RUPTURED RECORDS                        LEBANON

Distr.  : LE -
          UK - Cargo
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : electronica / beats / glitch hop / hip hop / avantgarde / free improv.
          /IDM / ambient / experimental

RPTD    003     V / A                   THE RUPTURED SESSIONS VOL.2     CD        .2010

A Way Out By Knowing Smile-Low / A Way Out By Knowing Smile-High
RPTD    007     V / A                   THE RUPTURED SESSIONS VOL.4     CD        .2011

Enter The Head / Conceieve / Beirut / Litteral / Islamology / Treasury Bonds / The
Noah / Yoga / Trojan / Les Justes / Mad Is Laila / Conceice (RadioKVM rmx.)
RPTD    011     RADIOKVM                ISSRAR                          LP      09.2014
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)
RPTD    012     MUNMA                   THREE VOICES                    LP      06.2016

        1.      Éole                                            05:50
        2.      Muse                                            04:31
        3.      Three Voices                                    04:05
        4.      Chien Fou                                       03:29
        5.      Solstice 2                                      02:57
        6.      Cadavre Exquis                                  04:21
        7.      Reve éveil                                      03:47
        8.      L'arbre                                         02:30
RPTD    013     KID FOURTEEN            DREAM KIDS NEVER SLEEP          CD      12.2016
RPTD    014     NME CHANDELIER          POST-COITAL TRISTESSE           CD      11.2016

        01      B
        02      Minimal Potato
        03      Triangle
        04      Limonade
        05      Exodus
        06      A

Mme Chandelier is the alter-ego of Anthony Sahyoun, guitar player with Kinematik,
a Lebanese post-rock quartet he founded with keyboard player Rudy Ghafari in the winter
of 2014. Sahyoun's first solo record Post-Coital Tristesse was recorded using guitars,
pedals and three analog synthesizers. It includes some sample deconstruction, such as
slowing down the tempo to the point of sampling errors, reversing. Edition of 250.
RPTD    015     FADI TABBAL             HOW'S ANNIE                     CD      11.2016

Third solo album from Fadi Tabbal, lead guitarist with Lebanese psychedelic rock band
The Incompetents and various others.
RPTD    016     THE BUNNY TYLERS : GLITCHES AND DRONES 2013-2016        CD      12.2016

        1       Contact Transfer Stains
        2       Music For Debris Found Along The Coastline
        3       The Colorful Dreams Of The Cross Dressing Killer
        4       Mothers Make Murderers
        5       While Her Blood Screams His Name8:Western Front Academy
                (Noter : LP , 300 copies)

The BUNNY TYLERS is a collaboration between Charbel Haber (Scrambled Eggs, Malayeen,
Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra) and Fadi Tabbal (The Incompetents, Under The
Carpet, Safar), aimed at the exploration of different guitar bowing techniques and
celebrating the smell of cold tobacco, cheap aftershave, eternal sunsets and surfer
"Glitches and Drones 2013-2016" will be released by Lebanese independent label Ruptured
on November 8, 2016 in a limited edition of 300 copies.
RPTD    017 LP  KINEMATIK               ALA'                            LP      02.2017
RPTD    017 CD  KINEMATIK               ALA'                            CD      02.2017

        01.     Kelmeh Oula
        02.     Lalochezia
        03.     Hhx
        04.     Ana Baher
        05.     El'et
        06.     Aawaynet Nazar

Kinematik is an instrumental rock band from Lebanon, whose music blends elements of
'70s psychedelia, progressive rock, and post-rock. 300 copies each format
RPTD    018 CD  SAFAR                   TRANSIT                         CD      03.2017

        01      Overlove
        02      23 Kilograms
        03      Olive Oil Soul
        04      Between The Trees
        05      Cake
        06      Seasons
        07      Wa Namshi
        08      Paper Planes
        09      No Service
        10      It's You
        11      The Greatest Fear
        12      Kayfa A3oud

Safar is the Lebanese duo founded in 2013 by Mayssa Jallad (vocals, various percussion)
and Elie Abdelnour (acoustic and electric guitars, bass). Safar's music consists of
a very personal take on American and British psychedelic folk, infused with modern
pop and rock references, as well as subtle references to the Lebanese golden age of
'60s surf. The band has a widespread following in Lebanon, gathered over the years
thanks to a number of intimate performances marked by singer Jallad's emotional vocal
delivery and Abdelnour's intricate guitar work. In Transit is a compilation of their
first three EPs: 23 Kilograms (2015), Carry-On (2016), and Gate 03 (2016). Ed. of 300.

