SRA                                     Philadelphia
***                                     PA
(S.R.A. Records)                        USA


Start   : 2009
Distr.  : US -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie pop / alternative / punk / post punk / shoegaze / noise /
          grincore / queercore / powerviolence / cybergrind /

SRA     000     HULK SMASH              THE HULK SMASH ALBUM            CD        .2006

        1       Hulk Smash              Fudge Glutton
        2       Hulk Smash              Funeral Plan
        3       Hulk Smash              Treo 1250
        4       Hulk Smash              Heart Mountain
        5       Hulk Smash              Big Boned
        6       Hulk Smash              Red Planet
        7       Hulk Smash              Black Bear
        8       Hulk Smash              Sleep Now
Video-  1       Hulk Smash              Funeral Plan (2002)	
Video-  2       Hulk Smash              Live @ Robot House Philly 2.7.04
                Hulk Smash The Album
MP3-    1       Hulk Smash              Fudge Glutton
MP3-    2       Hulk Smash              Funeral Plan
MP3-    3       Hulk Smash              Treo 1250
MP3-    4       Hulk Smash              Heart Mountain
MP3-    5       Hulk Smash              Big Boned
MP3-    6       Hulk Smash              Red Planet
MP3-    7       Hulk Smash              Black Bear
MP3-    8       Hulk Smash              Sleep Now
                Demo 2002
MP3-    9       Hulk Smash              Big Boned
MP3-    10      Hulk Smash              Odor In The Court
MP3-    11      Hulk Smash              Funeral Plan
MP3-    12      Hulk Smash              Use Your Aleutian
                Hoags Comp.
MP3-    13      Hulk Smash              Fudge Glutton
                Demo '04
MP3-    14      Hulk Smash              Black Bear
                Funeral Bear And Demo '05
MP3-    15      Hulk Smash              Black Bear
MP3-    16      Hulk Smash              Heart Mountain
MP3-    17      Hulk Smash              Funeral Plan
                Live Recordings
MP3-    18      Hulk Smash Collective   Fudge Glutton
MP3-    19      Hulk Smash Collective   Black Bear
MP3-    20      Hulk Smash : Fudge Glutton @ Red Planet New Years Party
MP3-    21      Hulk Smash : Heart Mountain @ Red Planet New Years Party
MP3-    22      Hulk Smash              The Dead Talk
MP3-    23      Hulk Smash Collective   Black Bear
SRA     001
SRA     002     DANGERBIRD/UGH GOD      SPLIT                           7"      05.2010

        A1      Dangerbird : A Political Song For Don Guanella
                To Sing                                         2:38
        A2      Dangerbird              Gates                   2:23
        B1      Ugh God                 My Sweet Bits           1:47
        B2      Ugh God : Its All Pink On The Inside            2:49
                (Note " 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)
SRA     007     APE!                    TALL SHIPS                      7"      06.2011

        A1      Tall Ships
        B1      And We Wait
                (Note : 7" , 200 hand-numb. copies)

7"      Transient Housing       TRS 4       2011        US
SRA     012     DANGERBIRD              HOMESTEAD                       CD        .2009

        1       Frank
        2       AlienCop
        3       Homestead
        4       Snowed In
        5       Hiram
        6       Sad Waters
        7       No Hope On Hope Street
SRA     014     F.O.D.                  CHINESE FOOD!                   CS        .2013

        A1      Suburban Cowboy
        A2      Maddog
        A3      Goosestep
        A4      Mutant Man
        B1      Missile Up My Ass
        B2      Head Problem
        B3      Chinese Food
SRA     015     F.O.D.                  SHATTER YOUR DAY                2LP     01.2013
SRA     015     F.O.D.                  SHATTER YOUR DAY                2CD     01.2013
SRA     015     F.O.D.                  SHATTER YOUR DAY                CS      01.2013

