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Start   : 2015 (Montreal)
Distr.  : CA - Diskade
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : reissue / blues rock / hard rock / prog. rock / prog. metal /
          ambient / modern classical / black metal / psychedelic / downtempo
          latin / chanson / hip hop / jazz / bop / boogie / soft rock /

RTA     001     OFFENBACH               TABARNAC                        2LP       .2015

LP 1    A1      Quoi Quoi
        A2      Ether
        A3      Dimanche Blues
        A4      Habitant D'chien Blanc
        B1      Teddy
        B2      Promenade Sur Mars
        B3      Granby

LP 2    C1      Marilyn
        C2      Wezo
        C3      Ma Patrie Est Á Terre
        C4      Pourquoi J'ticitte
        D1      Quebec Rock
        D2      Jam
        D3      L'Hymne Á L'amour

LP      Deram               ADEF 1178           1975        CA
LP      RCA Victor          FPL2 0066           1975        US

'Tabarnac' has a very heavy live sound with a precise rhythm next to crazy arrangements
that actually reveal a real musical air that makes this album so special. Originally
released in 1975.
RTA     002     VOS VOISINS             HOLOCAUSTE A MONTREAL           LP      04.2016

        A1      Voisins (Mon Chum)                              3:10
        A2      Sous La Lune                                    4:46
        A3      L'Instrumental                                  4:27
        A4      Tania                                           5:05
        B1      Le Monstre De La Main Ou The Main Monster       6:05
        B2      Y'a Juste De T'ca                               3:49
        B3      Le 3/4 De L'Archeveque                          6:07

LP      Polydor             2424 048        1971        CA

First pressing since 1970 for this controversial album with its original cover that
was banned. Contains an insert with a text from one of its founding members, André
RTA     003     ATACH DELUXXX           DELUXXX                         2LP     04.2016

LP 1    A1      Deluxxx 001                                     0:44
        A2      Deluxxx                                         1:55
        A3      1-2...                                          3:41
        A4      Bags Of Smile                                   3:32
        A5      Exer6 De Style                                  3:48
        A6      Australie                                       2:25
        B1      Du Monde Comme Nous                             4:29
        B2      Me Fume 2 Joints                                0:34
        B3      Chips                                           4:07
        B4      Pense-Zi                                        2:51
        B5      Sex, Drug, Rap'N Roll                           2:59

LP 2    C1      Kiss These                                      3:02
        C2      L'Homme Déçu / HD00                             3:12
        C3      La Symphonie D'ma Discorde Intérieure           4:30
        C4      Dans Mon Bout' Ça Niaise Pas                    3:04
        C5      Geah Fool !                                     2:59
        D1      What Are Friendz For !?                         3:27
        D2      Plastiq Doré                                    4:14
        D3      Diapos                                          3:14
        D4      Chambre A Gaz Feng Shui                         4:25
        D5      Me Fume Du Crack                                0:35

2LP     AT Musique          ANULP 001       2005        CA

This is the first pressing since 2005 for this Québec award winning hip-hop album.
Limited to 400 copies. Includes download card.
RTA     004     THE SANGOMAS            GIDDYUP AND DESTROY             LP+DLc  10.2015

        A1      Bored                                           2:47
        A2      Livid                                           3:39
        A3      Executioner                                     2:54
        A4      Working Class Zero                              3:44
        A5      Anglo                                           3:30
        A6      Sacrificial Black                               5:50
        B1      Motormouth                                      1:45
        B2      The Owl House                                   2:41
        B3      Animal House                                    3:56
        B4      Make Me Bad                                     2:56
        B5      Choppin' Heads                                  3:38
        B6      Pony Boys                                       3:15
        B7      Burning Disease                                 5:26

A high tension rock'n'roll album with elements of '70s punk and garage with a glimpse
of glam and power pop. The Sangomas uses rapid tempos and striking melodies which dish
out a paralyzing blow to the brain.
RTA     005     BRÉGENT                 POUSSIERE DES REGRETS           LP        .2018

        A1      Mon Frere                                       2:10
        A2      Épitaphe Villon                                 3:30
        A3      Dans Ma Maison                                  7:10
            -                                                   (8:37)
        A4      Je T'Aime
        A5      Le Chien
        B1      La Mélancolie                                   4:24
        B2      Métamorphoses Du Vampire                        5:09
        B3      Dieu Est Negre                                  12:14

LP      RCA Victor          PCS 4021        1973        CA

A masterful blend of French poetry and avantgarde music, this is the very first project
of the late Michel-Georges Brégent and his brother Jacques. Originally issued in 1973
and until now virtually impossible to find, 'Poussiere Des Regrets' quotes Ferré,
Baudelaire and Prévert over a musical background ranging from free jazz to psychedelic
RTA     006     OFFENBACH               BULLDOZER                       LP        .2018

