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Damo Suzuki has been on a 'Never Ending Tour' connecting and collaborating with a
network of musicians worldwide since 1997. Suzuki is best known for his years as
vocalist in the influential German Krautrock band, CAN.

In 2004 Damo travelled Australia for the first time performing with various artists,
including Australian multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of
The Mars Volta. This would be his first of many visits down under.

This 50-minute recording of Damo and his Network of "sound carriers" is what Damo
calls "an instant composition", a spontaneous exchange of energy! The result is a
transcendental trip with psychedelic sounds.

Cut live to acetate at Melbourne's Corduroy Records in 2004, re-mastered by Mikey
Young and pressed to vinyl in 2017.

Featuring       Oren Ambarchi           guitar
                Emil Sarlija            guitar
                Davey Williams          drums
                Edmondo Ammendola       bass.
RESEARCH  002   MILDLIFE                PHASE                           LP      09.2018

        1.      The Magnificent Moon
        2.      Zwango Zop 
        3.      Im Blau 
        4.      Phase 
        5.      Two Horizons 
        6.      The Gloves Don't Bite 
                (Note : LP/180 g. , red vinyl)
RESEARC 4       SWAZI GOLD              JEHOVAH'S WHISPERS              LP      03.2019

Swazi Gold have produced a six-track debut album. Formed by members from Melbourne
bands Crepes, Dreamin' Wild and Sagamore, this band has brought songwriting friends
together. On 'Jehovah's Whispers', Swazi Gold draw on their collective love of African
music, American funk, and quirky, melody-driven pop music to explore the spaces between
conventional genres.
RES     01      V / A                   SPHERES                         LP      11.2017

        01.     These Hidden Hands      Radon
        02.     Mondkpopf               The Runaway
        03.     SNTS                    Dunkelheit
        04.     Oake                    Blemmyae
        05.     Headless Horseman       Follower
        06.     Grebenstein             Meet My Needs