S-S RECORDS                             1809 South Street #101-276
***********                             Sacramento, CA 95811
[S.S. Records]                          USA


Start   : 2001
Owner   : Scott Soriano (of Los Huevos)/Sakura Saunders
Distr.  : CA - Scratch
          US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Boomkat
Sub lab.: Sol Re Sol/
Style   : punk / psychedelic / psych punk / noise / DIY / hardcore / art rock
          / speedy hardcore / avant punk / post rock / garage rock / garage punk
          / post punk / minimal synth / synth pop / free jazz / lo-fi /

S-S Records has been around since 2001. Sol Re Sol started a little bit later.
Both are run by Scott Soriano.

You can drop by Ss Hq and check out records to buy. Email us for availability.  

Wholesale:  Ss Records and Sol Re Sol Records are distributed by Revolver.
You can contact them at revolver@midheaven.com Feel free to contact us if you need
an introduction.
If you are a store outside the US and do not deal with Revolver, contact us.

Licensing:  If you are interested in sync rights or licensing music on Ss Records,
please contact Sub Pop Licensing, as they handle that stuff for us. 
Their contact information is here.

Demos/submissions:  We do take demos.  The best way for us to hear
your work is either streaming or on CDR, no attached files or downloads.
We prefer unreleased stuff, which includes not having previously appeared
online (bandcamp, soundcloud, etc.). Tip us to 3 to 5 of your best songs. 
If we like those, we will ask to hear more! If sending a CDR,
shoot us an email before you mail it. Thanks.  
http://ss-records-sol-re-sol-records.myshopify.com/pages/about-us  nov.30, 2016

SS      001     A FRAMES                PLASTICA                        7"      12.2001

        A       Plastica
        B       Hospital
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 300 copies)
SS      002     THE DECAY               PITY...                         7"      02.2002

        A1      Tonight
        A2      Dead Brain
        B1      Hitler Fuck Off
        B2      Margareth Thatcher
SS      003     A FRAMES                A FRAMES                        LP      04.2002
SS      003     A FRAMES                A FRAMES                        CD      04.2002

        A1      Hostage Crisis                                  1:39
        A2      Calculator                                      2:05
        A3      Chemical                                        2:10
        A4      Transgenic                                      2:14
        A5      Plastica                                        1:53
        A6      Nobot                                           2:51
        B1      Empty Particles                                 2:11
        B2      Electric Eye                                    2:19
        B3      Surveillance                                    3:15
        B4      Test Tube Baby                                  2:02
        B5      333333333                                       2:49

LP.CD   Dragnet         BUST 05         2002    US
LP      Born Bad        BB 004          2007    FR
SS      004     DUCHESS OF SAIGON       EASTER QUEEN                    7"      09.2002

        1       Lycra Lace                                      1:28
        2       Holiday Rumble                                  1:19
        3       Disagreement Song                               1:07
        4       Swan Lake                                       1:44
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SS      005     THE GEEKS               DREAMLAND IN MACHINELAND        7"        .2003

        1       Dreamland In Machineland
        2       Hey Wreck
SS      006     A FRAMES                2                               LP        .2003
SS      006     A FRAMES                2                               CD        .2003

LP      A1      Modula 2
        A2      Modula
        A3      Nuclear
        A4      Ionic
        A5      Electricity
        A6      Counter Evolution
        A7      Abstract
        A8      Futureworld
        B1      Togetherness
        B2      Wasteland
        B3      Skeletons
        B4      Search And Rescue
        B5      Archaeology
        B6      Sensation
        B7      Statement
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)

CD      1       Modula 2                                        0:37
        2       Modula                                          3:03
        3       Nuclear                                         2:31
        4       Ionic                                           2:43
        5       Electricity                                     2:45
        6       Counter Evolution                               2:13
        7       Abstract                                        3:32
        8       Future World                                    2:20
        9       Togetherness                                    2:32
        10      Wasteland                                       2:28
        11      Skeletons                                       2:40
        12      Search And Rescue                               2:12
        13      Archaeology                                     2:16
        14      Sensation                                       5:41
        15      Statement                                       0:17

LP      Born Bad        BB 005          2007    FR      white vinyl
SS      007     CRASH NORMAL            HEAVY LISTENING                 LP        .2004

        A1      Big Joke
        A2      Pom Pom Ass
        A3      Take A Shower
        A4      Yea Yea
        A5      Highway From City
        A6      Gring Jazz Rider
        A7      Maximum Sound Quality
        B1      Heavy Listening
        B2      Dead Man In The Snow
        B3      I Was Nervous
        B4      Who's Robin Master?
        B5      Funky Monster
        B6      Don't Fucked Up My Karma
        B7      L'Ovni
        B8      Je Saigne
        B9      Small Of The Back
SS      008     POINT LINE PLANE        UNTITLED                        7"        .2009

        A       Curse Chorus Curse
        B       Sh ... Boom
SS      009     THE INTELLIGENCE        TEST                            7"        .2004

