Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie /

SMH     001     THE STARLIGHT MAGIC HOUR : SONG TO BETHY                7"      03.2019

        A       Song To Bethy
        B       I Am The Swan To Your Song (Kiera's Song)

Although they haven’t been together long, The Starlight Magic Hour have attracted
a great deal of attention for their genre-defying depictions of ne’er-do-well wastrels.
And while their penchant for NSFW lyrics makes them fitting signees to London label
‘Permanent Creeps’, there is a perverse pleasure to be found in the Starlight Magic
Hour’s music. Not least because the 7-piece certainly have an ear for a tune.

On their debut EP ‘The End of The Party’, The Starlight Magic Hour deliver strong
choruses throughout which serves to anchor an EP that has little fidelity to a
consistent sound. Even within songs, the band veers into unexpected territory with
varying degrees of success; the pavement-lite of ‘Song to Jonny’ fits like a glove
while the super-funky coda to ‘The Child of Rage (I want to feel love)’ is more like
a borrowed identity. The main thrust of their music does however bring certain indie
touchstones to mind. To give you some idea, imagine a more folksy Fat White Family
or if Lou Reed was lead singer of The Fall.