Face    A-1     Bulldozer                                       5:34
Face    A-2     Hey boss                                        4:35
Face    A-3     Magie rouge                                     4:05
Face    A-4     Câline de doux blues                            5:03
Face    A-5     Adios amor                                      3:17
Face    B-1     Bulldozer theme                                 3:01
Face    B-2     Solange tabarnac                                0:25
Face    B-3     Marche de peanut                                2:07
Face    B-4     Bataille                                        2:48
Face    B-5     Ou'est-ce qui te prend                          2:40
Face    B-6     S.O.S.                                          3:14
Face    B-7     Ah comme on s'ennuie                            3:10
Face    B-8     Faut que j'me pousse                            2:35
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

On Offenbach's original soundtrack for the cult film 'Bulldozer', their second studio
album, organ, piano, saxophone and psychedelic guitars enhance the band's sound.
A lively, unpredictable album that is essential for fans of Québec rock. Originally
released in 1973.
RTA     007     ELSIANE                 HYBRID                          2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      Vaporous                                        3:44
        A2      Mend (To Fix, To Repair)                        4:58
        A3      Across The Stream                               4:42
        B1      Morphing                                        4:32
        B2      Assemblage Point                                2:00
        B3      Prosaic                                         4:13
        B4      Ecclesia                                        6:07

LP 2    C1      Final Escape                                    4:43
        C2      In A Crisis...                                  1:39
        C3      Paranoia                                        4:58
        C4      Hybrid                                          4:12
        D1      Vaporous (Demo)                                 3:39

CD      Vega Music          VEGA 23323      2007        CA

10 year anniversary special edition vinyl. Including the 'Vaporous' demo bonus track
+ laser etching on side D.
RTA     008     ELSIANE                 MECHANICS OF EMOTION            2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      Slowbirth                                       4:06
        A2      Mechanics Of Emotion                            5:06
        A3      Vertigone                                       2:32
        B1      Underhelped                                     2:36
        B2      Acceptance                                      4:08
        B3      Unmapped                                        0:55
        B4      Nobody Knows                                    4:42

LP 2    C1      Resurger                                        1:04
        C2      Time For Us                                     5:01
        C3      In The Shadows                                  4:45
        C4      Slow Decline                                    2:48
        D1      Mechanics Of Emotion (Demo)                     5:06
                (Note : 2LP , 333 copies)

'Mechanics Of Emotion'. Less dark than the first record, but preserving the hooking
melodies and complex arrangements, this album is a true renaissance for the duo. The
band self produced this 11 track album of organic pop, with the collaboration of
sound-engineer Rob Heaney (Patrick Watson, Cirque du Soleil).
RTA     009     ELSIANE                 DEATH OF THE ARTIST             2LP       .2017

LP 1    A1      The Motive                                      6:40
        A2      Unstable                                        6:16
        A3      The Calling                                     0:40
        B1      Back To The Source                              5:29
        B2      Fragilidad                                      4:34
        B3      Beginning Of The End                            4:10

LP 2    C1      Death Of The Artist                             6:28
        C2      Ascend                                          2:52
        C3      Space Between Us                                6:40
        D1      Nobody Will Escape (Bonus Track From Rich
                Shapero’s Multimedia Novel Rin, Tongue And
                Dorner)                                         7:14
                (Note : 2LP , 333 copies)

This creative fusion results in vaporous and textured compositions, swaging between
a sensible pop and orchestral trip-hop.
RTA     010     MAELSTROM               MAELSTROM                       LP        .2018

        A1      Le Manege Enchanté                              4:49
        A2      Chanson Dun Troubadour                          5:06
        A3      Porte-Bonheur                                   7:23
        B1      Maelstrom                                       4:54
        B2      Solitude                                        5:52
        B3      Légende Pour Le Futur                           8:32
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

Recorded in 1976 at the legendary Morin-Heights Studio and unreleased until 2016, this
undiscovered Québecois progressive rock gem is packed with juicy solos and complex
arrangements,with keyboards, sax and xylophones creating an idiosyncratic sound in the
vein of Genesis, Gentle Giant and Yes.
RTA     011     HORACE SILVER           LIVE IN PARIS 1959              LP        .2018

        A1      Senor Blues                                     12:00
        A2      Sweet Stuff                                     7:52
        B1      Doodlin'                                        18:12
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

Horace Silver's first concert in Paris, recorded two weeks after the classic Finger
Poppin' and featuring the same quintet, straddles the borders of hard bop and soul
-jazz with nonchalant wit and elegance.
RTA     012     THELONOIUS MONK         1961 LIVE IN PARIS              LP      09.2018

        A1      Rhythm-a-ning                                   10:31
        A2      Body And Soul                                   2:51
        A3      Hackensack                                      9:38
        B1      Jackie-ing                                      10:02
        B2      Crepuscule With Nellie                          2:38
        B3      Well You Needn't                                11:19
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