        1.      A Bridge                                        01:44
        2.      A Glass Tower                                   03:55
        3.      A Hill With A Hole                              07:46
        4.      A Bridge Across the Precipice                   01:48
        5.      Doll's House                                    02:59
        6.      Wandering Turtle in a Maze of a Big City        07:27
        7.      A Bridge Across the Precipice in the High
                Mountains                                       02:24
        8.      A Monument of the Year 2000                     03:22
        9.      Crystal Palace                                  04:49

“Fadi Tabbal, lead guitarist with Lebanese psychedelic rock band The Incompetents
and various other alternative outfits, releases his second solo album, “Museum of
Disappearing Buildings”, in November 2015. This album continues further the work of
sound exploration through guitar treatments, which began with “On the Rooftop
Looking Up” in 2013.
RPTD    020 LP  THE BUNNY TYLERS        CHANCE MEETINGS                 LP      01.2018
RPTD    020 CD  THE BUNNY TYLERS        CHANCE MEETINGS                 CD      01.2018

        1:      While We Danced I Dreamt Of Being A Serial Killer
        2:      One Of These Days
        3:      I'll Make It Up To You
        4:      A Sunset Is Another Sunrise
        5:      Imaginary Song
        6:      Hello Your Grace
        7:      Junkie Hideout In Suburbia
        8:      Ete 91
        9:      Fish Die In Millions
        10:     It Seems It All Disappears

The BUNNY TYLERS is a drone/ambient group from Beirut, Lebanon, whose core consists
of guitarists Charbel Haber (Scrambled Eggs, Malayeen, Johnny Kafta’s Anti-Vegetarian
Orchestra) and Fadi Tabbal (The Incompetents, Under the Carpet, Safar), often joined
on stage by Pascal Semerdjian and Marwan Tohmé from folk band Postcards.
RPTD    021     CALAMITA                CALAMITA                        CD      03.2018

Ruptured presents Calamita, the free-rock powerhouse trio of Lebanese musicians Sharif
Sehnaoui and Tony Elieh, on electric guitar and bass respectively, and drummer Davide
Zolli from Italian psych rock collective Squadra Omega. The music was composed and
played by Sehnaoui, Elieh, and Zolli, and recorded in one single take by Matt Bordin
at Outside Inside Studios in October 2016. Edition of 300.
RPTD    022     POSTCARDS : I'LL BE HERE IN THE MORNING                 CD      01.2018
T   31036 2     POSTCARDS : I'LL BE HERE IN THE MORNING                 LP      01.2018

        1:      Open Waters
        2:      Bright Lights
        3:      Before We Sleep
        4:      A Broken Record
        5:      Wrinkles
        6:      Waves
        7:      Flying Saucers
        8:      Revolvers
        9:      Wide Awake

Postcards are a Lebanese dream-pop type outfit who are releasing their debut record
I'll Be Here In The Morning on Ruptured. Made up of four friends, this record is a
great collection of lush vocals and simple to follow music scores that fit together
like bees to honey.
RPTD    023     OISEAUX-TEMPETE & THE BUNNY TYLERS : The True History   CD      06.2018
                Of The Tortoise & The Hare According To Lord Dunsany

        01.     The Big Race
        02.     A Momentary Lapse Of Reason In The Shade Of A Tree
        03.     Killer Catch Phrase
        04.     The Closing Party On The Eve Of Disaster
        05.     First Light, First Smoke
        06.     Consumed By Fire
        07.     The Little-Known Ending Fading Away

The Bunny Tylers is a duo from Lebanon whose core consists of two prominent musicians
from the Beirut scene: singer-songwriter and guitarist Charbel Haber and multi
instrumentalist and producer Fadi Tabbal. Their first two releases, Glitches & Drones
2013-2016 (RPTD 016CD, 2017) and Chance Meetings (RPTD 020CD/LP, 2018), were released
by Lebanese indie label Ruptured. The music of French free-rock collective Oiseaux
-Tempe is bred from places in turmoil. Embracing the freedom of improvisation,
theirs is a secular music that crosses boundaries and cultures, embodying an
intersection where post-rock, jazz, Arabic music, punk, and experimental electronic
music find common ground and refuge. Ed. of 300 copies