        A1      Houses Made For Mannequins
        A2      Love Song II
        A3      Metal Plate
        A4      Kid Called Me
        A5      Shatter Your Day
        A6      The Family Knows
        A7      Science Patrol
        A8      Mad House
        B1      Carousel
        B2      Everythings O.K.
        B3      Cheep Alcohol
        B4      Hoe Down
        B5      Shadows Of Children
        B6      Serene Danker
                Lead Vocals  Dave Rochon*
        B7      Guimos' Theme
        B8      Black Light
                Chinese Food Tape EP 1982
        C1      Suburban Cowboy
        C2      Maddog
        C3      Goosestep
        C4      Mutant Man
        C5      Missle Up My Ass
        C6      Head Problem
        C7      Chinese Food
                Bonus track from Chinese Food session
        C8      Backstreet Riot
                Love Songs EP 1983
        C9      Powerload
        C10     Babysitter
        C11     Meat Factory
        C12     Guidance Counselor
        C13     Metamorphosis
        C14     Love Song
                Get Off My Back - Philly Hardcore Compilation 1983
        C15     Suburban Cowboy
        C16     Murder Castle
                Flipside Vinyl Fanzine 1984
        D1      Mad House
                5 Bands That Have Changed The World 1987
        D2      For The Same
                Rejected version of the Love Songs EP 1983
        D3      Powerload
        D4      Babysitter
        D5      Meat Factory
        D6      Guidance Counselor
        D7      Metamorphosis
        D8      Love Song
                Boombox Recording 1983
        D9      Tattered Flag
                Live On WXPN 1986
        D10     Carousel
        D11     Science Patrol
        D12     Love Song II
        D13     Kid Called Me
SRA     016     F.O.D.                  23                              LP        .2013
SRA     016     F.O.D.                  23                              CD        .2013

LP      A1      Geisha                                          2:23
        A2      13 Years                                        1:18
        A3      You're Fucked                                   2:04
        A4      Aberration                                      5:03
        A5      Hallucinogenic Youth                            0:58
        A6      Teen Beat                                       1:45
        A7      Going Going Gone                                0:40
        A8      Love Song III                                   3:45
        B1      Brain Dead                                      2:00
        B2      Non-stop Weekend                                3:08
        B3      40 Oz. Of Manhood                               1:38
        B4      I Don't Know                                    1:33
        B5      All The Drugs You Need                          3:16
        B6      This Beautiful Place                            1:13
        B7      Out To Get You                                  1:42
        B8      Pop Goes The Weasel                             2:14
        B9      Green Pepper Blues                              3:54
CD +            Live On 88.7 FM KSPC Claremont CA
        18      Kid Called Me
        19      I Don't Know
        20      Pop Goes The Weasel
        21      Shatter Your Day
        22      Out To Get You
            23	Science Patrol
        24      Love Song III
        25      Love Song II
        26      This Beautiful Place
        27      Everything's Ok
        28      13 Years
        29      Teen Beat
        30      House Made For Mannequins
        31      Metal Plate
        32      The Family Knows
        33      Hallucinogenic Youth
        34      Going Going Gone
        35      Madhouse
        36      Powerload
                5 Bands That Changed The World (Live At CBGBs)
        37      Going Going Gone
        38      Teen Beat

LP      Buy Our             BOR12 023       1988        US
SRA     017     +HIRS+                  THE FIRST 100 SONGS             LP      04.2013
                (Note : LP , pink vinyl)
SRA     017     +HIRS+                  THE FIRST 100 SONGS             CD      04.2013
SRA     017     +HIRS+                  THE FIRST 100 SONGS             CS      04.2013

