RED WIG/KING KONG                       DENMARK

Distr.  : DN - Clear Spot/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / blues / jazz / new wave / alternative / Afro / post punk /
          synth pop / breaks / experimental / indie / leftfield /

REDWIG  001     RONDOS                  DESTROY THE ENTERTAINMENT       2LP     05.2009

LP 1    A1      King Kong's Penis
        A2      Wanna Go Home
        A3      Hey Gigolo
        A4      Russians Are Coming
        A5      System
        A6      City Of Fear
        A7      We Don't Need No Speed
        A8      If I Had A Hammer
        A9      A Black & White Statement
        A10     Which Side Will You Be On?
        A11     Tools
        A12     Teeth
        B1      Intro (Instrumental)
        B2      I Don't Wanna Smile
        B3      Throwing Bricks Just For Kicks
        B4      Nothing To Lose
        B5      Just Another Loser
        B6      022
        B7      Summer Kings
        B8      Gotta Kill A Cop Tonight
        B9      Too Blind To See
        B10     Orange Orange
        B11     Tea And Tea
        B12     City Boy
        B13     Run For Fun
        B14     Berlin
        B15     We'll Drive Your Bananas
        B16     Fascist Dreams

LP 2    C1      A Black & White Statement
        C2      Progress
        C3      I Got No Time
        C4      Colour T.V. & Kontrast
        C5      System
        C6      Anarchy
        C7      Countdown & Twist
        C8      Syphillips
        D1      B-52 Pilot
        D2      Soldiers
        D3      We Don't Need No Speed
        D4      A Waltz
        D5      Vivisection
        D6      City Of Fear
        D7      I Don't Like The Rastaman
        D8      Peacedilemma    
        D9      Russians Are Coming

2LP     King Kong       KKR 008.9       2009    NE
RW      002     DE KIFT                 YVERZUCHT                       LP        .2009

        A1      Code Het Alfabet
        A2      Vlijt
        A3      Staal Op Staal
        A4      Nat & Stinkend Stroo
        A5      Blind
        A6      Sokke Me Gaten
        B1      Dwars
        B2      Ademnood
        B3      Bokke Ze Neer
        B4      Adrenaline Overdosis
        B5      (Hartstikke) Gek
        B6      De Passie V/D Slager
        B7      (Houje) Oren (Open)
RW      003     DE KIFT                 DE DAG                          7"      09.2009

        A       De Dag
        B1      Nat & Stinkend Stro
        B2      Haat
RW      004     ZEA/KANIPCHEN-FIT       SUPER COSMOTICS                 7"      12.2009

        AA1     Zea                     Song For Electricity
        AA2     Zea                     Ich Hab Ein Riesenkopf
        A1      Kanipchen-Fit           People Need Love
        A2      Kanipchen-Fit           Old Lies
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 500 copies on red vinyl)

        1       R Mutt                                          4:20
        2       Elephants                                       4:32
        3       Misteriosa Fuiriosa                             3:20
        4       Left Hand                                       5:12
        5       Mick                                            2:26
        6       Aka                                             4:49
        7       Ulrike                                          5:00
        8       49                                              3:26
        9       Blood Pumps & Buds                              4:39
        10      Yawn                                            5:14
        11      Going Home                                      6:34

        A       Odd Mary                                        4:25
        B1      P'tit Nouveau                                   2:13
        B2      Mick                                            2:26
RW      007     ZEA                     THE BEGINNER                    LP        .2011

        A1      Song For Electricity
        A2      The Beginning
        A3      We've Got A Crisis
        A4      I Follow Up Front
        A5      Dat Is Net Sa Moai
        A6      Agrarian Daydreams
        A7      Bourgeois Blues
        B1      Why So Scared?
        B2      Staande Ben Ik Vergeeten Wat Ik Dacht Toen Ik Lag
        B3      Waitress
        B4      Armpit Elastica
        B5      20 Cent
        B6      Rubbing The Board With No
        B7      Parked Forever
        B8      Donkeys Don't Grow Here

LP      Makkum          MR 3            2010    NE
REDWIG  008     WILF PLUM               FAT CAT                         LP        .2013

        A1      Générique (Gare Du Midi 6500)                   3:04
        A1b     Combien De Temps?                               0:12
        A2      Lisser La Moustache                             0:53
        A2b     Pourquoi Dix Minutes?                           0:13
        A3      Wade In The Water                               3:02
        A4      Hats Off To The Professor : Radio Mix           2:23
        A5      Game Show                                       1:17
        A6      Dans La Brousse                                 1:59
        A6b     Willy, Viens Par Ici                            0:13
        A7      Reality Checkpoint pt. 1                        2:26
        A7b     6 Aux Dés                                       0:21
        B1      Dans La Jungle                                  2:13
        B2      Hats Off To The Professor                       1:13
        B3      La Grosse Légume                                2:48
        B3b     Ça Me Laissait Pas Tranquille                   0:12
        B4      Fin De Nuit                                     2:44
        B5      Barry Gadgie                                    1:11
        B5b     Le Passé                                        0:25
        B6      La Peur Des Lys                                 1:51
        B6b     Sacré Grabuge                                   0:10
        B7      Générique Fin (Reality Checkpoint pt. 2)        4:45
REDWIG  009     MASSICOT                MASSICOT                        12"       .2013

