Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : electronic

RPC     15      V / A : MUSIQUES ELECTRONIQUES EN FRANCE 1974-84, 1     LP      12.2015

Side A: A1.     Heldon                  Back To Heldon
        A2.     Video Aventures -       Tiny Tina
        A3.     Pascal Comelade Et Victor Nubla : Bar Electric
        A4.     Patrick Vian            Sarcelles 2
Side B: B1.     Camizole                Electronic Alarm
        B2.     Verto                   Alice
RPC     15      V / A : MUSIQUES ELECTRONIQUES EN FRANCE 1974-84 , 2    LP      12.2015

        A1.     Lard Free               Spiral Malax
        A2.     Video Aventures         Le Gord
        B1.     Richard Pinhas          Variation VII 
        B2.     Pascal Comelade/David Cunnigham-Musique Par Correspon
                dance 1,2,3,4,5

A vinyl reissue of the second album by this French progressive rock band (widely infl.
by jazz and psychedelia), initially released in 1972 on CBS. Moving Gelatine Plates was
one of the most interesting groups to come out of France in the early '70s, along with
Magma and Gong.
RPC     18      FERDINAND RICHARD       EN FORME!!                      LP      02.2016

Vinyl reissue! While still in Etron Fou Leloublan, Ferdinand Richard released his first
solo-album in 1981. Expect a unique blend of dadaist jazz, art rock and new wave,
inviting Ferdinand in the club of the untypical singers chaired by Frank Zappa and
Albert Marcoeur.
RPC     19      FALL OF SAIGON          FALL OF SAIGON                  LP      02.2016

Formed in 1981 in Montpellier by Florence Berthon, Terry Den and Pascal Comelade, Fall
Of Saigon has a unique place in the history of French post-punk, due to the singular
fragile songs and minimal arrangements reminding of Young Marble Giants or Kas Product.
This compilation-LP contains the first 12-inch, live tracks and previously unreleased
RPC     20      ATOLL                   TERTIO                          LP      02.2016

A vinyl reissue of the 1977 LP by an interesting progressive/symphonic group from
France, influenced by a.o. Yes and early Genesis.
RPC     21      PAZOP : PSYCHILLIS OF A LUNATIC GENIUS                  LP      02.2016

Arisen from the ashes of famous Belgian bands s.a. The Wallace Collection, Waterloo and
Arkham, Pazop signed a contract and recorded this first album in 1972. Unfortunately,
the label refused to release the record due to its title. Influenced by Zappa and the
Canterbury scene, and recorded at the famous Hérouville's castle, this mythical album
now appears on vinyl for the first time ever!
RPC     22      PAZOP                   PAZOP                           LP      02.2016

After the recording of their aborted first album, these ex-members of famous Belgian
bands s.a. Wallace Collection and Waterloo, recorded new songs in the summer of 1973
at Start Studios. Widely influenced by King Crimson or Weather Report, the amazing
results of these recordings are now available on vinyl for the first time!
RPC     23      DASHIELL HEDAYAT        OBSOLETE                        LP      09.2016

In 1971, poet and counter-culture activist DASHIELL HEDAYAT teamed up with GONG to
bring their artistic visions to reality. Psychedelic guitars, hypnotic bass lines and
freaked-out sounds made this record a must-have for the «Continental Circus» and
«Camembert Electrique» fans. One of the most essential French rock albums ever dug
RPC     24      SHYLOCK                 GIALORGUES                      LP      11.2016

        01.     LE QUATRIŠME
        02.     LE SIXIŠME
        03.     LE CINQUIŠME

Named for the south-alpine lakes they are coming from, Gialorgues, (released in 1976)
was SHYLOCK's first self-produced album. A unique personality, a rough diamond of
French instrumental progressive rock, in which they reflect on Frippian guitars and
KING CRIMSON's influences on symphonic moods, reminiscent of GOBLIN.
RPC     25      METABOLISME             TEMPUS FUGIT                    LP      03.2017

        01.     AP“TRES ET MARTYRS
        02.     TEMPUS
        03.     KHOROS
        04.     NADIA
        05.     LA DANSE DES AUTOMATES

Released in 1977, Tempus Fugit - the unique album from the French progressive rock
band METABOLISME - is a treasure for those who love lush organs in the style of YES,
sophisticated guitars URIAH HEEP wont deny and French vocals ala MONA LISA.
RPC     26      RHESUS O                RHESUS O                        LP      03.2017

        01.     CIGUE
        02.     CRIER POUR DONNER
        03.     MALDONNE
        04.     LE PROPHŠTE EGARE
        05.     PRAMBULE
        06.     VEIL
        07.     OUTRE TOMBE
        08.     PARCOURS

Formed in 1971 by future MAGMA keyboardist Jean-Pol Asseline with musicians from the
jazz and jazz-rock fields, this unique LP from RHESUS O will probably find a place
between SOFT MACHINE albums in your record collection!