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Start   : 2010
Distr.  : UK - Pennyblack Music/Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : psychedelic / noise / tribal noise / abstract / experimental /
          garage rock / rhythym and blues / blues rock /

RAS     003     NIGHT BEATS             SONIC BLOOM                     CD      01.2014

        A1      Don't Talk Today
        A2      Jabberwocky
        A3      Flashing Signs
        A4      I See You
        A5      Emotionless Man
        A6      Ho Chi Min
        A7      Katy
        A8      Icy Gray
        B1      Wishing Well
        B2      Psychic Haze
        B3      Tallahassee Lassie
        B4      Don't Talk Today Pt. 2
        B5      Murder At My Lai
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on red vinyl)
RVRB    002     SHAPES HAVE FANGS       DINNER IN THE DARK              LP      03.2011

        A1      Dinner In The Dark
        A2      Rattle And Confuse Me
        A3      The Desert (Has A Place For You)
        A4      Terlingua
        A5      Cry Baby
        A6      Ghost In The Mirror
        B1      The Spoils
        B2      Shapes Theme / Only Blood
        B3      Dead Wait
        B4      Sulphur And Mercury
        B5      Cryin' Eyes
RVRB    003     THE UFO CLUB/NIGHT BEATS : SPLIT                        10"       .2011

        A1      UFO Club, The           Waiting
        A2      UFO Club, The           Chapel In My Mind
        A3      UFO Club, The           Wolfman
        A4      UFO Club, The           Be My Baby
        B1      Night Beats             Hex
        B2      Night Beats             A Night With Nefertiti
        B3      Night Beats             Drowning In The Nile
        B4      Night Beats             18 Glowing Phantom

        A1      Say Hello
        A2      Black Crayon
        A3      Candy Land
        A4      Blue Glue
        A5      Flying Plastic
        A6      13 Cent Killer
        A7      Panic Picnic
        A8      Shadow Child
        A9      Lies
        A10     C.I.A.
        B11     The Beatles
        B12     Lara
        B13     Sounds Like 1969
        B12     Shark Attack
                Sea Green
                Red Water
                Gray Sky
        B15     Pig Boat Blues
        B16     I Look Through My Window
RVRB    005     THE MEEK                GRAVE                           7"      03.2012

        A       Grave
        B       You
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
RVRB    006     THE VACANT LOTS         HIGH AND LOW                    7"        .2012

        A       High and Low
        B       Let Me Out
                (Note : 7" , 500 black/??? white copies)
RVRB    007     THE UFO CLUB            THE UFO CLUB                    LP        .2012

        A1      July
        A2      Be My Baby
        A3      Bo Diddley
        A4      Wolfman
        A5      Doubts
        A6      John The Cat
        B1      Surf Shitty
        B2      Chapel
        B3      Up In Her Room
        B4      Natalie
        B5      The Last Time
                (Note : LP , 500black/500 white copies)
RVRB    008     COSMONAUTS              LAZERBEAM                       7"        .2012

        A1      Lazerbeam
        A2      Cult Your Hair
        B1      Crocodile Teeth
        B2      Slower
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)
RVRB    009     INDIAN JEWELRY          PEEL IT                         LP        .2012

        A1      Freak Pride
        A2      See Forever
        A3      Eva Cherie
        A4      Against Nature
        A5      How Long
        B1      Guns
        B2      Vital Lately
        B3      Heart Of A Dog
        B4      Slouchback With Gills
        B5      Don't Fear The Future
        B6      Oh Jean
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
RVRB    010     ELEPHANT STONE          ELEPHANT STONE                  LP        .2013

        A1      Setting Sun
        A2      Heavy Moon
        A3      Masters Of War
        A4      Hold Onto Yr Soul
        A5      A Silent Moment
        B1      Looking Thru Baby Blue
        B2      Sally Go Round The Sun
        B3      Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin
        B4      The Sea Of Your Mind
        B5      The Sacred Sound
RVRB    011     HOLY WAVE               EVIL HITS                       LP        .2013

                Knife Hits
        A1      Best Friends
        A2      Brahman
        A3      Arab Spring
        A4      Golden Truth
        A5      Gris
                The Evil Has Landed
        B1      Albuquerque Freakout
        B2      Dejame En Paz
        B3      Spooky Fuckin Blues
        B4      The Pass
        B5      Cool De La
RVRB    012     WALL OF DEATH           MAIN OBSESSION                  LP      07.2013

