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SJ      01 CD   STEVE JANSEN            TENDER EXTINCTION               CD      08.2016

        1.      Captured
        2.      Sadness
        3.      Her Distance
        4.      Memory of An Imagined Place
        5.      Give Yourself A Name
        6.      Diaphanous One
        7.      Faced With Nothing
        8.      Mending A Secret
        9.      Simple Day
        10      And Birds Sing All Night

LP      Headcount       HC 037          2016    UK
SJ      02 CD   STEVE JANSEN            THE EXTINCT SUITE               CD      03.2017

        1       The Extinct Suite (55 mins)

Steve Jansen - Piano, Synths, Sampled Instruments, String Arrangements, Sound Design.
Melentini Toila - Trumpet
Seigen Tokuzawa - Cello
Thomas Feiner - Background Vocals
Stelios Romaliadis - Flute
Giorgos Varoutas - Guitar Treatments

Written, performed, produced & mixed by Steve Jansen

Steve Jansen, the drummer of Japan, has been steadily working on a solo career over
the last decade. His last solo album, Tender Extinction, featured various guest
singers, but now those other voices are stripped away for The Extinct Suite, on which
Jansen pulls apart the orchestral parts of that album to weave a whole new expanse of
melodic ambience. Out on SJ Productions.
SJ      03 CD   STEVE JANSEN            CORRIDOR                        CD      08.2018

        01.     Corridor
        02.     Recovery Room

Corridor was composed as a sound installation first aired at Cape Breton University
art gallery in Canada to accompany a selection of photographic images by Steve Jansen.
All titles written, performed, produced, and mixed by Steve Jansen. Additional sound
recording by Charlie Storm. Artwork by Anna Malina Zemlianski.
SJV     01 LP   STEVE JANSEN : THE EXTINCT SUITE/CORRIDOR               2LP     07.2020

LP 1    1.      The Extinct Suite Part 1 (Side A)               25:54
        2.      The Extinct Suite Part 2 (Side B)               24:40

LP 2    3.      Corridor Part 1 (Side C)                        24:04
        4.      Corridor Part 2 (Side D)                        24:19

(Note : limited edition of 500. Pressed on 180g black vinyl 2LP housed in gatefold