Backed by the dynamic lineup of 'Monk's Dream' and 'Criss-Cross', the inimitable Monk
plays some of his most famous originals for a frenzied crowd at the Paris Olympia.
RTA     013     OSCAR PETERSON          LIVE IN PARIS 1962              LP        .2018

        A1      The Lamp Is Low                                 5:48
        A2      Yours Is My Heart Alone                         7:16
        A3      Jet Song                                        8:56
        B1      Whisper Not                                     6:22
        B2      Cubano Chant                                    6:53
        B3      Jordu                                           6:28
        B4      Tin Tin Deo                                     5:05
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

The famous 'Night Train' trio is in full form for this eclectic set recorded at the
Olympia Theatre in Paris. Available for the first time on vinyl.
RTA     014     TAMBOUR                 CHAPITRES                       LP+DLc    .2017

                Chapitre I
        A1      Waves                                           7:22
        A2      Esquisses Oubliées                              6:26
        A3      The Nude & The Quiet                            5:40
                Chapitre II
        B1      L'Apostrophe                                    5:13
        B2      Sleepers                                        7:15
        B3      Farewell Museum                                 5:22
                (Note : LP , 333 numb. copies + insert)

Neo-classical composer Simon P. Castonguay's first two EPs now on a single record.
Hushed, minimal chamber music with ambient overtones, melancholy and intimate. 
RTA     015     MEN I TRUST             MEN I TRUST                     LP      04.2017
RTACD   001

        A1      Plain View
        A2      Morse Code
        A3      Humming Man
        A4      Stay True
        A5      Lauren
        B1      Again
        B2      Quiet
        B3      Break For Lovers
        B4      Aquarelle
        B5      Yes
                (Note : LP , 333 numb. copies)

Sixth repress. For their first ever vinyl release, Québec City's own Men I Trust
offer up a collection of expertly crafted electronic jewels ranging from ethereal
trip-hop to funk infused upbeat dance and incredibly dreamy vocals.
RTA     016     GILLES RIVARD           EN COULEURS                     LP        .2017

        A1      Je Reviens                                      3:38
        A2      Entre Parentheses                               4:02
        A3      Vivre Seul                                      4:00
        A4      Etoile De Mer                                   3:24
        B1      Partir                                          3:41
        B2      Dimanche De Mai                                 3:03
        B3      Ca Va, Ca Va Brazilia                           3:55
        B4      Mirages                                         4:06

Out of print since 1981, this forgotten gem of Québécois pop showcases a seamless
blend of soft rock, soul, jazz and Brazilian influences with lush arrangements and
smooth, impeccable production. Official reissue pressed on random coloured vinyl.
Includes download card. Limited to 500 copies.
RTA     017     BET.E AND STEF          BET.E AND STEF                  LP+DLc    .2017

        A1      So Danço Samba                                  2:25
        A2      Boomerang Baby                                  2:56
        A3      Fever                                           3:09
        A4      Besame Mucho                                    3:01
        A5      Triste                                          3:10
        B1      I Put A Spell On You                            3:51
        B2      One Note Samba                                  2:14
        B3      Agua De Beber                                   4:45
        B4      Black Coffee                                    4:21
        B5      Samba Em Preludio                               3:51
                (Note : LP , 333 numb. copies)

The legendary Montréal duo's first album is a heartfelt, virtuosic and innovative
blend of Brazilian, pop and jazz influences. Available for the first time on vinyl,
on the 20th anniversary of its release. Includes download card.
RTA     018     BET.E STEF              DAY BY DAY                      2LP       .2018

LP 1    A1      All Is Well                                     3:10
        A2      Day By Day                                      3:59
        A3      Regra Tres                                      4:26
        A4      Vagabond                                        3:31
        B1      I'm There                                       4:33
        B2      Eu Vim Da Bahia                                 3:58
        B3      Il N'aurait Fallu                               3:21

LP 2    C1      Zana                                            3:57
        C2      So Tinha De Ser Com Voce                        3:03
        C3      It's Over                                       4:08
        D1      Listen To The Night                             3:46
        D2      Wish You Well                                   4:58
        D3      Essa Moça Tá Diferente                          3:05
        D4      Sweet Resurrection (Bonus Track)                3:28
                (Note : 2LP , 500 numb. copies)

The second offering by Montréal duo Bet.e & Stef, a popular and critical success,
which benefits from exceptional production. Alternating between covers and original
songs, the album has a casual, delicate and sophisticated bossa nova groove.
RTA     019     INSANE                  STRIP TEASE                     LP      09.2017
RTACS   019                                                             CS      09.2018

