RHYTHM KING                             121 Salusbury Rd.
***********                             Queens Park City
                                        London NW6 6RG

Start   : 1986 (in London as an offshoot of Daniel Miller's critically
          acclaimen Mute Records)
Owner: Martin Heath, Jay Strongman, James Horrocks
Distr   : UK - Mute
               Epic             1992-1995
               BMG              1995-1996
Lab code: LC 07962
Sub lab.:  Diffusion Records, Divine Records, Evolution, Flame Records, Insumision,
           Outer Rhythm, Splish, The Voice Of The Underground, Trans Global Records,
Artists : Hotline/Three Wize Men/Renegade Soundwave/Bomb The Bass/Cookie Crew/
          The Beatmasters/King Sun/Hard Corps/Taffy/S'Express/Baby Ford/Merlin/
          Les Negresses Vertes/Victim Of The Ghetto/Betty Boo/Nation 12/CNN/
          Sultans Of Ping/Echobelly/The Dharmas/Sludge Nation/Posh/Viola Wills/
Style   : hip hop / house / acid house / acid jazz /

Rhythm King Records started out as an offshoot of Daniel Miller's critically acclaimed
Mute Records. Started in 1986 by James Horrocks and Martin Heath, Rhythm King's initial
focus was dance music, specifically House Music, Acid House and Acid Jazz. James
Horrocks left the label at the end of 1987 and subsequently went on to form React
Music Ltd in 1990 which also had a focus upon dance music. This left Martin Heath in
sole charge of the label. By the beginning of 1988 Rhythm King was to enjoy a period
of short term success which went hand in hand with the dominance dance music had in
the UK singles chart from the late 1980s to the beginning of the 2000s.
https://www.discogs.com/label/894-Rhythm-King-Records  august 23, 2018