                Worship One Sided 7in
        A1      Cis Six Sick
        A2      Train Wreck
        A3      Selfish And Arrogant
        A4      I Pray To You, Dog
        A5      Unsympathetic
        A6      Rape Whistle Pt. 2
        A7      Donation To The Deaf (Jenny Piccolo)
        A8      Humyn Right
        A9      Burned Down / Pissed On
        A10     Kuato Lives
                Split 5in x7in Postcard With Towers
        A11     Untitled
        A12     Untitled
        A13     Untitled
        A14     Untitled
        A15     Untitled
        A16     Untitled
        A17     Untitled
        A18     Untitled
        A19     Untitled
        A20     Untitled
                Split 7in With Maradona
        A21     Book Burnt Black
        A22     Dead Pigs
        A23     Forever Queer
        A24     Birth Name
        A25     Generations Of Vomit
                Split One Side 7in With Shit Weather
        A26     Get Em Fixed
        A27     1000 Foot Tall Sissy Bounce
        A28     Endless Payment For Fucked
        A29     Burger Paws Tomo
        A30     Taking Care Opiparo Business
                Split Tape With Tooth Decay
        A31     No Gender/Just Friends
        A32     Bottom Power
        A33     Kill Cops
        A34     Glitterfucked
        A35     We've All Been Demonized Part II
        A36     Armpits And Assholes
        A37     Train Wreck Part II
        A38     Other Meanings For The Word "No"
        A39     Bong Water
        A40     Kill The Litter Pig
        A41     Good Dead Humans
        A42     Dance Therapy
        A43     Invisible Shit
                Split Tape With Hulk Smash
        A44     Essence (Asterisk)
        A45     Pick Up Real Change (XBrainiaX)
        A46     Killed By School (Scholastic Deth)
        A47     Booby's Jackpot Jamboree (Spazz)
        A48     Letter To The President (Bureaucratic Dysentery)
        A49     The Political Structure Is Not What It Seems (Nasum)
        A50     Wrist Still Raw (Iron Lung)
        A51     We Love Choco-Pa (Melt-Banana)
        A52     Disrespect Your Elders (Weekend Nachos)
        A53     Outside In (His Hero Is Gone)
        A54     Ulcer (Crossed Out)
        A55     Fuck Christmas (Humming Bird Of Death)
        A56     Drinking With Friends (Hellnation)
        A57     Life (No Comment)
        A58     Holy Of Holies (Ottawa)
                Dimebag 5.5in
        B1      Getcha Pull
        B2      Blind As God
        B3      No Sound Guy
        B4      Justifiable Reasons To Murder
        B5      Demonized And Fucked Part I
        B6      Fucking Stoned
        B7      NBGAY JAMZ
        B8      Who Starts Smoking Weed At Thirty?	
        B9      New Years Puke Party	
        B10     Dimebag	
                Gaytheism Collection Tape
        B11     Chipquirrel (For Tara)
                Sore Throat, Nausea, & Headache Compilation
        B12     God Food/God Shit
                Vagaytion/Gaycation 4"
        B13     Seven Days With Donkey
        B14     Summer Of Hedonism
        B15     Autumn Of Sodom
        B16     You Had Me At 'Woof'
        B17     Moon Jizz In The Dark Room	
        B18     Mar'grrrr'itaville
        B19     We Lost Our Car Parts 1 & 2	
        B20     The Best Part Of Gaygaytion	
                Nunmilk Tape
        B21     My Ears Are Totally Fucked
        B22     Gay Magic
        B23     Ms Anthrope If You're Nasty
        B24     Dead Seeds
        B25     Blastbeatphemy
        B26     No Fucks Given
        B27     Dead Pigs Part 2
        B28     Pink Heels
        B29     Amber Vapor (Water Torture)
        B30     Keep Grindin'
                Like Weeds: His Hero Is Gone Tribute Compilation
        B31     Unleash (His Hero Is Gone)
        B32     Paranoia Secured (His Hero Is Gone)
                Split Tape With Drums Like Machine Guns
        B33     Largenest 5ixsth Mernots Evies
        B34     Drums Like Machined Buns
        B35     Vulgar Display Of Panda Bear
        B36     Satans Gay Baby, Thank Dog
        B37     Smoke Dope/Smoke Cops
                Split Tape With Nimbus Terrifi
        B38     Trans Parent
        B39     Panda Bear Will Live Forever
        B40     Fucked And Forlorn Forever
        B41     Fuck The Pigs Part II
        B42     Blastbeatphemy Part II
SRA     018     F.O.D.                  LOVE SONGS                      CS+DLc    .2013

                SIDE A - LOVE SONGS
        A1      Powerload
        A2      Babysitter
        A3      Meat Factory
        A4      Guidance Counselor
        A5      Metamorphosis
        A6      Love Song
        A7      Murder Castle
        A8      Suburban Cowboy
                SIDE B - REJECTED LOVE SONGS
        B1      Powerload
        B2      Babysitter
        B3      Meat Factory
        B4      Guidance Counselor
        B5      Metamorphosis
        B6      Love Song
SRA     021     AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR       SHATTERED CATTLE                LP        .2014