        A1      Seize                                           1:56
        A2      Fruits                                          3:46
        A3      Espace Pro                                      2:22
        A4      Ourson Mytho                                    2:53
        B1      Câbles                                          6:13
        B2      Chinatown                                       0:44
        B3      Les Mâchoires Des Champignons                   2:55
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
RX      010     LOVERS                  WELCOME HOME                    7"      10.2013

        A1      Wander Through The Time Of Hearts               5:14
        B1      Boxer                                           4:20
        B2      Lavender Light                                  3:06

        A1      Slide
        A2      Close & Different
        A3      The Sheep That Said Moo
        A4      These Books Weren't Made For Burning
        A5      Cranes Fly
        B1      Tra La La
        B2      Apo
        B3      It Looked Shorter On The Map
        B4      Come On In
        B5      Homs

        A       Lentilleres
        B       Elephants
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
RW      013     KEITH JOHN ADAMS        ROUGHHOUSING                    LP      12.2014

        A1      Vulnerable
        A2      Hiding Things
        A3      Lullaby's Answer
        A4      Music In My Feet
        A5      Bell's Regret Forgiven
        A6      Wormhole Weekend
        B1      Change
        B2      No Room
        B3      Find Your Luck
        B4      Machine
        B5      Better
        B6      Sun Broken Sea
RW      014     KURWS :  Wszystko Co Sta³e Rozp³ywa Siê W Powietrzu     LP      06.2015
                / All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

        1       Weltgeist                                       03:47
        2       Tasiemiec Niejadek / Tapeworm Small-Eater       04:36
        3       Nie By³o Ko³a W Pañstwie Inków / There Was No
                Wheel In The Inca Empire                        01:34
        4       Léo Taxil                                       02:55
        5       Strefa Euro / Eurozone                          04:20
        6       Torsje / Retching                               05:03
        7       Psy P³askiego / Plaski's Dogs                   04:36
        8       Kolos Na Glinianych Nogach / Colossus With Feet
                Of Clay                                         04:33
        9       Z³a Bajka / Evil Fairy Tale                     03:20

LP      Gaffer          GR 055          2015    PL
RW      15      PRINCE BUJU             WE ARE IN THE WAR               CD      04.2015

        A1      Afashee
        A2      In The War
        A3      Genego Abem (Tengan Yo-Re)
        A4      I am Accused (Nazareth)
        A5      Lawona Foo (Teba Tola De La-Ra)
        B1      Bongo Sa-Abodaana (Aposarega Buekengo)
        B2      Poore Tolege
        B3      Abiire Bongo Akambo-Se
        B4      Assala Bo-Lom
RW      16      LE SINGE BLANC          LE SINGE BLANC                  LP      10.2015

        A1      Pendok                                          2:40
        A2      Melotrou                                        2:31
        A3      Dizivala                                        3:30
        A4      Malatamor                                       2:48
        A5      Ouip                                            3:00
        A6      Muzoz                                           3:15
        B1      Soalamo                                         4:08
        B2      Pavou                                           8:16
        B3      Cüghart                                         7:26
REDWIG  017     MASSICOT                MORSE                           LP        .2015

        A1      Louac
        A2      Uguns
        A3      L'autre
        A4      Tarte
        B1      Burini
        B2      Internet
        B3      Genuine
        B4      Danser
RW      018     LAHCEN AKIL AND THE CHAABI BROTHERS : s/t               LP      04.2015

                Abdel Malik
        A1      Azul
        A2      Tamarryt
        A3      Gar Amddakl
        A4      L'baz
        B1      Tamlalt
        B2      Tazwout
        B3      Titrite
RW      19      HOWIE REEVE             SMALLER, NOW                    LP      02.2016

        1       Teatime War Film                                3:21
        2       Survival Tactics                                2:39
        3       Splish Splash                                   2:26
        4       Air Pockets                                     0:32
        5       A1, C5                                          3:49
        6       Dare to Hope                                    3:04
        7       John, Tom and Joe                               2:14
        8       Dishevelled Bear                                2:59
        9       Clumsy Love                                     2:38
        10      Free Market Ache                                3:11
        11      Strachur Harmonium                              1:22
        12      Antenna Gone Haywire                            2:57
        13      People are Flawed                               2:25
        14      Lists                                           3:36
RW      20      V / A                   THIS IS KOLOGO POWER!           LP        .2016
RW      20 1/2  V / A                   THIS IS KOLOGO POWER!           CD        .2016