        A       Test
        B       Bird Calls
                (Note : LP , 7" , 500 copies)
SS      010     V / A                   BABYHEAD                        LP        .2004

        A1      Duchess Of Saigon       Seasons Change
        A2      Blutt                   Astrid
        A3      Sexy Prison : Teen Wolves Party Like Whitney (Hard)
        A4      Intelligence            Spies Like Us
        A5      Country Teasers         I Like The Cock
        A6      Crash Normal            Quit Looking At My Tits
        A7      Antennas Erupt          Donald H. Trump / Jim Crow's Back
        B1      Klondike & York         Planned Parenthood
        B2      A Frames                Bumble Bee
        B3      Unnatural Helpers : My Brother's Been Kissin' My Girlfriend
        B4      The Blowtops            Mindless Man
        B5      Guinea Worms            Drunk On The Plane
        B6      The Piranhas            Isolation (Enormo)
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
SS      011     MONOSHOCK : RUNNIN' APE-LIKE FROM THE BACKWARDS         CD        .2004
                SUPERMAN 1989 - 1995

        1       Primitive Zippo
        2       Change That Riff
        3       Nobody Recovery
        4       Halloween Party
        5       Burn My Eye
        6       Soledad
        7       Striking A Match In The Year 4007
        8       Terminal Roctus
        9       Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine)
        10      Hawkwind Show
        11      Everything Near Me
        12      Mexican Dentistry
        13      Folgers
        14      Cabalgando A La Luna
        15      Psychedelic Warlords (Disapear In Smoke)
        16      Let's Hear It For The Singer
        17      Destination: Soil
SS      012     A FRAMES                COMPLICATIONS                   7"        .2004

        A       Complications                                   1:33
        B       Frankenstein                                    1:45
                (Note : 7" , 1000 copies)
SS      013     LILI Z                  LEATHERLUTION                   7"        .2004

        A       Leatherlution
        B       Gisela Malaria
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
SS      014     ANTENNAS ERUPT!         MAGICAL ENERGY                  LP      10.2004

        A1      Marching From The Womb
        A2      Monumental Urkeling (Stud City)
        A3      The Elephant's Psalm
        A4      Let's All Live In Loving Hearts
        B1      French Albert
        B2      Ropache (The Devil In Daddy Karates A Lot)
        B3      Healthy Vaginal Walls
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
SS      015     KARATE PARTY            BLACK HELICOPTER                LP        .2005

        A1      1 2 3 4
        A2      Feces III
        A3      Pressure
        A4      Donut Room
        A5      Spawn
        A6      Non Date
        B1      Mistakes
        B2      Trouble
        B3      Quality
        B4      Can U Take It
        B5      Brain Cells (Live)
        B6      Ball Game
        B7      Spawn (Demo)
        B8      Hell
                (Note : LP , clear-gold vinyl)
SS      016     A FRAMES                POLICE 1000                     7"        .2005

        A       Police 1000
        B       Traction
                (Note : 7" , 1500 copies on white vinyl)
SS      017     BABY 63                 QUIVER                          7"        .2005

        A       Quiver                                          3:56
        B       Shark Watcher Maker                             5:30
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
SS      018     FRUSTRATION             FRRUSTRATION                    7"        .2006

        A1      Wait                                            2:24
        A2      Little Story                                    3:04
        B1      Premises                                        2:19
        B2      Faster                                          2:17
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
SS      019     CHEVEU                  DOG                             7"      03.2006

        A       Dog                                             2:34
        B       Make My Day                                     5:20
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
SS      020     V / A                   TETE DE BEBE                    LP        .2006

        A1      Crack Und Ultra Eczema : Testicle
        A2      Le Club Des Chats       Tututut
        A3      Dragibus                A Crocodile In An Aquarium
        A4      The Electric Guitars    Walkye-Walkie
        A5      Crash Normal            Bad Way To Get Fun
        A6      Lili Z.                 Blut
        B1      Volt                    Kein Mensch
        B2      Lawrence Wasser         Piggy On A Rooftop
        B3      Kania Tieffer           Treat Me Like A Dog
        B4      Cheb Samir And The Black Souls Of Leviathan : My New Motorcycle
        B5      The Normals             Mud
        B6      Cheveu                  La Truite
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
SS      021     CIGARETTES              GIMME CIGARETTE                 7"        .2006

        A       Gimme Cigarette
        B       Oh! Oh! Oh!

