ROUND DOG RECORDS                       Scotland
*****************                       UK


Owner   : Fraser Murderburger
Distr.  : UK -
Style   : punk / pop punk / surf /

Round Dog Records is a punk rock record label / distro based in Edinburgh and Glasgow,
run by a fictional overweight dog.

After spending years involved in the Scottish punk scene and seeing it go from being
a depressing "Why don't people give a shit?" state of affairs to being an exciting
"Wow! A lot of people actually give a shit!" state of affairs, and after spending
years touring and seeing a lot of incredible bands from other parts of the world that
we wouldn't have seen otherwise, we figured it was about time we started a label so
that we can shout about all of these bands even more than we do already.

Like many others, we still have a lot of love for CD and vinyl. Sure, downloading
music is a quick and easy way to start drilling songs by your new favourite band into
your head, but you still can't beat the feeling of discovering a new band at a show
and then putting their record on when you get home and giving yourself a good reason
to be tired at your stupid job the next day, or stumbling across a new band online
and then having your day made by coming home to their record waiting for you after
being at your stupid job all day. That being said, download codes are pretty good when
your record player is broken like ours is!

We love working with bands and people that are as passionate and excited as we are
about all this stuff. We are a small label and most of the records we put out are
co-releases with other labels and/or the bands themselves. If you run a label or
distro and are interested in either buying wholesale or trading your records for
copies of our releases, or you are interested in co-releasing something with us then
feel free to get in touch. If you play in a band and think that Round Dog is the
label/dog for you then also feel free to get in touch. If you have good taste in music
and end up buying something from the label/distro then high five for supporting the
label and the bands.     dec.31, 2016

RDR     001     THE WALKING TARGETS     CHASING DAYS                    CD      06.2014

        1       Aimlessly Waiting                               1:29
        2       Circling The Drain                              2:52
        3       Threads                                         2:45
        4       Daylight Saving Time                            3:02
        5       Perfectionist                                   3:40
        6       Apathy                                          3:08
        7       Times Have Changed                              3:21
        8       Reactions                                       0:58
        9       900                                             2:25
        10      Fury Lies                                       4:19
RDR     002     ROBOTER                 MEMORIES & SCARS                CDEP    09.2014

        1       Losing Mind
        2       Memories & Scars
        3       Dear Mother
        4       Anderson
        5       Get Over This
        6       Frühlingsonne
RDR     003     THE LEMONAIDS           BACK TO THE BEACH               CD        .2014

        1       Back To The Beach
        2       Suzy Tsunami
        3       Beach Blonde Girl
        4       Horror Of Party Beach
        5       Wonky Wanda
        6       Mai Kai (My Kinda Girl)
        7       Go Bananas
        8       Cherry Cola (Summer's Over)
        9       Surfing Valentine
        10      Jeannie's Got A New Bikini
        11      Beach Leech
        12      Wiped Out (Over You)
RDR     004     THE HELLTONS            DEAD WRONG                      10"       .2015

        A1      What Did You Expect ?
        A2      We're Dead !
        A3      Space Jam Club
        A4      Intoxicated Brain
        A5      Sleeping In A Bathtub
                (Note : 10" , 500 copies on yellow vinyl)

10"     Say Cheese!             SC003           2015
10"     Boobs Records           BR005           2015
10"     Sounds Like Cats        SLC002          2015
10"     Panda Records           PR044           2015
10"     No Routine Records      NRR022          2015
RDR     005     BLACK VOLVO             ONCE WE ALL WERE WOLVES         LP        .2014

        A1      I.C.U.P.
        A2      Rockers
        A3      The Bold Toucher
        A4      FOAdvice
        A5      Head's Up
        A6      Black Metal Cry Baby
        A7      Sure Bet
        A8      Middlefinger Story
        A9      Night Knights
        B1      You Didn’t
        B2      Steady Face
        B3      Easy Squire
        B4      The Creature Creeps
        B5      Death Cheated
        B6      Wacka Wacka
        B7      Get Out (Of The House)
        B8      The Hoody