        A1      Strip Tease
        A2      Sharp Sensations
        A3      Cry Out
        A4      To Laurent
        A5      Unaware of the Share
        A6      Weird
        B1      Nowhere Land
        B2      Don't Play Around
        B3      The Battle
        B4      Heart on Fire
        B5      Never Satisfied
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on clear-red splatter vinyl)

Reissue on vinyl of Montréal band Insane's only album, long out of print. It is
a veritable feast for fans of heavy riffing and demonic screaming. An authentic
document of homegrown heaviness from metal's golden age. Originally released in 1987.
RTA     020     OFFENBACH               SOAP OPERA                      LP+DLc    .2017

        A1      Bulldozer                                       6:41
        A2      Caline De Blues                                 5:37
        A3      Kadrill                                         1:46
        A4      High But... Low                                 3:00
        B1      Mourir D'Amour                                  3:56
        B2      Moody Calvaire Moody                            3:36
        B3      No Money No Candy                               3:53
        B4      Faut Que J'me Pousse                            4:15
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Barclay             80.137      1972        CA

45 years after its original issue, the very first album by Québec's unforgettable
blues-rock band is finally available on vinyl again. Includes the hits 'Câline De
Blues' and 'Faut Que J'me Pousse'. Includes download card.
RTA     021
RTA     022     STEVE HILL              SOLO RECORDINGS-VOLUME 2        2LP       .2018

        A1      Still Got It Bad
        A2      Slim Chance
        A3      Tough Luck
        A4      The Collector
        B1      Never Is Such A Long Time
        B2      Hate To See You Go
        B3      Better
        B4      Simple Things
        C1      I Want You To Love Me
        C2      Go On
        C3      Long Road
        C4      Nothing New
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

On his second collection of songs as a one-man band, the Québécois bluesman sings and
plays guitar, harmonica and percussion live in studio with a boundless energy.
RTA     023     D.D.T.                  LET THE SCREW                   12"     02.2018

        A1      Let The Screw...                                3:44
        A2      Bitches                                         4:18
        B1      Metal On Ashes                                  4:31
        B2      Wasted                                          3:03
        B3      Where Were You?                                 2:21
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 500 copies on red vinyl)

Reissued for the first time on vinyl, this 1984 mini-album by the mythical Sherbrooke
band represents an important step for the evolution of heavy metal in Québec.
RTA     024     JULIE LONDON : JULIE IS HER NAME (VOLUME 1+2)           2LP       .2018

LP 1            Volume I
        A1      Cry Me A River
        A2      I Should Care
        A3      I'm In The Mood For Love
        A4      I'm Glad There Is You
        A5      Can't Help Lovin' That Man
        A6      I Love You
        B1      Say It Isn't So
        B2      It Never Entered My Mind
        B3      Easy Street
        B4      'S Wonderful
        B5      No Moon At All
        B6      Laura
        B7      Gone With The Wind

LP 21           Volume II
        C1      Blue Moon
        C2      What Is This Thing Called Love?
        C3      How Long Has This Been Going On?
        C4      Too Good To Be True
        C5      Spring Is Here
        C6      Goody Goody
        D1      The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
        D2      If I'm Lucky
        D3      Hot Toddy
        D4      Little White Lies
        D5      I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
        D6      I Got Lost In His Arms
                (Note : double LP , 500 numb. copies)

With the minimal backing of guitar and double bass, Julie London's smoky voice shines
and seduces more than ever on these two classic albums of intimate jazz and pop.
Includes the historic first recording of 'Cry Me A River'.
RTA     025     RAY BRYANT TRIO         PIANO, PIANO, PIANO             LP (m)    .2018

        A1      Golden Earrings
        A2      Angel Eyes
        A3      Blues Changes
        A4      Splittin'
        B1      Django
        B2      The Thrill Is Gone
        B3      Daahoud
        B4      Sonar
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Prestige            PRLP 7098           1957        US      mono

Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in 1957, Ray Bryant's hard-to-find third album, equal
parts blues, bop, soul and gospel, is a highlight of the piano trio genre. Beautiful,
relaxed and imaginative, this recording is a perfect introduction to Bryant's delicate
touch and unique phrasing, expertly supported by bassist Ike Isaacs and drummer "Specs"
RTA     026
RTA     027     STEVE HILL              SOLO RECORDINGS-VOLUME 1        LP        .2018

        A1      Ever Changing World                             03:52
        A2      Love Got Us Blind                               03:20
        A3      Honey Bee                                       03:26
        A4      Out Of Phase                                    04:11
        A5      King Of The World                               04:31
        A6      The Ballad Of Johnny Wabo                       03:44
        B1      Politician                                      03:05
        B2      Gotta Be Strong And Carry On                    02:54
        B3      Ain't Wastin' Time No More                      04:00
        B4      Preachin' Blues                                 03:11
        B5      Comin' Back To You                              02:49
        B6      Granted                                         04:52
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies on gold vinyl)

