Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : punk /

RNR     1       V / A                   DESTROY ALL ART                 LP      03.2016

        01.     Epileptix               Self-Hate
        02.     Several Species         Fight
        03.     Firewood                Rococoa
        04.     The Skudz               Got Meth
        05.     Bored To Death          Hate You More
        06.     The Last Sons Of Krypton : Atom Bomb
        07.     Bend, Sinister          Firesaw
        08.     Bou Sou Nezumi          I Feel Good Tonight
        09.     I'm Gonna Stab You      The Slide
        10.     The Red Stars           Welcome To The Party
        11.     The Stiffs              Chelsea
        12.     Speed                   Speed
        13.     Young Losers            All Gone
        14.     The Mormons             Your Shit
        15.     Pretty Girls            The Kids Are All Fucked
        16.     Cock Scratch            Random Shot
        17.     Archie & The Pukes      I Got Worry

Compilation of songs taken from 7-inches released in the 1990s. This LP is so obviously
and consistently killer that it seems like it could very well represent a total
paradigm shift in the punk record collecting world.