RUFF RECORDS                            AUSTRALIA

Distr.  : AU -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : house / funky /

RUFF    001
RUFF    002
RUFF    003     ZANZIBAR CHANEL         FUNKY JUNK EP                   12"     06.2014

        A1.     Funky Joy                                       4:43
        A2.     Ass                                             3:00
        A3.     Nubian Princess                                 2:30
        B1.     Beep Beep Boogie                                4:30
        B2.     Beauty And The Beast                            2:50
        B3.     Feel My Power Ft. Dungeon Possee                2:33
RUFF    004     FLAT STATIC             FLAT STATIC                     LP      01.2015

(Note : first proper reissue of Flat Static's 1985 self-titled LP, rec. in Reservoir,
        Victoria, Australia, and originally released as a miniscule private edition.
        This post-punk fossil exemplifies the late '70s and early '80s Australian
        experimental sound of labels like M Squared, Larrikin Records, and Jarra Hill
        Records, but with a subtle, funky form accompanied by experimentation with
        a TR-808 drum machine. Flat Static's members included performance artist Brett
        Band and early Australian computer pioneer Ant Wilshire. A rare treat from
        Australia's rich musical past, not to be missed. Silk-screened cover)