        A1      Away                                            7:07
        A2      Thundersky                                      3:55
        A3      In Your Arms                                    5:01
        A4      Tears Of Rainbow                                6:31
        A5      Marble Blues                                    2:59
        B1      Main Obsession                                  7:18
        B2      Heaven By The Sun                               3:57
        B3      Believe Me Or Not                               4:46
        B4      Darker Than Black                               6:04
        B5      From Hell With Love                             3:20
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on white vinyl)
RVRB    013     NIGHT BEATS             SONIC BLOOM                     LP      09.2013
RVRB    013     NIGHT BEATS             SONIC BLOOM                     CD      09.2013

        A1      Love Ainít Strange (Everything Else Is)         3:25
        A2      Sonic Bloom                                     4:48
        A3      Playing Dead                                    4:12
        A4      Outta Mind                                      2:37
        A5      Real Change                                     4:40
        A6      Satisfy Your Mind                               2:57
        A7      Catch A Ride To Sonic Bloom                     5:01
        B1      The 7 Poison Wonders                            5:01
        B2      As You Want                                     2:06
        B3      The Hidden Circle                               3:31
        B4      Rat King                                        2:13
        B5      At The Gates                                    2:51
        B6      The New World                                   7:42
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on white vinyl)
RVRB    014     CULT OF DOM KELLER      THE CULT OF DOM KELLER          LP      06.2013

        A1      Swamp Heron
        A2      Eyes
        A3      Worlds
        A4      Heavy & Dead
        A5      Black Pullet Blues
        B6      Saguaro
        B7      You Are There In Me
        B8      This Is How It Feels To Live Your Life Dead
        B9      Nowhere To Land
        B10     The Goatskin Dream
        B11     All I Need Is Not Now
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on blue-marbled vinyl)
RVRB    015     GOLDEN ANIMALS          HEAR EYE GO                     LP        .2013
RVRB    015     GOLDEN ANIMALS          HEAR EYE GO                     CD        .2013

        A1      All Your Life                                   2:53
        A2      Most My Time                                    2:07
        A3      The Letter                                      2:01
        A4      You Don't Hear Me Now                           2:57
        A5      Never Was Her Name                              1:58
        B6      Tell Me                                         2:16
        B7      Tender Hearts                                   3:34
        B8      The Same Road                                   2:25
        B9      Save Your Love                                  3:18
        B10     Sun Moon Star                                   2:02
RVRB    016     HOLY WAVE               RELAX                           LP      01.2014
RVRB    016     HOLY WAVE               RELAX                           CD      01.2014
RVRB    016     HOLY WAVE               RELAX                           CS      01.2014

        A1      Do You Feel It?
        A2      Psychological Thriller
        A3      Night Tripper
        A4      Sol Love
        A5      Star Stamp
        A6      Son Of Sound
        B1      Shamania
        B2      Change Your Head / Ecstatic Moment
        B3      Surfin MTA
        B4      Mouth Mountain
        B5      Wet & Wild
RVRB    017     JOEL GION               OVERTHROW                       7"        .2014

        A       Overthrow
        B       Night Of The Living Deadbeats
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1000 hand-numb. copies)
RVRB    018 2   JOEL GION               APPLE BONKERS                   LP      08.2014
RVRB    018 2   JOEL GION               APPLE BONKERS                   CD      08.2014

        1.      Yes
        2.      Smile
        3.      Hairy Flowers
        4.      Dart
        5.      Change My Mind
        6.      Mirage
        7.      Radio Silence
        8.      Two Daisies
        9.      Sail On
        10.     Donít Let The Fuckers Bring You Down
                NATIVE AMERICANS : SPLIT

        1       David & Goliath
        2       Lazy Sun
        3       Sadness In Summer
        4       Storm Of Steel
        5       Do Run
        6       You Are Not Brave
        7       Take My Hand
                (Note : 10" , 1000 copies on blue vinyl)

A.      1:      The Sun Is Fading Away
        2:      The Last Summer
        3:      The Same Record
        4:      Daughters Of The Son
        5:      Syd Barrett Blues
        6:      Gnostic Blues
        7:      Diddley Stomp
B.      8:      The Reverberation Appreciation Society
        9:      Brian Wilson
        10:     Guns For Guitars
        11:     Point Man Blues
        12:     Alone In Deer Park
        13:     Lifeboat
                (Note : LP , mono issue , green vinyl)
RVRB    021 1   HOLY WAVE               THE EVIL HAS LANDED PT.II       10"     01.2016