7"      Carlysle        C 1001          1978
7"      Moxie           ?               1978
SS      022     THE GEEKS               TOO FAT PIG                     7"      11.2006

        A       Too Fat Pig                                     3:09
        B       Visiting Day At San Quentin                     2:28
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies + insert)
SS      023     NOTHING PEOPLE          PROBLEMS                        7"      11.2006

        A1      Twinkie Defense
        A2      4 Miles High
        B1      Systems Failure
        B2      I Can't Find My Monkey
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 , printed & hand-stamped sleeve)
SS      024     HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE : FOG                            7"        .2007

        A       Fog
        B       Das
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
SS      025     LOS LLAMARADA           THE EXPLODING NOW               LP      11.2008

        A1      Break The Silence
        A2      Lies
        A3      The Discovery
        A4      I Welcome Tomorrow
        B5      Je Sois
        B6      They Walk In The Air
        B7      Rainy Days
        B8      It Speaks When I'm Silent
                (Note : 600 white/400 black copies)
SS      026     HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND  The Matter Of facts//Raw Aids   7"        .2008
                (Note ; 7" , 600 copies)
SS      027     TYVEK/CHEVEU            Split                           7"      07.2007

        A       Tyvek                   Future Junk             1:52
        B       Cheveu                  El Tortuga              1:56
                (Note : 7" , 1000 copies)
SS      028     NOTHING PEOPLE          IN THE CITY                     7"        .2007

        A       In The City
        B       A Really Good Time
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , clear vinyl)
SS      029     HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES : ARRIERE-GARDE                LP        .2007

        A1      Venice Sun
        A2      Frolicked Walk Through Autumnal Bliss
        A3      First Deification Of The Rest Of Your Life
        A4      Grandeur Of Delusion
        A5      Bloody Nights At The Hotel Bar
        A6      Obliging Macon Midle
        B1      The New Slap & Tickle
        B2      Startling Revelations Of
        B3      Fer Du Lance
        B4      Pulling A Lonely
        B5      The Ballad Of Solaf Sar
        B6      My Disdain
                (Note : LP , 600 copies on white)
SS      030     THE U.V.RACE            MALARIA                         7"      08.2009

        A1      Malaria
        A2      Mash
        B1      Good Money
        B2      Cosmic Man
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 700 copies)
SS      031     XYX                     SISTEMA DE TERMINACION SEXUAL   7"        .2008

        1       Anel & Her Problem
        2       Pan De Muerto
        3       Nunca, Nunca
        4       Microvibraciones
SS      032     LOS LLAMARADA           THE VERY NEXT MOMENT            7"      03.2008

        A       The Very Next Moment
        B       I'm Sorry
                (Note : 7".45 RPM , 600 copies)
SS      033     BILLY BAO               FUCK SEPARATION                 10"     03.2008

        A       Borders Of Mass Deception                       10:00
        B       Jail Logic                                      10:00
                (Note : 10"/33.3 RPM , 600 copies , white vinyl)
SS      034     LE CLUB DES CHATS       YES MADAME                      7"        .2007

        A1      Master Of Toadstool
        A2      Woobly Racket Worldcup
        A3      Miaou-Miaou
        A4      Yes Madame
        B1      Ring-a-Ding
        B2      Minie
        B3      Chat Loutre
SS      035     CHEVEU                  CHEVEU                          LP        .2008

        A1      Jacob's Fight
        A2      Clara Vénus
        A3      Happiness
        A4      Dog
        A5      Herman Choune
        A6      Superhero
        A7      A Great Competitor
        B1      Lola Langusta
        B2      Hot
        B3      Hello Friends
        B4      Unemployment Blues
                (Note : LP , 600 copies on white vinyl)
SS      036     NOTHING PEOPLE          ANONYMOUS                       LP      06.2008

        A1      In The City
        A2      Sickness
        A3      State Of Mine
        A4      Boccioni's Mother
        A5      Should've Known
        B1      Suspicious
        B2      Outsiders Are
        B3      Corner's For
        B4      Omega Man
        B5      Fatal Planet
        B6      I - 5
                (Note : LP , 600 copies on clear)
SS      037     LOS LLAMARADA           TAKE THE SKY                    LP      11.2008

        A1      Atanareska
        A2      I've Got Your Face
        A3      Another Big Come Down
        A4      Ten To Dawn
        A5      I Go Away
        B1      The Miracle Sleep
        B2      The Late Great Mty Trip
        B3      Stressa Closer
        B4      The Future Scream
        B5      No One Can
        B6      A Chance To Become Transparent

LP 1    A1      Stadtspaziergänge
        A2      Reinhold Will Nicht Den Ganzen Tag Dein Leben Reparieren
        A3      Huttotschläger
        A4      Cola Ohne Koka? - Du Schwein!
        B1      Die Bewegung (Tut Dir Gut)
        B2      Büro, Büro
        B3      Guerillero Der Sahara
        B4      Schiffe In Der Unterhose

LP 2    C1      Weisse Flocken
        C2      Telespiel
        C3      Lolas Welt (Unbewohnbar Wie Der Mond)
        D1      Doppelhaushälfte In Lima
        D2      Bäh!
        D3      No Limit
        D4      Du Und Deine Lovesongs
                (Note : double LP , 600 copies)
SS      039     OZZIE : THE PARABOLIC ROCK 1975 - 1982                  2LP     06.2010

