S.L.R RECORDS                           UK

Distr.  : Rough Trade
Style   : indie rock /

King of the Slums started up in around 1985 in the 'Hulme', area of Manchester,
England UK.

Line up:        Charley Keigher (Guitar, Vocals)
                Sarah Curtis (Electric Violin)
                Jon Chandler (Bass)
                Ross Cain (Drums)
           ex.  Gary Sparkes

SLR     001     KING OF THE SLUMS       Spider Psychiatry               7"        .1986
                                        The Lodge
                                        Losing Ground
SLR     002     KING OF THE SLUMS       THE ORPHANED FILES              CD        .2009

        1       Virgin Mary/One Trick Fairy
        2       Postcode Cemeteries
        3       Intro
        4       Witchcraft Town (Windy Estates)
        5       Without A Scratch
        6       If...
        7       Yancs In Lancs (Demo From Gunchester Era)
        8       Pussy Boy
        9       Fabciable Headcase (2009 Remix)
        10      Weirdo #17 (2009 Remix)
        11      LGT/Lie Gone Trippy/House Of Lies (Mendacity Mix)
        12      BSFL
        13      Young Guvnors/Perry Boy's Honour
        14      Terror Cell 361
        15      Losing Ground
        16      Burning Mill Towns (Live)
        17      Outro
SLR     003     KING OF THE SLUMS       MANCO DIABLO                    CD      06.2017

        1       Church Bells Over England
        2       Punting In Oxbridge
        3       Red Canal Witness
        4       Bonfire Of The Controllers
        5       Dark Web Groomer
        6       Crooked Flowers (Reportage)
        7       The Bleeding Obvious
        8       Toxic Skip Rats
        9       Data Thief Shot Dead
        10      Lost In Translation
        11      Tix
        12      Secrets, Rain, Chips And Dreams (SRCD)
        13      Fast Spinning Chandelier

(Note : CD , first 200 copies Of The CD came with a signed postcard,signed by the band
SLR     004     KING OF THE SLUMS       ARTGOD DOGS                     CD      06.2018

        1)      The Broken English
        2)      Tramps’ Bridge Uprising
        3)      Cut Throat Loving
        4)      Storm Linda (Part 1)
        5)      Che Fatigue
        6)      Goya, Pinter, Honey, Bed.
        7)      Dirty Little Artdog
        8)      Pigeon Land
        9)      Crow Syndrome
        10)     Summer Scribbler
        11)     Deathsex Reality Check
        12)     Up For Sale
        13)     Salt Of The Earth
        14)     Diamante Swansong
SLR     005
SLR     006

        1)      Faux Faux La Bardot
        2)      Posh Town Witchcult
        3)      Fridgehead Canoe
        4)      Cockroach Frequency
        5)      Dissident Citizen
        6)      Snake Pass Luggage
        7)      Codewriter
        8)      104 Words
        9)      Odd Sock Drawer
        10)     The Mercy Clown
        11)     Sugar Rush

King of the Slums started up in around 1985 in the 'Hulme', area of Manchester,
England UK. They never considered themselves a 'Manchester' band, just a band with
an arty background, a little self-indulgent with story-type songs. A distorted
electric violin was used all the time in early recordings, along with guitar, bass
and drums. They continued developing this sound throughout their initial singles
and albums. In 1991, following their 3rd studio album, they fell out with record
companies, management and each other and disbanded. Their instruments damaged, their
biro’s broken. They were on the verge of a tour in the USA, and were considered a
vital LIVE act.

In 2009 the band embarked on a new album, but everyone fell out again and only
developed 5 or 6 new songs. The resulting album, “The Orphaned Files” sold out many
times and is now a collector’s item but the band did not pursue things further.

The band got back together 7 years later and released a full brand new album ‘Manco
Diablo’ in 2017 which received widespread critical acclaim. In short succession
their 6th studio Album ‘Artgod Gods’ followed in 2018. Happily the new album featured
the reintroduction of violin and viola. An incendiary and emotionally charged live
performance, their first for many years, took place on 23rd June 2018 at Manchester’s
Night and Day venue in which the band featured songs encompassing their full recorded