LP.CD   TNS Records             TNS 038         2014    UK
RDR     006     AUSTEROS                LESSONS LEARNT                  CDEP      .2014

        1       Acting Crazy
        2       Between The Lines
        3       Every Word
        4       Something To Live For
        5       Try A Little Harder

CD      Don't Ask               DAR 003         2014    UK
RDR     007     THE KIMBERLY STEAKS     CHEMICAL IMBALANCE              7"      05.2015

        A1      Chemical Imbalance
        A2      Ticking Over
        B1      Change Your Mind
        B2      I'm Into Something Good
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on opaque yellow vinyl)

7"      Don't Ask               DAR 005         2014    UK
RDR     008     GHOST ON TAPE           INTO THE MAZE                   LP      04.2015

        A1      Lost In Oblivion                                2:29
        A2      Into The Maze                                   2:42
        A3      The Heart And The Feather                       2:33
        A4      Twenty One Years Ago                            2:56
        A5      It's Killing Me                                 2:51
        B1      After The Tragedy                               2:02
        B2      Don't Look Now                                  2:54
        B3      Beyond The Flesh                                2:32
        B4      Postcard From The Wasteland                     2:16
        B5      All Our Friends Have Disappeared                4:23

LP      No Panic! Records        NPR-038        2015
LP      Les Disques De Géraldine LDG-033        2015
LP      Kicking Records          KICKING-76     2015
RDR     009     WONK UNIT : PWOISON IDEA, FEEL THE WONKNESS             CD        .2015

        1       Guts                                            3:04
        2       Horses                                          2:23
        3       Lewisham                                        2:12
        4       You Married A Tortured Genius                   2:38
        5       Donkey Of The Damned                            2:59
        6       She Cut Her Finger                              1:14
        7       Running                                         3:02
        8       Los Angeles                                     2:44
        9       Elbows                                          3:20
        10      Always The Same                                 3:11
        11      There's Me                                      2:24
        12      Go Easy                                         2:34
        13      Rambo                                           2:30
                (Note : CD , 300 copies)

CD      Drunken Sailor Records  DRUNKENSAILOR 048       2015
CD      Johanns Face Records    JFR097                  2015    US
CD      Round Dog Records       RDR-009                 2015
CD      Boss Tuneage            BTRC102                 2015    US
CD      TNS Records             TNS048                  2015    UK
CD      Cement You Cunt Records CUC 001                 2015
RDR     010
                COOL SHIT

        1       The Murderburgers       Stackers Are Awesome
        2       The Murderburgers       It's Starting Again
        3       Rational Anthem         Head North
        4       Rational Anthem         Fuck Me Right?

CD      No One Knows            NOK 001         2015    UK

LP      A1      Now That You're Not At #21
        A2      8AM Headlights
        A3      I Used To Hate That Life
        A4      My Bones Are Full Of Holes
        A5      Opium Boms All Around
        A6      The Waves
        B1      Now That I'm Stuck At #27
        B2      December Ruined Everything
        B3      A Month Of Nosebleeds
        B4      She'll Be Filed Away
        B5      Lung Capacity
        B6      My Staple Diet Of Rice, Vitamins, Alcohol + Painkillers
                (Note : LP , 200 black-blue/200 green-blue/200 blue-green copies)

        1       Now That You're Not At #21                      2:14
        2       8AM Headlights                                  1:59
        3       I Used To Hate That Life                        3:37
        4       My Bones Are Full Of Holes                      2:13
        5       Opium Bombs All Around                          1:53
        6       The Waves                                       3:13
        7       Now That I'm Stuck At #27                       2:30
        8       December Ruined Everything                      3:01
        9       A Month Of Nosebleeds                           2:24
        10      She'll Be Filed Away                            3:00
        11      Lung Capacity                                   1:12
        12      My Staple Diet Of Rice, Vitamins, Alcohol
                + Painkillers                                   3:07

LP.CD   Asian Man               AM 314          2016    US