LP 1    A1      Android Love
        A2      Organic Gardening
        A3      Child Of The Reich
        A4      Old Fart From Acturus
        A5      Air On Venus
        B1      Faunamania
        B2      I'm So Stupid
        B3      Baby I Cried
        B4      Wall
        B5      Big Body Build
        B6      Geometry

LP 2    C1      Beach Girls
        C2      Scattered Values
        C3      Here Lies A Fool
        C4      Monsieur Le Bazoo
        C5      I Love A Tank
        C6      Strange Stains
        D1      It Just Won't Work
        D2      Terror In The Streets
        D3      The Way Of All Flesh
        D4      Cookies Rundgren
        D5      The Ballad Of Jack Ruby
        D6      Kung Fu Karate Man
                (Note : from Santa Cruz , CA , 1976)
SS      040     LOW RED CENTER          LOW RED CENTER                  10"     10.2009

        A1      Trace Elements
        A2      Peace Walking
        A3      Olive Shaped
        A4      Missing In The Woods
        B1      Tropicalize
        B2      Sun Outside
        B3      Watching The Planes
        B4      Crepe Suzette
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
SS      041     WOUNDED LION            Carol CLoud                     7"      10.2008

        A       Carol Cloud
        B       Pony People
                (Note : 7" , 600 copies)
SS      042     LAMPS                   SONGS OF SEXUAL FRUSTRATION EP  7"      11.2008

        A       Boring Girls
        B       I Need A Chick
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 600 copies)
SS      043     NOTHING PEOPLE          LATE NIGHT                      LP      03.2009
SS      043     NOTHING PEOPLE          LATE NIGHT                      CD      08.2011

        A1      When I Drink
        A2      It's Not Your Speakers
        A3      Stick In The Mud
        A4      Pushing Buttons
        A5      1:11
        B1      Crunch Time
        B2      Another Rattle
        B3      Janet
        B4      There's Sun In Your Eyes
        B5      Late Night
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP 1    A1      O! Anxiety
        A2      No Horizon/No Prescription
        A3      My Slippery Shadow
        A4      Thank You Very Much
        B1      Ame ican Alien
        B2      Club Frills (And Diet Pills)
        B3      Soiled Clown Blues
        B4      Blue Tentacles

LP 2    C1      Williamsburg, Brooklyn
        C2      Wrapped In Fog
        C3      Glen Prevails
        C4      Dear Old Durham
        D1      Sang Froid
        D2      Quebrado Blues
        D3      New York Hole
        D4      My Fiery Moon
SS      045     CHARLES ALBRIGHT        I'M ON DRUGS                    7"      04.2009

        A1      I'm On Drugs
        A2      I'm A Fine Young Man, And I'm Doing So Well
        A3      I Wanna Hold You
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided)

7"      Sacramento      SAC 011         2009    US              400 copies
SS      046     EL-G                    TOUT PLOIE                      LP      10.2009

        A1      Ixelles
        A2      Tim Et Henri
        A3      Al-Kado
        A4      Du Beurre
        A5      Hé Gros!
        B1      Ce Russe Blanc
        B2      Vrouwen Min Mannen
        B3      L'Homme A La Thérapie
        B4      Supervielle
        B5      Au Grand Dam De Jour
        B6      Saddja

LP      K-RAA-K2        KED 04          2008    BE
SS ?    046     THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS : River Of Shit // Work Is      7"      02.2010
                A Drag / Queen Of The Skanks
SS      047     NOTHING PEOPLE          SOFT CRASH                      LP+DLc  02.2010

        A1      Is This What You Want
        A2      Wasting Our Time
        A3      Marilyn's Grave
        A4      Explode A View
        A5      Soft Crash
        A6      Avoiding Needles
        B1      It's Been A Bad Day
        B2      Friend Or Foe
        B3      In The House
        B4      Satellite Not Found
        B5      Remember How Cold It Was
        B6      Since You've Been Gone
SS ?    048     THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS : RIVER OF SHIT                 7"      02.2010

        A1      River Of Shit
        B1      Work Is A Drag
        B2      Queen Of The Skanks
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
SS      049     DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE : VISIONARY PANGS           LP      10.2010

        A1      Love Thug
        A2      Adjunct To Me
        A3      Intelligent Design Pt 1/Marys One & Two/This Fetid Day
        B1      I Got Lost
        B2      Black Dog Barking
        B3      Intelligent Design Pt 2/Barbosal/Mere Psued Blog Ed
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
SS      050     A FRAMES                333                             3LP     07.2010

LP 1    A1      Kamelus (Demo)
        A2      Crutches
        A3      Honkeys
        A4      Hospital
        A5      Ice Cave (Demo)
        A6      Melt
        A7      Electricity (AF2 Demo)
        B1      Calculator (AF1 Demo)
        B2      Afterbreath
        B3      Walk The Wasteland (AF2 Demo/Alt Version)
        B4      Dress In Black (Demo)
        B5      Over
        B6      Plastica
        B7      Shadows (Demo)

