RIP THIS JOINT                          London

Start   : 2008
Owner   : Steve Wheeler
Distr.  : UK -
Style   : indie / emo / hardcore / noise / alternative / garage rock /

Rip This Joint is a not-for-profit London based alternative DIY collective comprised
of members of various bands, photographers, artists and all round enthusiasts of self

We’re not promoters, we're not a label, we’re not blood-sucking capitalists
and we’re  not the saviours of live music. Any money raised on the door of our live
shows or through the sales of anything we put our names to goes direct to the people
who provide the entertainment. We don’t make a penny, we're just the people trying
to tie things together and introduce you to something new and entertaining.
We would definitely encourage you to check out some of the bands who have played at
our nights previously and let them know when you like what they do! Hopefully more
and more people will get involved in putting on shows, putting out records, hosting
exhibitions, organising events. We might not change the world but at least we'll all
meet some good people x august13, 2018


        1       Run To The Abattoir
        2       Only The Silent Survive
        3       Don't Let Go The Bellicose Sydrome
        4       51 Tabloid 50
        5       Paralyse Hollywood
RTJ     03      CHERRY BUIT NO CAKE     UNVEILING                       LP+CD   01.2011

        A1      A Friend Of Badship
        A2      On The Other Side
        A3      Kind Of Thoughts
        A4      Setback
        A5      Disposable Language
        B1      Hatchets To Bury
        B2      Brain Dead
        B3      Fire
        B4      I Have Nothing / I Am Everything
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
RTJ     025     V / A : RIP THIS JOINT COMPILATION VOL.1                LP      10.2014

        1       Broker                  Oh You                  2:20
        2       Shitwife                Golf GTI                4:00
        3       Yokozuna                Sympathemtic Magic      2:58
        4       Econo : Disciples Of Apprehension               2:36
        5       Death Pedals            Plenty For All          3:19
        6       Ghold                   Dripper                 3:27
        7       USA Nails               This Sand               3:52
        8       Heck Tate               Drip Dry                3:59
        9       Silent Front : Perfect Cloth To Perfect Cinder  3:11
        10      Cherry But No Cake : True Love Will Find You
                In The End                                      2:00
RTJ     00000   DEAD ARMS               ALL THE HITS                    CD      02.2015

        1       Ramparts                                        02:34
        2       Superman, Fuck You                              01:42
        3       Forget Phuket                                   01:36
        4       Interactive Whiteboard                          03:22
        5       Manifest This!                                  04:38
        6       Not On My Watch, You White Haired Cunt          02:15
        7       140 Characters Of Hate                          01:55
        8       These Clowns Surround                           01:45
        9       Social Paranoia                                 02:49
        10      Residential Evil                                04:24