        A1      Killer Forces
        A2      Powerhead
        A3      Blind Silence
        A4      Dead Brigade (Live)
        A5      Your Absence (Live)
        A6      Test Pattern
        A7      There is Fault (In the Perfect Revolt)
        A8      Everything Lies (Live)
        B1      TV Messiah
        B2      Trapped in a Fad
        B3      Hell Away from Hell
        B4      The Plague (Live)
        B5      Eye of the Beholder
        B6      Get Over
        B7      Risk of Infection
        B8      Perfect Order
        B9      A.B. Scam
SRA     022     PSYCHIC TEENS           COME                            LP      08.2013

        A1      No
        A2      Rip
        A3      H#te
        A4      Lust
        A5      Lord
        B1      Come
        B2      Less
        B3      Bug
        B4      Veil
SRA     028     HOUND                   OUT OF TIME                     LP      11.2014

        1       Affordable Hypnotist 3:24
        2       Cold Sweat 2:14
        3       Little One 3:17
        4       Houdini 2:36
        5       Stupid Dreams 3:15
        6       Colintro 1:23
        7       I Can't Take It No More 2:30
        8       Miserable Fools 2:31
        9       Nothing Achieving 1:49
        10      Fall in Philadelphia 4:22
SRA     029     TROPHY WIFE             ALL THE SIDES                   12"       .2014
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM)
SRA     029     TROPHY WIFE             ALL THE SIDES                   CDEP      .2014

        1       Breakdown
        2       It Comes In Waves... (Neil Young)
        3       Audrey's Song
        4       Jesus Was A Miner/Minor
        5       Mineral Memory
        6       Family Tree
        7       Insomnia
        8       Transition
SRA     030     F.O.D.                  LOVE SONGS                      7"+DLc  04.2015
SRA     030     F.O.D.                  LOVE SONGS                      CS+DLc  04.2015

7"      A1      Powerload
        A2      Babysitter
        A3      Meat Factory
        B1      Guidance Counselor
        B2      Metamorphosis
        B3      Love Song

CS              SIDE A - LOVE SONGS
        A1      Powerload
        A2      Babysitter
        A3      Meat Factory
        A4      Guidance Counselor
        A5      Metamorphosis
        A6      Love Song
        A7      Murder Castle
        A8      Suburban Cowboy
                SIDE B - REJECTED LOVE SONGS
        B1      Powerload
        B2      Babysitter
        B3      Meat Factory
        B4      Guidance Counselor
        B5      Metamorphosis
        B6      Love Song
SRA     031     FLAG OF DEMOCRACY       DOWN WITH PEOPLE                LP        .2015

        A1      It Is This
        A2      Teenage Godhead
        A3      Pocketlips
        A4      Jappelax
        A5      Revolution '90
        A6      Camera Salesman
        A7      Commercial Success
        B1      Fiberboard Orb
        B2      Quisp
        B3      Kinder Gentler Dick
        B4      Sit And Stare
        B5      The Old New One
        B6      I Dismantled The Clock
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on yellow vinyl)

LP      Rave                RAVE 012        1990        US

                Down With People (1990)
        1       It Is This
        2       Teenage Godhead
        3       Pocketlips
        4       Jappelax
        5       Revolution '90
        6       Commercial Success
        7       Fiberboard Orb
        8       Quisp
        9       Kinder Gentler Dick
        10      Sit And Stare
        11      The Old New One
        12      I Dismantled The Clock
        13      Bonus Track #2
        14      Bonus Track Woman
                Schneller! (Live 1991)
        15      Powerload
        16      Suburban Cowboy
        17      Commercial Success
        18      Shatter Your Day
        19      Houses Made For Mannequins
        20      It Is This
        21      You're Fucked
        22      Science Patrol
        23      Everything's OK
        24      So You Wanna Be A Rock'N'Roll Song
        25      The Family Knows
        26      Love Song II
        27      Metal Plate
        28      This Beautiful Place
        29      Geisha
        30      Teenage Godhead
        31      I Dismantled The Clock
        32      Carousel
        33      Teen Beat
        34      Murder Castle
        35      Guimo's Theme
SRA     032     FLAG OF DEMOCRACY       HATE ROCK                       LP        .2015

