SVS RECORDS                             GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Bleep/Norman/Boomkat/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : techno / ambient /

SVS     004     MAXIM WOLZYN            INTERCITY EXPRESS               2LP     07.2014
                (Note : double LP , 300 copies)
SVS     006     ZAQUOIR                 ASINO SARDO                     LP      06.2017
SVS     007     TWOMAN                  TWOMAN                          12"     09.2015

        A       DRBS
        B1      FASTLIGHTS
        B2      CASSETTE
SVS     008     BELP                    ELEPHANTS                       12"     12.2015

        01      DIALING 2328628
        02      Forever New Frontiers (Continued...)
        03      Grillen
        04      _~++_++~__++__+++~~~~ Tidal Wave
        05      6ghz Elephants
        06      Elephants Ending
SVS     009     V / A                   COSMOS #1                       12"     04.2016

        1.      Protein                                         07:23
        2.      Jet                                             06:40
        3.      Raccoon Society                                 08:40
        4.      Naab Dub                                        04:22
SVS     010     BARTELLOW & DJ GROUND   SHIROI UMA                      12"     05.2017

        A1      Heza
        A2      Shiroi Uma
        B1      The Beginning

Produced By Benedikt Brachtel / Bartellow
Vocals By Daichi Furukawa / DJ Ground
Artwork By Paul Putzar & Alexander Dückminor
Special Edition comes with handfolded 24"x36" poster

SVS     012     LYBES DIMEM             SYNCLEFT CHRONEN                LP      05.2018

        01.     Tachy
        02.     Horizon2020
        03.     SaaS
        04.     Auto alternative
        05.     nexcent tenet
        06.     double bound
        07.     Da-Jiaing Innovations
        08.     powerset.

Lybes Dimem is a project by visual artist and musician Lukas Rehm.
Both the moving image artwork and the graphic design of the release pay tribute to
the multi-layered approach of the music. The design of the vinyl cover by studio BNAG.
cc uses subtractive color synthesis to interchange between abstract formality and
representationalism. Syncleft Chronem is the first release by Lybes Dimem on SVS
Records following a first encounter at the SVS residency at the 4D Spatial Sound
Institute in Budapest.
SVS     013     BELP                    HIPPOPOTAMUS                    LP      06.2018

Born in Munich, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, aka BELP, partially grew up on the
Seychelles Islands off the coast of East Africa. Educated in classical piano, those
two gravitational poles, European and African influences, became the basis for his
musical development. Having traveled extensively with a closer connection to London
over the years, BELP kept his base in Munich, becoming part of a small alternative
scene questioning the predominantly rich and posh surface of the city. Blending jazz,
dub, and noise, an emphasis on darkness in his broken beat-oriented works evolved as
a reaction to a rather hedonistic society preferring warm and uplifting sounds.
CDL     1       CAMILA DE LABORDE       OPUNTIA                         12"     09.2016

        1.      The Blue Stone                                  03:52
        2.      We Are Conducting                               02:34
        3.      You Couldn't Build That, You Couldn't Pretend   03:17
        4.      Him, Solid                                      03:24
TOTEM   1       CAMILA FUCHS            SINGING FROM FIXED RUNG         LP      10.2016

        A1.     Striking Doubt
        A2.     Drenching
        A3.     Waking Morning
        B1.     Welcome My Demon
        B2.     Manyfold
        B3.     Days Of Grace

Camila Fuchs (meaning fox in German) are the London based experimental electronic duo
of Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini (from Mexico and Munich respectively).
After pursuing solo endeavours in various projects both Camila and Daniel left their
native countries and gravitated towards London due to its vibrant and eclectic
attitudes to different cultures and the arts.
SF      01      ZOE McPHERSON           STRING FIGURES                  LP      03.2018

        1       Sabotage Story (Unknot Opening)                 7:37
        2       Deep (Prayer)                                   5:03
        3       Shaman (How I Became)                           6:01
        4       Komusar (Moving)                                3:46
        5       Hardingfele (Release)                           1:51
        6       Inoui (and Free)                                5:53
        7       Transmission (So it Shall Never Be Lost)        2:36