The first in an ambitious trilogy of solo offerings in which blues wizard Steve Hill
performs on guitar, drums and vocals at once, bringing confidence and intimacy to 12
tracks of caustic blues-rock. Winner of Best Self-Produced Album at the International
Blues Challenge and nominated for a Juno in 2013.
RTA     028     JIMMIE ROWLES           KINDA GROOVY!                   LP      04.2018

        A1      I Can't Resist You
        A2      Your Mind Is On Vacation
        A3      Maybe You'll Be There
        A4      My One And Only
        A5      A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid
        A6      Me And You
        B1      Miss Brown To You
        B2      I Wish I Knew
        B3      How Can We Be Wrong
        B4      So Far, So Good
        B5      When I'm With You
        B6      Sugar
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Capitol             T 1831          1962        US      mono
LP      Capitol             ST 1831         1962        US      stereo

Originally released in 1962, this little known gem has it all: soft smoky vocals,
cool jazz, dazzling musicianship, witty lyrics and a polished, warm production.
One listen is all you need to get hooked on the groovy sound of Jimmy Rowles!
RTA     029     LE QUATUOUR DE JAZZ LIBRE DU QUEBEC : s/t               LP      06.2018

        A1      Stalisme Dodécacophonique                       6:14
        A2      Fuseau                                          10:20
        A3      Opus 2 / Signature                              8:05
        B1      Signature / Valse A Grand'Mere                  8:31
        B2      Il N'avait Jamais Fait Si Beau Si Longtemps     12:45
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

The only album by the legendary Québécois free jazz group is reissued for the first
time in 40 years, now fully restored and remastered with the original artwork! Dive
into the avant-garde sound of one of the quintessential bands in Québec's late '60s
musical revolution, central to L'Osstidcho, L'Infonie and La Nuit de la Poésie.
RTA     030     BLACK SAILS FOR RED SEAS : CHASING GIANTS               LP      04.2018

        A1      Palisades
        A2      Silfra
        A3      Cameron (First Light)
        B1      Gallows
        B2      As Above, So Below
        B3      To The Lions (Live At Studio Victor)
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

Drifting somewhere between post-metal and shoegaze, instrumental four-piece Black
Sails For Red Seas weave dense and textured soundscapes juxtaposing serene melodies
and subtle aggression. For fans of Pelican, Russian Circles and Explosions In The Sky.
RTA     031     OFFENBACH               OFFENBACH                       LP      04.2018

        A1      Victoire D'amour                                2:02
        A2      La Voix Que J'ai                                4:43
        A3      Reve A Lachute                                  3:16
        A4      A L'envers                                      3:26
        A5      Dominus Vobiscum                                3:00
        B1      Chu Un Rocker                                   5:15
        B2      Le Blues Me Guette                              3:00
        B3      Le Condamné A Mort                              3:46
        B4      La Jeune Lune                                   3:07
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      A&M                 SP 9027         1977        US-CA

Reissued for the first time on vinyl since 1977, Offenbach's self-titled album
reconciled the group with its audience after the failure of 'Never Too Tender'.
Led by the immortal voice of Gerry Boulet on the classics 'La Voix Que J'ai', Chu
Un Rocker' and 'Le Blues Me Guette', the band whips up a storm of unforgettable
RTA     032     STEVE HILL              DEVIL AT MY HEELS               LP      04.2018

        A1      NASA Made                                       3:18
        A2      Devil At My Heels                               3:30
        A3      Gotta Be Strong                                 3:03
        A4      Control                                         3:40
        A5      Even                                            4:30
        A6      Long Road                                       2:37
        B1      Roll Away The Stone                             3:08
        B2      Phoenix                                         1:09
        B3      Make It Clear                                   5:48
        B4      Get Over You                                    3:55
        B5      Happy Face                                      5:20
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

CD      No Label            NLR 111         2007        CA

10th anniversary reissue. For the very first time on vinyl, experience a sound as
sharp as it is unique in the world of Québec rock. A relentless hard rock adventure,
Hill's fourth studio effort packs a mighty wallop. Eleven sharp, concentrated songs
unfettered by musical.
RTA     033     LEE GAGNON              JAZZZZZ                         LP        .2018

        A1      Détente                                         8:45
        A2      Skin Dance                                      15:35
        B1      Ode To The Ode                                  5:50
        B2      Gene Structure Ramble                           8:45
        B3      Rybo-Nucleic Rhumba                             12:15
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Barclay             80086           1969        CA

Recorded in 1969 by Radio-Canada International, Lee Gagnon's third album is a
collection of five original forward-thinking modern jazz themes. In addition to
montreal scene stalwarts Michel Donato and Richard Provencal, sax man Gagnon is
accompanied here by trumpeter/composer Ron Proby and legendary guitarist Sonny
Greenwich. A hard to find classic of Québec jazz waiting to be rediscovered.
RTA     034     LORD RYUR               PACT WITH THE SINNER            12"       .2018

