Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : soundtrack /

RW      001
RW      002     [soundtrack] WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER                    LP+DLc  07.2016

Side A: 1.      Dawn
        2.      Flagpole
        3.      Backwards From Three
        4.      Morning Makeup
        5.      Capture The Flag
        6.      BBQ
        7.      Love (Needs A Lot Of Sunlight)
        8.      Birthplace of Spaghetti
        9.      Can of Vegetables/Gene’s Address
        10.     Flannel Exchange Program
        11.     Goodbye
        12.     Rapid Rescue
        13.     Day By Day by Wet Hot American Summer Cast
Side B: 1.      Soul Of A Woman
        2.      Mousse You Up
        3.      Bags Are Packed
        4.      Wet Hot American Summer by Craig Wedren
        5.      American Summer
        6.      10AM/Bowlegged and Bilingual
        7.      Higher and Higher/Wind by Craig Wedren & Theodore Shapiro
        8.      Summer in America
        9.      Wet Hot American Dream
        10.     10 Years From Today

Deluxe gatefold jacket features original artwork by Andy Ristaino (character designer
and artist on Adventure Time).

* Original score & music from the cult classic film that spawned a revival on Netflix
  (WHAS: First Day of Camp - July 2015, WHAS: Ten Years Later - upcoming 2017)
* First ever release in any format
* 15th anniversary edition
* Deluxe gatefold jacket
* Digital download card included
RW      003     [s] ANTHONY MARINELLI & BRIAN BANKS : YOUNG GUNS        LP+DLc  12.2016

        A1.     Main Title
        A2.     Splendid Reading
        A3.     The Confrontation
        A4.     The Watch
        A5.     Tunstall’s Death
        A6.     Howdy
        A7.     Poet With A Big Gun
        A8.     McCloskey’s Death
        A9.     Pass The Peyote Please
        A10.    Dick’s Death
        B11.    Top O’ The Morning Girls
        B12.    Turn In Your Badges
        B13.    Kinney Chase
        B14.    The Campfire
        B15.    Bring In The Troops
        B16.    Crazy Charlie
        B17.    The Shootout
        B18.    Pals
        B19.    End Credits
        B20.    Coda (Poet Reprise)

- Original score & music from the cult classic film
- First ever release in any format
- 180 gram
- Limited pressing (1,000)
- Digital download card and liner note insert included

RS      5       [soundtrack] V / A : BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE   LP      04.2018

        01.     Play With Me - Extreme
        02.     The Boys And The Girls Are Doing It - Vital Signs
        03.     Not So Far Away - Glen Burtnick
        04.     Dancing With A Gypsy - Tora Tora
        05.     Father Time - Shark Island
        06.     I Can't Break Away - Big Pig
        07.     Dangerous - Shark Island
        08.     Walk Away - Bricklin 
        09.     In Time - Robbie Robb
        10.     Two Heads Are Better Than One - Power Tool

Jump in the phone booth and travel through time on a musical adventure with 10 of the
most triumphant '80s hard rock glam tracks in history! The special packaging includes
a holographic jacket printed on 18-point silver board, Circuits of Time directory
inner sleeve and insert, and artwork by Matty Ryan Tobin
RW      6       [soundtrack] ALAN SILVESTRI : YOUNG GUNS                LP      07.2018
RW      7       CHRIS SHIFLETT          WEST COAST TOWN                 LP      02.2018

Chris Shiflett (a.o. ex-Foo Fighters) releases an autobiographical solo-album
inspired by the unique twang of California's country tradition (think Buck Owens,
Merle Haggard), but also influenced by bands and artists as diverse as The Stray
Cats, Social Distortion, Dwight Yoakam and Uncle Tupelo.
RW      10      (s) ALEXANDER TAYLOR : HUNTER'S MOON                    LP      11.2020