LP 2    C1      Togetherness (AF2 Demo)
        C2      Planet X (Demo)
        C3      Visitor (Demo)
        C4      A O D (Demo)
        C5      Shockwave (Demo)
        C6      CCTV  (Demo)
        C7      Sea ch & Rescue (AF2 Demo)
        D1      Rad ation Generation
        D2      Polce 1000
        D3      Pedestrian
        D4      Sad Truth (Demo)
        D5      Electric Eye (AF1 Demo)
        D6      Satellite Around You (Demo)
        D7      Bumble Bee

LP 3    E1      Traction
        E2      Last Look (Demo)
        E3      Weissensee
        E4      Waiting In The Sun
        E5      Ultrasound (Demo)
        E6      Test Tube Baby
        F1      Complications
        F2      Artificial
        F3      Neutron Bomb
        F4      Modular (AF2 Demo)
        F5      Spy Satellite
        F6      Frankenstein
        F7      Membrane
        F8      Nobot (AF1 Demo)
                (Note : triple LP , 333 copies)
SS      051     SPERM WAILS : Lady Chatterley // Mr. Wonderful          7"      03.2011
SS      052     THE CHINESE RESTAURANTS : Summer Romance                7"      08.2010

        A1      Summer Romance
        B1      Nunca Jamas
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SS      053     BANQUE ALLEMANDE        EINS , ZWEI                     LP      08.2010

        A1      Die Akademie / Kann Dir Jetzt Auch Nicht Weitenhelfen
        A2      Geld Wie Wir
        A3      Herzlichen Glckwunsch Toll Toll Toll
        A4      The Baumarkt Nation
        B1      Zur Stunde Noch Unklar
        B2      Flughafensee
        B3      Stadt Des Lichts
        B4      Schmalhans Kuechenmeister
        B5      Fundraising
        B6      Keine Regierung
                (Note : LP , 70"s Euro punk)
SS      054     PRISONERS GO GO BAND    LIVE! AT THE BUTCHERY WITH      LP      07.2011
                SPECIAL GUESTS ON FIRE

        A1      Fanfare
        A2      Multinational Co.
        A3      An Inkling Of...
        A4      Things To Come
        A5      We All Evaporate
        A6      Bloodice
        A7      Air Raid Shelter
        A8      Special Guest Forgets To Water Himself
        A9      Meatworkers Strike A Light
        B1      Moonshide Bazaar
        B2      Gold And Bars
        B3      The Hammer Knocks On The Door
        B4      Hear Attack
        B5      The Distance
        B6      Unborn And Twisted
        B7      The South Africans
        B8      Gunmetal (density;O,22)
        B9      Talking To The Warden's Wife
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

South African underground rock band, orig. release in 1980.
SS      055     LOS LLAMARADA           GONE GONE COLD                  LP      11.2011

        A1      Bury The Light
        A2      Death Will Die
        A3      The Sudden Flesh
        A4      There Is No Ending
        A5      Heaven Of Glass
        A6      Shadow With No Past
        B1      Gone Gone Cold
        B2      Secret You
        B3      Tu Diversion
        B4      He Was Killed
        B5      Switch Static
        B6      All Gods Collapse
        B7      Inside The Fire
SS      056     V / A                   FM - BX SOCIETY TAPE 001        LP      12.2010

        A1      Unit 4                  Hidden Faces
        A2      Unit 4                  Rules
        A3      Unit 4                  Growing Up
        A4      Unit 4                  Act
        A5      The Topplers            Pat Mc Gluskey
        B1      Isolation Ward          Dangerous
        B2      Isolation Ward          Trackers Of The Night
        B3      Isolation Ward          High & Low
        B4      The Topplers            Slave Train
        B5      The Topplers            Flack Town
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

CS      The FM-BX Society  FM-BX 001    1981    BE
SS      057     LOS LLAMARADA           The Restless Night              7"      03.2011

        A       The Restless Light (Was Made Flesh In Me)
        B       A Current (Chemicals)
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
SS      058     DUCHESS OF SAIGON       DUCHESS OF SAIGON               LP      03.3011

        A1      Tatiana Swims
        A2      Zero Song
        A3      Parmalot
        A4      Tall
        A5      Mid Century Design
        A6      Sleepytime
        A7      Four Soft
        A8      New Carnewsky
        B1      Oreo Hoovercraft
        B2      Romania
        B3      Song #4
        B4      Shake/Taste
        B5      Bhushush
        B6      Tatiana's Secret
        B7      Efficient Space
        B8      Lionel's Lament
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
SS      059     LENZ : Leaving (The 21st Century) / Feeling             7"      09.2011
                (Note : 7" , 333 copies)
SS      060     SIGHTINGS               MICHIGAN HATERS                 LP      04.2011