        A1      Pact With The Sinner                            3:40
        A2      Heroes After Heroes                             4:59
        B1      Restless                                        4:05
        B2      Fade Away                                       4:26
        B3      Pact With The Sinner (Live In Quebec City 1987) 3:29
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 500 numb. copies)

Originally issued in 1985 as a self-released 7" single, this mythical Montréal-based
heavy metal band's only existing vinyl offering is finally available again as an
expanded 12" EP with 3 extra tracks (two 1989 demo tracks and a live recording from
RTA     035     THE HAUNTED             THE HAUNTED                     LP        .2018

        A1      1-2-5                                           2:30
        A2      Shake                                           2:25
        A3      Horror Show                                     5:27
        A4      Untie Me                                        3:26
        B1      Out Of Time                                     3:38
        B2      Searching For My Baby                           2:55
        B3      A Message To Pretty                             2:35
        B4      Twist                                           2:30
        B5      St-Louis Blues                                  3:59
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Trans-World         TW 6701         0967        CA

From the hit singles '1-2-5' to the folky, bluesy second side, this incredibly
hard-to-find 1967 album by Montréal band The Haunted is a classic slab of raw, fuzzy
garage rock with a psychedelic edge.
RTA     036
RTA     037     SEX                     SEX                             LP        .2018

        A1      Scratch My Back                                 3:45
        A2      Not Yet                                         4:25
        A3      Doctor                                          4:12
        A4      I Had To                                        4:13
        B1      Come, Wake Up!                                  3:50
        B2      Try                                             2:20
        B3      Night Symphony                                  4:19
        B4      Love Is A Game                                  5:22
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Trans-Canada        TC 775          1971        CA

Montreal's Sex released their self-titled album in 1970, combining hard and heavy
power rock, bold and provocative lyrics, furious drumming and raw, blues infused
guitar. A must in any respectable rock collection.
RTA     038     LE MATOS                COMING SOON 2007-2011           2LP     04.2018

LP 1    A1      Piege de Crystal
        A2      88MPH (Video Edit)
        A3      88MPH (Parkinson Edit)
        B1      Retired
        B2      Like Perfume On A Pig
        B3      I Come In Peace

LP 2    C1      Quiet Earth
        C2      Comme Des Pirates
        D1      Sister (Le Matos Remix Instrumental)
        D2      Star Modele (Le Matos Remix Instrumental)
        D3      Denied
                (Note : 2LP , 500 numb. copies)

Before 'Turbo Kid' and before 'JoiN Us' there was 'Coming Soon 2007-2011'. This double
vinyl contains 11 tracks that fill the void in the logical progession towards their
instantly identifiable classic retro wave sound!
RTA     039     BILLY ROBINSON          EVOLUTION'S BLEND               LP        .2018

        A1      The Family                                      7:25
        A2      It's Raining Ashes                              8:20
        A3      Homing                                          3:10
        B1      Pivot                                           5:50
        B2      Quebec on My Mind                               2:20
        B3      Evolution's Blend                               9:10
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Radio Canada         RCI 375         1972        CA

Billy Robinson's first album is another forgotten gem from the Radio Canada Internat.
catalogue. On six of his soulful originals, the tenorman from Texas displays a warm
sound and pithy phrasing, backed by a first-rate rhythm section featuring pianist
Pierre Leduc and future guitar sensation Peter Leitch - in his first recording!
From upbeat post-bop grooves to thoughtful ballads, Robinson delivers his message
with a conviction that still leaps out of your speakers. Originally released in 1972.
RTA     040     EUDOXIS                 OPEN FIRE                       LP        .2018

        A1      Ultimatum / Open Fire                           6:44
        A2      Tormented We Fall                               4:35
        A3      Progressive Mental Deterioration (Dementia)     5:29
        A4      Omnipotent Phantasies                           7:02
        B1      The Gathering                                   7:09
        B2      Reach The Sun                                   6:32
        B3      Reflections Of A Lost Past                      8:47
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Shell Shock Music   EUD 001         1991        CA
CD      Shell Shock Music   EUDCD 001       1991        CA

Eudoxis are Canadian thrash metal pioneers who burst onto the live music scene in
1984. Performing in full body armor, metal spikes and backed by the legendary six-foot
long stainless steel bass drums, they delivered their material with blood curdling
speed and deadly precision.
RTA     041     HANDS OF DESPAIR        WELL OF THE DISQUIETED          3LP     09.2018

LP 1    A1      L'invasion - I. Encres troubles                 6:31
        A2      L'invasion - II. La salve                       6:04
        A3      L'invasion - III. L'élégie                      7:00
        B1      Doppelganger                                    12:40

