Traps)
SS      007     SUNNY BALM              EUCALYPT                        LP      10.2019

A.      A1.     Eucalypt
        A2.     Septugenarian Dugong
        A3.     Bad Sleep Well
        A4.     Blasted Health
        A5.     A Mobile Nature
        A6.     Bardo
        A7.     Memorial Beam
B.      B1.     At The Water Margin
        B2.     What's Happening World?
        B3.     Din Of The Mill

(Note : LP , artwork by Murray Collier & Lindsay Todd. Silkscreened by House Of Traps)