        1       Suenos
        2       Hood Dreams
        3       Crystal Blue P
        4       Son Of Sound
        5       Lady Madonna's Operation
        6       Our Pigs Only Have One Bad Day
                (Note : 10" , 1000 copies on clear vinyl)

RVRB    025 1   INDIAN JEWERLY          DOING EASY                      LP      11.2015

        1       Turn It On Again
        2       Charmer
        3       Inside The Shadows
        4       Nightsweat
        5       Intra-Body
        6       Do Survive
        7       Luxury Of Regret
        8       Riding Cars (Talking Trash)
        9       Vast Division
        10      Calling, Calling
        11      The Keys
        12      Lovely Rita
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies on orange vinyl)

RVRB    027 1   V / A                   A TRIBUTE TO PET SOUNDS         2LP     05.2016

        1       Good Vibrations - The Black Angels
        2       Wouldn't It Be Nice - Indian Jewelry
        3       You Still Believe In Me - The She's
        4       That's Not Me - Holy Wave
        5       Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) - Morgan Delt
        6       I'm Waiting For The Day - The Shivas
        7       Let's Go Away For A While - Boogarins
        8       Sloop John B - Night Beats
        9       God Only Knows - Chris Catalena
        10      I Know There's An Answer - Christian Bland & The Revelators
        11      Here Today - Cool Ghouls
        12      I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - Shannon & The Clams
        13      Pet Sounds - Burnt Ones
        14      Caroline, No - Cosmonauts
        15      Hang On To Your Ego - The UFO Club
RVRB    028 1   HOLY WAVE               ADULT FEAR                      LP      03.2018
RVRB    028 2   HOLY WAVE               ADULT FEAR                      CD      03.2018

        1.      Nation in Regress
        2.      How Was I Supposed to Know
        3.      Habibi
        4.      Dixie Cups
        5.      David's Flower
        6.      The Nurse's Tale
        7.      Crys
        8.      Adult Fear
        9.      Time is Not Okay

El Pasoís Holy Wave will release their new album, Adult Fear via The Reverberation
Appreciation Society. The band have always differentiated themselves from the psych
pack with their keyboard-forward sound that rarely falls into standard trippy tropes,
and the albumís title track is a good example of that, with a grooving bassline and
nice harmonies in the chorus.
TRC     001     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY-VOLUME ONE                2LP     11.2012

LP 1    A1      Black Market Karma      Weightless
        A2      A Victim Of Society     You're Gonna Hate Me
        A3      Lucid Dream, The        Hits Me Like Im Stoned
        A4      Koolaid Electric Company, The : Dreams
        B1      Orange Revival, The     Ever
        B2      KVB, The                Never Enough
        B3      Radar Men From The Moon : Heading For The Void
        B4      Singapore Sling         Nothing Inside
        B5      Oscar Suave             No Direction

LP 2    C1      Dead Skeletons          Kundalini Eyes
        C2      Lola Colt               Diamonds
        C3      Sonic Jesus             Underground
        C4      Underground Youth, The : I Need You
        C5      Black Lizard            Spirits
        D1      Wall Of Death           Thunder Sky
        D2      Get Your Gun            Staying For A While
        D3      Wands, The : Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic
        D4      Third Sound, The        Re-Elevation
        D5      Dead Rabbits            When I'm Blue
                (Note : double LP/180 g., numb. , 1000 copies on white vinyl)
TRC     002     V / A : THE REVERB CONSPIRACY-VOLUME TWO                2LP     11.2013

LP 1    A1      Janitors, The           Mssg
        A2      Dark Bells              Wildflower
        A3      Time & Space Machine, The : Black Rainbow
        A4      Sonic Jesus             Reich
        B1      Acid Baby Jesus         Mesmerized
        B2      Electric Eye, The       6am
        B3      Tales Of Murder And Dust : Hypnotized Narcissist
        B4      Cult Of Dom Keller      No Where To Land

LP 2    C1      Vagabond Stories, The : Mental Disfunction Mental Arrangment
        C2      Whistlejacket           March Hare
        C3      Pinkunoizu              The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
        C4      Desert Mountain Tribe   Coming Down
        D1      Giobia                  Orange Camel
        D2      Cosmic Dead, The        Mausoleum
        D3      Woken Trees, The        Orders
        D4      Big Naturals, The       Krautpunk
                (Note : double LP/180 g., numb. , 1000 copies on white vinyl)