        A1      Brought A Grandfather Clock                     3:29
        A2      I Feel Like A Porsche                           8:16
        A3      Cargo Embargo                                   1:15
        A4      Chili Dog                                       8:08
        B1      The Easy Answer                                 4:42
        B2      Ich/Ic                                          2:09
        B3      Michigan Haters                                 4:30
        B4      Guilty Of Wrecking                              9:03

CD      Psych-O-Path    PSP 4           2002    US
SS      061     HANK IV                 BELLYFULL OF SLUGS              7"      09.2011

        A       Bellyfull Of Slugs
        B       Cold Equation
                (Note : 7" , 330 copies)
SS      062
SS      063     MICHAEL YONKERS WITH THE BLIND SHAKE : PERIOD           LP      11.2011
SS      063     MICHAEL YONKERS WITH THE BLIND SHAKE : PERIOD           CD      11.2011

        A1      Talk To Me
        A2      When I Will
        A3      A Little Crazy
        A4      Carbo Hydro
        A5      Hey Hey What
        A6      I Am Thinking
        B1      I Myself
        B2      Oh I Know
        B3      Period
        B5      So Be
        B5      Whatcha Gonna
SS      064     NOTHING PEOPLE : C'mon Girl // Walk On                  7"      02.2013
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SS      065
SS      066     SPRAY PAINT             SPRAY PAINT                     7"      01.2012

        A1      Pro Knife
        A2      Squaw
        B       Psychic Doug
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies , hand-stamped sleeve)

        A1      Suchmaschine
        A2      Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand
        A3      Nicht Viel Nur Ein Zwei Tausend
        B1      Warmes Wasser
        B2      Schlaf An Einem Anderen Tag
        B3      100 Jahre Berlin
                (Note : LP , 400 copies , + insert)
SS      068     FEEDTIME                TODAY IS FRIDAY                 LP      03.2012
SS      068     FEEDTIME                TODAY IS FRIDAY                 CD      03.2012

        A1      nice
        A2      e b g d
        A3      fractured
        A4      mandead/desert I
        A5      garbage scow
        A6      Street Fighting Man
        A7      tatts willie
        A8      I Don't Care About You
        B1      shovel
        B2      if you cant
        B3      rock n roll
        B4      southside johnny
        B5      dead crazy
        B6      Life
        B7      girlfriend
SS      069     SPRAY PAINT             SPOCK FINGERS                   7"      06.2012

        A       Spock Fingers
        B       Pink Pus
SS      070     MONOSHOCK               WALK TO THE FIRE                2LP     07.2012

LP 1    A1      Crypto-Zoological Disaster                      8:20
        A2      I Took You To It Baby                           3:57
        A3      Hong Kong                                       3:23
        A4      Astral Plane (Take Me Away)                     5:07
        B1      Tom Guido Philosophically Stoogely              3:10
        B2      Leesa                                           7:49
        B3      Separate Beds                                   9:09

LP 2    C1      Molten Gold Finger 965                          4:27
        C2      Walk To The Fire                                5:07
        C3      Chicken Lover                                   3:10
        C4      Sea Monkeys                                     5:34
        D1      International Hello                             8:09
        D2      I Want It All                                   8:48

2LP.CD  Blackjack       JACK 024        1996    US
SS      071     SPRAY PAINT             SPRAY PAINT                     LP      02.2013
SS      071 P   SPRAY PAINT             SPRAY PAINT                     CD      02.2013

LP      A1      Canadian Trash
        A2      Yawn Factory
        A3      Nose Whiskey
        A4      Possible Lungs
        A5      Funeral Upskirts
        A6      Dripping The Rails
        B1      Jimi's Apartment
        B2      Down To Party
        B3      Lap Swimming
        B4      Neighborwoman
        B5      Throwing Cans
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

CD      1       Canadian Trash                                  2:10
        2       Yawn Factory                                    2:43
        3       Nose Whiskey                                    2:53
        4       Possible Lungs                                  1:28
        5       Funeral Upskirts                                1:43
        6       Dripping The Rails                              1:34
        7       Jimi's Apartment                                1:27
        8       Down To Party                                   1:54
        9       Lap Swimming                                    5:32
        10      Neighborwoman                                   1:55
        11      Throwing Cans                                   1:58
        12      Pro Knife                                       1:36
        13      Squaw                                           1:23
        14      Psychic Doug                                    2:44
        15      Pink Pus                                        3:00
        16      Spock Fingers                                   2:35
SS      072     SATAN PANONSKI          HARD BLOOD SHOCK                LP      10.2013

        A1      Hard Blood Shock
        A2      Kliktaj
        A3      Trpi Kurvo
        A4      Oèi U Magli
        A5      Seksualni Distonalitet
        A6      Odreži, Nareži, Zareži
        A7      Èaj Od Maka
        A8      Djeèakova Pjesma
        A9      Tiho / Bajka
        B1      Pioniri Maleni
        B2      Kiss My Cock
        B3      Obdukcija
        B4      Ja Sam Svom Tati Pušila Kurac
        B5      Odrežite Sise
        B6      Lepi Mario
        B7      Iza Zida
        B8      Misli Li Istok
        B9      Beduin
SS      073     FOTTUTISSIMA PELLICCERIA ELSA : S/T                     LP      10.2013