        A1      King Size Twisted
        A2      Souse
        A3      Rope Burn
        A4      Bleaurgh
        A5      Paranoid
        A6      Triad
        A7      Gasoline Suit
        A8      Surfistas
        A9      Foamy Brite Engine
        B1      Funk 29
        B2      Goddess Whore
        B3      Save The Earth (Kill Yourself)
        B4      Bullshit World
        B5      Pissed Off Life
        B6      Syrup Queen
        B7      Head Over Heals
        B8      Cathode Ray Mission
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies on orange vinyl)

                Hate Rock ('94)
        1       King Size Twisted
        2       Souse
        3       Rope Burn
        4       Bleaurgh
        5       Paranoid
        6       Triad
        7       Gasoline Suit
        8       Surfistas
        9       Foamy Brite Engine
        10      Funk 29
        11      Goddess Whore
        12      Save The Earth (Kill Yourself)
        13      Bullshit World
        14      Pissed Off Life
        15      Syrup Queen
        16      Head Over Heals
        17      Cathode Ray Mission
                Everything Sucks ('96)
        18      Laughing Target
        19      Haunt You
        20      Punk Gun
        21      Skin 'N' Hooves
        22      Razor Wire Pt. 1
        23      Fan Club
        24      McGarrett's Private Hell
        25      Corpse Deluxe
        26      Mall Job
        27      Mediocre At Best
        28      Razor Wire Pt. 2
        29      Everything Rules
SRA     033     FLAG OF DEMOCRACY       EVERYTHING SUCKS                LP      04.2015

        A1      Laughing Target
        A2      Haunt You
        A3      Punk Gun
        A4      Skin 'N' Hooves
        A5      Razor Wire Pt. 1
        A6      Fan Club
        B1      McGarrett's Private Hell
        B2      Corpse Deluxe
        B3      Mall Job
        B4      Mediocre At Best
        B5      Razor Wire Pt. 2
        B6      Everything Rules

CD      Bitzcore            1704        1996        GE
SRA     034     +HIRS+                  THE SECOND 100 SONGS            LP        .2015
                (Note : LP , green or white vinyl)
SRA     034     +HIRS+                  THE SECOND 100 SONGS            CD        .2015
SRA     034     +HIRS+                  THE SECOND 100 SONGS            CS        .2015