LP 2    C1      La ballade des gens heureux                     12:56
        D1      Pressure                                        5:56
        D2      Amok                                            10:34

LP 3    E1      Body And Souls                                  16:00
        F       (etched side)
                (Note : 2LP , 500 numb. copies)

Tragedy centered around mental illness where each song brings forth a variation and
an aspect of the disease displayed on songs like 'La Ballade Des Gens Heureux', based
on the life of Virginia Woolf. The artwork created by Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia,
Anathema and more) captures perfectly the struggle that people afflicted with mental
illness must face.
RTA     042     STEVE HILL : THE ONE MAN BLUES ROCK BAND                2LP       .2018

LP 1    A1      Rhythm All Over
        A2      Go On
        A3      The Collector
        A4      Damned
        B1      Tough Luck
        B2      Never Is Such A Long Time
        B3      Hate To See You Go

LP 2    C1      Emily
        C2      Nothing New
        C3      Out Of Phase
        C4      Still Got It Bad
        D1      The Ballad Of Johnny Wabo
        D2      Dangerous
        D3      Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
                (Note : 2LP , 500 numb. copies)

To mark the completion of his solo recordings album trilogy, the tireless one-man
band has recorded his first ever live album at a sold-out show in Québec City's La
Chapelle. From acoustic blues to hard rock, everything you hear is played
simultaneously with no overdubs!
RTA     043     POLLEN                  POLLEN                          LP        .2018

                Face Solaire
        A1      Vieux corps de vie d'ange                       7:11
        A2      L'étoile                                        6:24
        A3      L'indien                                        4:50
                Face Lunaire
        B1      Tout'l temps                                    3:26
        B2      Vivre la mort                                   5:28
        B3      La femme ailée                                  10:30
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

Originally released in 1976, during the heyday of Québécois prog rock, Pollen's only
album, grandiose and virtuosic, with its oddly named solar and lunar sides, left its
mark in the imagination of music enthusiasts.
TRA     044     LES DIFFÉRENTS          LES DIFFÉRENTS                  LP        .2019

        A1      Je Ne Veux Plus                                 4:00
        A2      Je Reviendrai                                   2:47
        A3      Soyons Différents                               2:45
        A4      Le Stone                                        2:19
        A5      Toutes Les Filles                               2:58
        A6      Aimes Prudemment                                3:47
        B1      Je T'aime                                       2:12
        B2      Je Partirai                                     6:20
        B3      Abandonne                                       2:39
        B4      La Solitude                                     3:00
        B5      Seul Sur Terre                                  2:55
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Disque Monde        65001           1967        CA

Reissue of MEGA-RARE and excellent 1966 French-Canadian BEAT/GARAGE album. Has the
charm of Les Lutins, but with a sharper fuzzy edge.
RTA     045     EDEN                    EDEN                            LP        .2019

        A1      Allias                                          4:37
        A2      Pavane                                          7:55
        A3      La Ballerine Musclée                            5:08
        B1      Transe                                          4:40
        B2      Arabesque                                       2:55
        B3      Louis Le Cancre                                 6:07
        B4      Intuition                                       2:06
        B5      La Foret                                        1:54
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      Disques Total       DT 2209         1978        C

Originally released in 1978, French-language Québécois band Eden's only album is
a fine example of unusually synth-heavy symphonic prog rock featuring several ornate
instrumentals, including a colourful cover of Fauré's famous 'Pavane'.
RTA     046     THE SINNERS             SATAN                           LP        .2018

Originally released in 1971. Psychedelic garage rock outfit from Montréal. Two singles
were released from the album.
RTA     047     BEVERLY COPELAND        BEVERLY COPELAND                LP        .2018

        A1      Don't Despair                                   3:00
        A2      Untitled (Make The Answer "Yes")                4:30
        A3      Song From Beads                                 2:15
        A4      Nothing Beautiful                               5:30
        A5      Good Morning Blues                              4:35
        A6      Durocher                                        4:30
        B1      Northwind                                       3:20
        B2      Swords Of Gold                                  2:55
        B3      Interval                                        4:40
        B4      Reflections                                     8:05
        B5      Don't Despair (Jazz Version)                    3:00
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP      CBC Radio Canada    LM 86           1970        CA

On his 1970 recording debut for Montreal's CBC studios, the artist now known as
Beverly Glenn-Copeland weaves delicate, jazzed-tinged folk ballads complemented
with arrangements by Harmonium's Neil Chotem. Originally a radio station exclusive
limited to 250 copies, this unique gem of Canadian psychedelia has been deservedly
coveted by connoisseurs for decades.
RTA     048
RTA     049     LISA LOUGHEED           EVERGREEN NIGHTS                LP      03.2019