        A1      Moda Assassina
        A2      Si Vive Per Morire
        A3      Burattini
        A4      Gorizia Nella Notte
        B1      Are We A Kind Of Punk????????????????????????????
        B2      Perché Devo?
        B3      Dentro: Vuoti
        B4      Reazione
        B5      No Militare 
SS      074     SPRAY PAINT             RODEO SONGS                     LP      11.2013
SS      074     SPRAY PAINT             RODEO SONGS                     CD      11.2013

LP      A1      Day Sniffer
        A2      Bring Dumpster Back
        A3      Drive By Feeling
        A4      False Cowboys
        A5      George's Theme
        A6      Pills On The Prairie
        A7      Littering Team
        B1      I Need A Bag
        B2      Paint The Gun
        B3      Real Good Smile
        B4      Palmuter
        B5      Making Water
        B6      Trollin' The Lake
        B7      Ultimate Umpire
        B8      Tucked

CD      1       Day Sniffer                                     2:03
        2       Bring Dumpster Back                             2:17
        3       Drive By Feeling                                4:08
        4       False Cowboys                                   2:20
        5       George's Theme                                  1:51
        6       Pills On The Prairie                            3:10
        7       Littering Team                                  1:11
        8       I Need A Bag                                    2:21
        9       Paint The Gun                                   1:38
        10      Real Good Smile                                 2:08
        11      Palmuter                                        2:14
        12      Making Water                                    2:45
        13      Trollin' The Lake                               2:14
        14      Ultimate Umpire                                 2:11
        15      Tucked                                          1:28
SS      075     LIFE STINKS             LIFE STINKS                     LP      11.2013
SS      075     LIFE STINKS             LIFE STINKS                     CD      11.2013

LP      A1      Sharp When You're Bummed
        A2      Shadow On The Wall
        A3      Cemetaries
        A4      Your Face Is A Mess
        A5      Endless Drag
        B1      Drag You
        B2      My My My

CD      1       Sharp When You're Bummed                        2:46
        2       Shadow On The Wall                              3:07
        3       Cemeteries                                      2:53
        4       Your Face Is A Mess                             7:09
        5       Endless Drag                                    4:00
        6       Drag You                                        2:32
        7       My My My                                        16:00
SS      076     MICHAEL PSYCHO          THINK                           LP      09.2014
SS      076     MICHAEL PSYCHO          THINK                           CD      09.2014

        A1      Dead Little Trendies
        A2      June Monster's Complaint
        A3      Psychotherapy
        A4      (A) Political Song
        A5      Teenage Love Affair Boogie
        B1      Violent, Mindless Hatred
        B2      The Kids Are Exploited
        B3      Justice System
        B4      Decent Setups
        B5      Bobby Is A Nice Kid

LP      Black Hole      BHR 1           1990    US
SS      077     KIM KI MO               BIR, IKI                        LP.CD   09.2014

        A1      Serbest Kalp Düºmesi
        A2      Dogru
        A3      Gene Oldu
        A4      Mutsuzsunuz, Hepiniz
        A5      Gezegenin Adi Dünya
        B1      Gel
        B2      I Don't Relate
        B3      Punk
        B4      B Yüzünün Ikinci Parçasi
        B5      Ne Yapsam Anlarsin?

        A1      Modern Romantic
        A2      At Full Stretch
        A3      Dreams In Isolation
        A4      Irritant Urge
        A5      We Fade
        B1      Distant Generations
        B2      Stripped Down
        B3      Acid Reign
        B4      Days After

LP      Ideological Sound ET 1          1986    UK
SS      079     ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS : s/t                         LP      06.2015

        A1      Blood On The Wall
        A2      I Got Soul
        A3      Yes I No
        A4      Pictures
        A5      Eye 2 Eye
        B1      Stutter
        B2      Big Mouth
        B3      Reptoid Rock
        B4      Funny
        B5      Mutate
        B6      Biffed Up
SS      080     SCREATURE               SCREATURE                       LP      07.2015

        A1      All In All
        A2      Last Day
        A3      Faded S.
        A4      Black Light
        A5      EVP
        A6      Siren
        B1      Stairwell
        B2      Ditch
        B3      Thin Dreams
        B4      Back Seat
        B5      Exodus
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)

LP      Ethel Scull     ESR 036         2013    US
SS      081     SCREATURE               FOUR COLUMNS                    LP      07.2015
SS      081     SCREATURE               FOUR COLUMNS                    CD      07.2015

