Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : feminist punk /

REVULVA 1       PUSSYLIQUOR             7-INCH WONDER                   7"      12.2017

        1.      Get Out
        2.      Hurtz
        3.      Kitty Kitty
        4.      Pretty Good For a Girl

PUSSYLIQUOR line up :   Ari Black               (Vocals)
                        Victoria Lewis Piper    (Drums)
                        Kirsten Grant           (Guitar)
                        Hannah Villanueva       (Guitar)
                        Tallulah Turner-Fray    (Bass)

Pussyliquor, who are possibly the best-named feminist punk band yet seen, are a
potent anti-bullshit unit from Brighton, and this sharp little 7” makes for a strong
entrypoint. 7-inch Wonder features four gnarly tracks, including the post-one-night
-stand how that is ‘Get Out’.
REVULVA 2       PUSSYLIQUOR             WHAT OF IT?                     7"      12.2018

        01.     ‘Lady Wank’
        02.     ‘My Body My Choice’
        03.     ‘C.U.N.T.’