        A1      No Comment.
        A2      Fuck It.
        A3      S.D.T.M.
        A4      Fuck The Pigs.
        A5      Nasty Candy.
        A6      Fucked And Forlorn Forever Pt. 2
        A7      We Are.
        A8      Nazipope.
        A9      Fuck The Pigs Pt. 3
        A10     Drag Drug Dealing Brothel.
        A11     Mandatory Consent.
        A12     Breed.
        A13     Endless Nameless.
        A14     Generations Of Vomit Pt. 2 (Puking Up Capitalism).
        A15     Fuck Everything.
        A16     We Hate People.
        A17     Inaigropeiriate.
        A18     Living Pope Pyre (Immolation Of Molestation).
        A19     Dead Seeds Part 2.
        A20     A Very Long List Of Men To Murder.
        A21     Skullz N' Shit.
        A22     Amputated Littered Hand.
        A23     Bong Water Torture.
        A24     Shit Smeared Synapse.
        A25     Mainline The Redline (Lethal Injection For Greedy Racist Fucks).
        A26     Twenty-Five Cent Sidewalk Legal Abortion Machines.
        A27     The Pronoun Game.
        A28     Unlearning Everything.
        A29     Vaticult.
        A30     Your Ethics Ain't Shit.
        A31     Bros Is Pigs. Grind The Bros.
        A32     Fall Back Into Your Grave.
        A33     Kill The Bro In Your Head.
        A34     No New Friends.
        A35     You're Dead. No Regrets.
        B1      Get Fucking Bent Or Dead Bros For A Safe Space.
        B2      Kills Homophobe Kill Pigs Kill Self Or My Rules For Prison.
        B3      Three Hundred Seconds Alone Or Twenty Second Apology.
        B4      Black Leather Studded Glove Or A Song Inspired By Sadie.
        B5      Ur Dead Or We Will Kill You Before You Kill Us.
        B6      Killed By Fast (Fuck On The Beach)
        B7      412 Wolfpack (Charles Bronson)
        B8      Dystopia Pt. Ii (Discordance Axis)
        B9      Cru Jones (Get Rad)
        B10     Billy Milano's Head (Spazz)
        B11     Head Loose, Head Bang (Hercules)
        B12     Lockedown (Loaded For Bear)
        B13     Rens (Nasum)
        B14     Pizza Boy (Go!)
        B15     You Suffer (Napalm Death)
        B16     Refuse (Sidetracked)
        B17     Esa-N-Dem (Water Torture)
        B18     Variraptor Pt. 2 (Slam Wedgehouse)
        B19     Branded (Brutal Truth)
        B20     All Bad Ideas (Cocaine Breath)
        B21     Where's The Fucking Lyric Sheet (Guyana Punch Line)
        B22     Severe Battery (Jenny Piccolo)
        B23     What The Fuck!? (Umlaut)
        B24     The Decapitation Of Cattle (Cattle Decapitation)
        B25     Jello Biafra (Yacopsae)
        B26     X Grindcore Song X (Jud Jud)
        B27     Fuck The Kids 2 (Nofx)
        B28     False Grind Alienation (Insect Warfare)
        B29     Distortion Of Reason (Sore Throat)
        B30     Antichristmas* Happy Holigays
        B31     We Prayed To The Dark Lord Dog
        B32     Without Sympathy.
        B33     Two Steps For Putin.
        B34     Children Are The No Future.
        B35     23:15 3.19.14
        B36     October 1St, 1979 (Bad Canoes - Doggie Bone)
        B37     October 2nd, 1993 (Bad Energy - Dead Magic)	
        B38     October 3rd, 1953 (Body Betrayal - My Gender Is Queer)
        B39     October 4th, 1970 (Closet Burner - Gay Majority)
        B40     October 5th, 2011 (Orn Against - Nail That Sticks Up Gets
                Hammered Down)
        B41     October 6th, 1989 (Canine - Round And Round)
        B42     October 7th, 1849 (Curmudgeon - Worthless Generation)
        B43     October 8th, 1983 (Dick Binge - Ending Up Like You)
        B44     October 9th, 2002 (Eekum Seekum - Brutality)
        B45     October 10th, 1929 (Fruit Punch - Dedication)
        B46     October 11th, 1965 (Fucking Dyke Bitches - Boys Will Be Boys)
        B47     October 12th, 1997 (Permanent Ruin - Bill Unpaid)
        B48     October 13th, 1974 (God Is My Co-Pilot - In Too Deep/Rubber
                Or Leather)
        B49     October 14th, 1977 (Hysterics - Dow Jones)
        B50     October 15th, 1917 (Inertia - The Masculine Insecurity)
        B51     October 16th, 1793 (Kid Dynamite - Scarysmurf)
        B52     October 17th, 1910 (Manhunt -Prescribe)
        B53     October 18th, 1893 (Melt Banana - T For Tone)
        B54     October 19th, 1979 (Mukilteo Fairies - Ripped Out)
        B55     October 20th, 1936 (Nancy Smith - Insecure Oppression)
        B56     October 21st, 1985 (Necklacing - Criminal)
        B57     October 22nd, 1996 (Pansy Division - Political Asshole)
        B58     October 23rd, 1978 (Pyka - No Jerks. Ever)
        B59     October 24th, 2005 (Rash Tongue - Their Nightmare)
        B60     October 25th, 2004 (Sorrows - Don't Bring Me Down)
        B61     October 26th, 1902 (Swallowing Shit - Lyrics That May
                Offend The Honkys)
        B62     October 27th, 1941 (System Of A Down - 36)
        B63     October 28th, 2003 (Tribe 8 - Castration Song #22)
        B64     October 29th, 1971 (No Comply - Dick Cop)
        B65     October 30th, 2007 (Youth Of Togay - Yo! Our Edge Is Gay)
        B66     October 31st, 1993 (Shady Hawkins - Yr Time Is Up)
SRA     035     F.O.D./THE DEAD MILKMEN : SPLIT                         7"      10.2015

