Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/
Style   : rock / pop / wave /

STAPP   2       STOLEN APPLE            TRENCHES                        CD      09.2016
STAPP   3       STOLEN APPLE            COVER WAGON                     CD      06.2020

Stolen Apple is an Italian alt-rock band with sonic characteristics ranging from
proto punk to the rough and American '90s sound. Previous projects were called Stout,
Malastrana, Nest, Subterraneans and Valvola. Three years after the preceding
"Trenches", the band comes out with an album to claim the free spirit that allows
it to move and advance in various genres while keeping its attitudes intact.
"Wagon Songs", in addition to a further journey towards awareness, represents an
artisan and underground world that many no longer recognize, too caught up in their
small daily desperations, addicted and overwhelmed by the stratification of thoughts.