Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : neo soul / funky /

AP      001 LP  REX ORANGE COUNTY       APRICOT PRINCESS                LP      06.2018

        1       Apricot Princess
        2       Television
        3       So Far So Good
        4       Nothing (featuring Marco McKinnis)
        5       Sycamore Girl
        6       Untitled
        7       4 Seasons
        8       Waiting Room
        9       Rain Man
        10      Never Enough
        11      Happiness
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)

As you’d guess from the moniker, Rex Orange County is a bloke from Surrey - namely,
multi-instrumentalist and Tyler, the Creator collaborator Alex O’Connor, not yet one
-and-twenty but already singing about “flying back to LA” and needing “insurance on
my emotions / I can’t get hurt again”. And this self-released LP is a jazzy collection
of his crooning, potty-mouthed neo-soul and funky hooks.