        A1      F.O.D.                  Valedictorian
        A2      F.O.D.                  Defective Service
        A3      F.O.D.                  Quit Your Culture
        B       The Dead Milkmen        If The Kids Could Git Together
SRA     036     F.O.D./MERDA            SPLIT                           7"        .2015

        A1      F.O.D.                  Under My Dumb
        A2      F.O.D.                  Rosa
        A3      F.O.D.                  Suicide Squeeze
        A4      F.O.D.                  Turn Off The News
        B1      Merda                   Giga Pudding
        B2      Merda                   El Puente Bar
        B3      Merda                   Can I Try The Hell?
        B4      Merda                   Dogs
        B5      Merda                   Itako No Itaroh Chyotoni Nareba
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , brown-opaque or opaque-red vinyl)
SRA     037     HOUND                   OUT OF SPACE                    12"     11.2015
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
SRA     037     HOUND                   OUT OF SPACE                    CD      11.2015

        A1      Emotional Collapse
        A2      Mortality Jam
        A3      Walkin' The Fine Line
        A4      Intro
        A5      Cold Blooded
        B1      Super Junkie Of Being Free
        B2      Stone Carvin' Man
        B3      Walking Curse
        B4      Over The Edge

CS      Burger              BRGR 740        2014        US
SRA     038
SRA     039     FLAG OF DEMOCRACY/EX FRIENDS : SPLIT                    7"+DLc  11.2015

        A1      Flag Of Democracy       Fan Service
        A2      Flag Of Democracy       Pep Squad
        A3      Flag Of Democracy       We Can Be Stupid
        B1      Ex Friends              Laser Eyes
        B2      Ex Friends              Strangers
                (Note : 7" , clear-red vinyl)
SRA     040     PSYCHIC TEENS           EVERYTHING                      7!      04.2016

        A       Everything
        B       Nerve
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 copies on clear vinyl)
SRA     041     PSYCHIC TEENS           END                             7"      04.2016

        A       End
        B       TV
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on purple vinyl)
SRA     042     PSYCHIC TEENS           NERVE                           LP      05.2016
SRA     042     PSYCHIC TEENS           NERVE                           CD      05.2016
SRA     042     PSYCHIC TEENS           NERVE                           CS      05.2016

        A1      Everything
        A2      Hang
        A3      Tarnish
        A4      Winter Grey
        B1      Fear
        B2      Scene
        B3      A.T. Field
        B4      End
                (Note : 7" , 208 gold/200 pink/94 purple-clear copies)
SRA     043     SOUL GLO                SOUL GLO                        LP      05.2016
                (Note : 12"/33.3 RPM , transp.-red vinyl)
SRA     043     SOUL GLO                SOUL GLO                        CS      05.2016

        A1      Untitled I
        A2      Untitled II
        A3      Untitled III
        A4      Untitled IV
        A5      Untitled V
        A6      Untitled VI
        A7      Untitled VII
        B1      Guilty of Being...Wait
        B2      New Humanism
        B3      Inextricable
        B4      Created in H.I.S. Image
        B5      Two Hits
        B6      Real Ass Life
        B7      Put Yr Head Down
        B8      Son of a Gun
        B9      But Fucking Why?
        B10     Triger Warning
        B11     Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
        B12     The Movement Has No Head
        B13     Closer 2 Tha God
SRA     044     HOUND                   BORN UNDER 76                   CD        .2017

        1       Born Under A Black Light
        2       Eyes In The Dark
        3       Aqualamb
        4       Suitable For Framing
        5       Death Lands A Hand
        6       Demon Eyes
        7       Best Wishes
        8       That's A Famous Feeling
        9       Two Horns
        10      Band One
        11      Welcome To The Land Of Black Magic
        12      Any Day Now
SRA     045     F.O.D.                  NO SCHOOL, NO CORE.             LP        .2018
SRA     045     F.O.D.                  NO SCHOOL, NO CORE.             CD        .2018
SRA     045     F.O.D.                  NO SCHOOL, NO CORE.             CS        .2018