        A1      Plastic Point Of View
        A2      Crumbling
        A3      Down Boys
        A4      Faceless
        A5      Half Past Midnight
        A6      Lost Ones
        B1      One Hundred Lines
        B2      Channel
        B3      Laws Of Intrigue
        B4      High Rise Escape
        B5      Graves And Heirs
SS      082     LIFE STINKS             YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT            LP      12.2015

        A1      You'll Never Make It
        A2      Anchor
        A3      I'm A Weed
        A4      Portraits
        B1      Strange Prison
        B2      When Next We Meet
        B3      People Say I Should Check It Out
        B4      Sliding Down A Wire
        B5      In A Place
SS      083     PONY TIME : RUMOURS 2-THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE              LP      03.2016
SS      083 CD  PONY TIME : RUMOURS 2-THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE              CD      03.2016

        A1      Time Tells Me
        A2      Really Nice Guys
        A3      I Like Your Shoes
        A4      Put You There
        A5      Rock And Roll Will Kill You
        A6      Introvert, Extrovert
        B1      Don't Mind If I Dew
        B2      Just Chips
        B3      Hank
        B4      Pattern Plan
        B5      Stop Talking
SS      084     TWINKEYZ                APPHA JERK                      LP      06.2016

        A1      Aliens In Our Midst                             3:25
        A2      Tonight Again                                   2:25
        A3      Sweet Nothing                                   3:25
        A4      1000 Reasons                                    4:04
        A5      Cartoon Land                                    3:45
        B1      E.S.P                                           3:45
        B2      Twinkeys Theme                                  3:25
        B3      Thats The Way It Goes                           3:08
        B4      Alpha-Jerk                                      3:28
        B5      Strange Feelings                                2:50
        B6      Wild Love                                       4:20

(Note : LP , mastered by John Golden and pressed in an edition of 500 copies)

LP      Plurex          PLUREX 1000     1979    NE
SS      085     THE PROLETARIAT         SOMA HOLIDAY                    LP      11.2016
SS      085     THE PROLETARIAT         SOMA HOLIDAY                    CD      11.2016

        A1      Decorations                                     3:04
        A2      Splendid Wars                                   1:42
        A3      Famine                                          1:54
        A4      Embraced                                        2:36
        A5      Events / Repeat                                 1:56
        A6      Another Banner Raised                           1:42
        A7      Hollow Victory                                  2:44
        A8      Condition                                       2:09
        A9      Avoidance                                       1:55
        B1      Pictures                                        2:46
        B2      Bread And Circus                                2:08
        B3      Blind                                           1:49
        B4      Subsidized                                      3:22
        B5      Torn Curtain                                    1:32
        B6      Purge                                           2:40
        B7      Scars                                           1:37
        B8      Decide On Change                                1:36
        B9      No Lesser Of Evils                              2:18

In 1983, the release of The Proletariat's debut Soma Holiday was a shocker -- while
American hardcore punk was becoming more generic, The Proletariat unleashed something
strikingly original. The album's opening is a call to arms: the primitive, militaristic
bass guitar and drums are sliced with razor-sharp guitar dissidence and vocals full of
spit and bite. Avant-garde while remaining tuneful, their debut is considered one of
the most brilliant albums to come out the early '80s American hardcore scene.

LP      Non-U           NON-U 01        1983    US
LP      Radiobeat       RB 001          1983    US
SS      086     BAD BAD                 BAD BAD                         LP      11.2016
SS      086     BAD BAD                 BAD BAD                         CD      11.2016

        A1      Dead Ends
        A2      Waste
        A3      Pollen
        A4      Hypnagogia
        B1      Low Ambition
        B2      Take Down
        B3      Conundrum
        B4      Rope Burn

bAd bAd started in 2012 when Christian Zamora and Eli Maness started making noise in
the foggy outskirts of San Francisco's Sunset District. Joined by Christian's brother
Michael and drummer Patrick Webb, the band obsessed on the faraway sounds of Peruvian
'60s legends Los Saicos and the Turkish guitar melodies of Erkin Koray, as well as
Link Wray. After a year or so of playing hyperactive spaghetti western instrumentals
and now based in Oakland, they incorporate other influences: the pop-infused punk of
Jay Reatard, one-chord Hawkwind power jams, and the highbrow playfulness of the
Suburban Lawns. Disparate sounds, yes, but bAd bAd turns them into exciting buzzsaw
pop with Barrett/Floyd interludes. With recording starting in 2015, they perfected
this album until it became a seamless psychedelic pop piece of punk energy.
SS      087     GHOSTWRITER             GHOSTWRITER                     LP      11.2016

        A1      Plastic Mass
        A2      Not My Type
        A3      Slugs & Clowns
        A4      Train Off The Rails
        A5      Lens
        B1      Ghost Towns
        B2      Hand Picked
        B3      Low Altitude Dwelling Inspection
        B4      Penelope Lectric
        B5      Witness
                (Note : LP , 300 copies , hand-mede sleeve)







SS      002     TIM COHEN               THE TWO SIDES OF                CD      10.2009