Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   :

SNTS    011     OAKE                    SENTIMENT OF CALLOUSNESS        12"     11.2017

        A1.     Alog
        A2.     Apath
        B1.     Abul
        B2.     Anhedon

Only the heaviest industrial techno from OAKE, the Berlin-based duo with a murky
experimentalism guiding their productions. Sentiment Of Callousness is a four-track
EP inspired by a brutal year, and it channels that year into some fully-loaded
slammers that are dense like fog. 12 EP on the SNTS label.
SNTSRMX 011     OAKE : SENTIMENT OF CALLOUSNESS REMIXED                 12"     11.2017

        a1.     Alog (SNTS Remix)
        a2.     Apath (Regis Remix)
        b1.     Abul (Samuel Kerridge Remix)
        b2.     Anhedon (Phase Fatale Remix)

Male/Female duo OAKE hail from Germany and make atmospheric and pretty bloody dark
techno. Their starting point was the occult and British post-industrial acts of the