        A1      Sick Animal
        A2      Self Medicatiion/Yeah Yeah Yeah
        A3      Welcome To Camden
        A4      Pep Squad
        A5      After We Set You On Fire
        A6      Under My Dumb
        A7      These Boots
        A8      Ticket To Riot
        A9      We Can Be Stupid
        B1      Let's Build A Wall
        B2      Sphinx Moth
        B3      Fan Service
        B4      I Grabbed The Broken Part
        B5      Rosa
        B6      Believe In Love
        B7      Turn Off The News
        B8      Die In My Sleep
        B9      No School No Core
        B10     Not Gonna Start A War
SRA     046
SRA     047     EXMAID                  FAIR SEX                        LP      04.2018

        A1      Vamp
        A2      Sports
        A3      Chained
        A4      Crying
        A5      Sludge
        B1      Devoted
        B2      Catholic
        B3      Easy
        B4      Surface
        B5      Dumb
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on crimson-red vinyl)
SRA     048

        A1      Wake Up Tomorrow                                0:56
        A2      Last Acrylic Nail in the Coffin                 0:51
        A3      Invisible                                       1:07
        A4      1994                                            0:20
        A5      What Is Love Without Purpose                    0:25
        A6      Hard to Get                                     0:35
        A7      Pedazos                                         0:20
        A8      Y'all Are Gorgeous                              0:23
        A9      I'm Tired                                       0:39
        A10     Friends Lovers Favorites                        0:53
        A11     It's Ok to Be Sad                               0:55
        A12     It's Ok to Be Sick                              1:05
        A13     Women in Hordes                                 0:20
        A14     Still Can't Kill Us                             0:41
        A15     Demagogues                                      0:45
        A16     Assigned Cop at Birth                           0:44
        A17     Always Surviving                                0:54
        A18     Harmful Intent                                  0:49
        A19     Looking for a Fight                             0:27
        A20     Outnumbered                                     1:16
        B1      Not for You                                     1:04
        B2      You Can't Kill Us                               1:01
        B3A     Promise - TDOV                                  1:14
        B4      Trans Woman Dies of Old Age                     1:04
        B5      Murdered by a Woman                             1:12
        B6      Not for You (Moor Mother Remix)                 1:06
        B7      You Can't Kill Us (Kilbourne Remix)             2:08
        B8A     Promise - TDOV (Jenny Pop Remix)                1:26
        B9      Trans Woman Dies of Old Age (Estoc Remix)       1:51
        B10     Murdered by a Woman (Lilium Kobayashi Remix)    4:46
SRA     050     FOD                     SOUND DEFECTS                   CS      10.2018

        A1      Golden Parachute
        A2      Professional Sleeper
        A3      Worst Friend
        A4      I In The Sky
        A5      Tire Changing Song
        A6      Plom
        A7      Let's Dance On
SRA     051     DIALER & CHRONIC ANXIETY : SPLIT                        LP      03.2019

        01.     WAR REALITY
        02.     BLOODBLISTER
        03.     PALPITATION
        04.     VAMPIRE PELT
        05.     DROPPED OUT
        06.     ASTRAL REJECTION
        07.     BIG SLAM
        08.     CAT PISS WARS
        09.     OMG HAVE YOU TRIED YOGA
        10.     YOUR DATA IS INVALID
        11.     CONTROL

Philadelphia has always been weird and this split 12" release from drum machine freaks
DIALER and noisy no-wavers CHRONIC ANXIETY won't do anything but reinforce that fact.
The record has been jointly released on Bunny Cat Records - who have brought us
fantastic albums from Impressionist, Great Weights, and Love Club - and SRA - the
force behind HIRS, FOD, Soul Glo, Psychic Teens, and so much more - and it very much
feels like the collision of those two worlds. The word salad attached to this sort
of thing mostly repeats variations on the theme of 'PUNK' and so instead of going
into that let's cut to the chase: this album is punk as fuck, noisy as hell, and it
will make you freak out. DIALER are a glass of liquefied metallic components of
obsolete technology, driven by drum machines, radical politics and the dreams and
nightmares of the city of Philadelphia. An auditory glimpse into the mania of present
day Earth from the interior of a space capsule that is speeding towards Mars. CHRONIC
ANXIETY is a 3-piece noise rock band from Philly. Armed only with Hi Boi's fuzzy
Fender Bass VI, [Hey "Shy" Boi]'s steady, smashing drum beats, and Ambr (no e)'s
half-screamed vocals, they create an uneasy atmosphere that still makes you want
to dance.