        A1      Lisa Lougheed           Run With Us             4:28
        A2      Lisa Lougheed           Ain't No Planes         3:24
        A3      Lisa Lougheed & Curtis King Jr. : Here I Go
                Again                                           3:21
        A4      Lisa Lougheed           Stop The Clock          4:34
        A5      Stephen Lunt            Don't Fear The Fire     3:25
        B1      Lisa Lougheed           Growing Up              5:34
        B2      Lisa Lougheed & Curtis King Jr. : All Life Long 3:11
        B3      Lisa Lougheed           Hold Back Tomorrow      4:12
        B4      Curtis King Jr.         New World               4:08
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies)

LP.CS   Run                 RN 002          1988        CA

Reissue of 1988 album, limited to 500 copies. The songs on this album were inspired
by and written for the hit television series 'The Raccoons'.

RTA     051     LES LUTINS              EN ORBITE                       LP      03.2019

Reissue of second album by '60s French Canadian garage rock band. Originally released
in 1968. Limited to 500 copies.
RTA     052     GUY WARREN OF GHANA     AFRO-JAZZ                       LP      04.2019

Reissue of 1969 album by Guy Warren, also known as Kofi Ghanaba (4 May 1923-22 December
2008), a Ghanaian musician, best known as the inventor of Afro-jazz. By adding Ghanaian
percussion instruments to American jazz music, Kofi Ghanaba integrated African and
American musical sounds to create the genre Afro-jazz.

Recorded shortly after the release of the debut-LP, this is the band's obscure 1970
album that was recorded for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The tracks, rooted
in psychedelic folkrock, are originals as well as striking cover versions of songs by
Bob Dylan, Donovan and Smokey Robinson.
RTA     053     GENETIC CONTROL         FIRST IMPRESSIONS               LP      05.2019

First ever reissue of the exceedingly rare and hard to find "First Impressions EP"
by Montreal punk band Genetic Control. This 35th anniversary expanded edition contains
9 never before released tracks for a total of 14 fast and snotty '80s hardcore tunes
from the band's archives!

Originally released in 1971. This Canadian band made two English-language psych albums
in 1971 and 1972. The first album is something between early Genesis, Barclay James
Harvest and Moody Blues with an excellent bass line and inspired Hammond. Later they
changed their name to Morse Code.



RTA     058     OSCAR PETERSON          LIVE IN PARIS 1961              LP      07.2019









RTACD   001     MEN I TRUST             MEN I TRUST                     CD      03.2017
RTA     015

        1       Plain View Featuring – Emma, Odile
        2       Morse Code Featuring – Geoffroy
        3       Humming Man Featuring – Emma, Odile
        4       Stay True Featuring – Helena
        5       Lauren Featuring – Emma, Odile
        6       Again Featuring – Ghostly Kisses
        7       Quiet Featuring – Odile
        8       Break For Lovers Featuring – Helena*
        9       Aquarelle Featuring – Odile
        10      Yes Featuring – Emma, Odile
        11      Middle Points Featuring – Emma, Odile
                (Note : CD + 8 p. booklet)
RTACD   002     INSANE                  STRIP TEASE                     CD      03.2017
RTA     019

        1       Strip Tease
        2       Sharp Sensations
        3       Cry Out
        4       To Laurent
        5       Unaware of the Share
        6       Weird
        7       Nowhere Land
        8       Don't Play Around
        9       The Battle
        10      Heart on Fire
        11      Never Satisfied
RTACD   003     MEN I TRUST             TAILWHIP DELUXE                 CD        .2018

        1       Tailwhip                                        3:45
        2       Show Me How                                     3:35
        3       I Hope To Be Around                             3:26
        4       You Deserve This                                3:05
        5       Break For Lovers (Live)                         3:26
        6       Lauren (Live)                                   3:56
        7       Tailwhip (Live)                                 3:55
        8       You Deserve This (Live)                         3:10
        9       I Hope To Be Around (Live)                      3:55
        10      Lauren "Duo Version"                            3:57
        11      I Hope To Be Around (Live Solo)                 3:36
        12      Sad Organ                                       1:50
RTACD   004
RTACD   005     INCANDENSENCE           ASCENSION                       CD      03.2019

        1       Autodafé
        2       Torrent of Thoughts
        3       Rebirth
        4       Tomb Made of Flesh
        5       Passerelles
        6       Above All
        7       The Ashes Are Falling
        8       Décrépitude de l'ame

2019 album from Beyond Creation drummer's black metal project. This release is
available on compact disc only. Incandescence from Québec combines atmospheric black
metal, atmospheric death metal, blackened death metal and progressive technical death
metal. Their sound could be characterized by fast drums and slow pensive riffs. The
vibe is both melancholic and extreme.
All notes taken from "Claer Spot" distribution site :