        A1      King Ayisoba            Africa
        A2      Ayuune Sule             Who Knows Tomorrow
        A3      Agongo                  I Am Suffering
        A4      Prince Buju             Afashee
        A5      Atimbila                I Have Something To Say
        B1      Atamina Feat. King Ayisoba : Africa Problem
        B2      Amoru                   Yabaa
        B3      Barnasko                Nsoh Yaaba
        B4      Asaa Naho               Home Witches
        B5      King Ayisoba            Nerba
RW      021     L'ETRANGLEUSE           MEMORIES TO COME                LP      12.2015

        A1      Do I
        A2      Then I Try
        A3      Doesn't Matter
        A4      Coincidence
        A5      L'Un Languit
        B1      Noise/Silence
        B2      Drifting Around
        B3      Ed
        B4      Who We Are
        B5      Caged Bird 
RW      022     HYPERCULTE              HYPERCULTE                      LP        .2016

        a1      Les Crabes
        A2      Résigné
        A3      Choléra
        A4      Le Tyran
        A5      S.O.S.I
        B1      Penser Ensemble
        B2      Bataille
        B3      Caillou
        B4      Le Feu
RW      023     NASSICOT                SURI GRUTI                      10"       .2016

        A       Suri Gruti                                      12:39
        B       Zem                                             12:56
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
RW      24      DAIKIRI                 MARCEL SUPRA                    LP      11.2016
RW      24      DAIKIRI                 MARCEL SUPRA                    CD      11.2016

        A1      Tiiing
        A2      Fanion
        A3      Coeur Coeur
        A4      Lemiemor
        A5      Barik
        A6      Ilehmess
        A7      Loa
        A8      Mamoto
        A9      Diabolo
        A10     Troolett
        B1      Fofaid

Daikiri is a drums and bass duo from Metz, France, producing psychedelic noise and
epileptic speed-funk with comically high-pitched screechy vocals. Hyperkraut lightning
bolt melting a banana on an arab's radar. The LP comes on bubblegum pink vinyl.
RW      025     HOUSEWIVES/MASSICOT     SPLIT 7"                        7"      06.2017

        1       Housewives              Exc. 281016             4:40
        2       Massicot                Kokteilis               2:30
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 1000 copies)

A split-release containing unreleased material from Geneva-based quartet Massicot and
London's Housewives.
RW      26      NI                      DEDODA                          LP      06.2017

        A1      Öl                                              06:12
        A2      Jona                                            04:13
        A3      Depate                                          01:03
        A4      Welo                                            05:57
        B1      Weost                                           04:55
        B2      Docht                                           05:38
        B3      Dedoda                                          01:30

Space noise rock drones from Linz, Austria. With three guitarists and one drummer,
NI produces complex structured and exorbitantly bombastic sounding instrumentals.
This stuff is free jazz-inspired, noise-shaped, and showcases nods to classical music.
The more experimental progressive rock bands on Skin Graft come to mind, as well as
Magma. Strangely surrealistic! 
RW      27      HOWIE REEVE             NOT SO SECRET GARDEN            LP      05.2017

        1       All Day Return                                  04:07
        2       Holiday Snaps                                   03:07
        3       Soft Shelled Crab                               02:54
        4       Before Work                                     00:42
        5       Brick by Brick                                  03:01
        6       Fork in the Road                                03:34
        7       Columbo Repeats                                 03:04
        8       Ghosts and Possibilities                        04:09
        9       Years Ago                                       03:32
        10      Softening                                       04:04
        11      Mazapán                                         03:44
        12      A Dead Statesman                                01:22
        13      Pampered Bruise                                 03:55

The second full album by this singer-songwriter from Glasgow contains 13 songs,
mostly played with acoustic bass and his vocals, and sometimes with sparse additional
instrumentation. References include Mike Watt and Elliott Smith.
RW      28      SUMSHAPES               CABIN BISCUITS                  LP      06.2017

        1       Itchy Eye                                       3:11
        2       Might Not                                       1:47
        3       Mesh Tabbard                                    3:53
        4       Frist XI                                        3:32
        5       Literally In The Lap Of The Gods                4:31
        6       (Bruce Lee's) Buffet                            4:12
        7       If I Stop Carry On Without Me                   2:47
        8       Northern                                        1:37
        9       Normal As Fuck                                  3:03

The debut-album by this band from Glasgow. These musicians are not really "newcomers",
since actually they are the very same people who played in in Dawson in the late
'80s/early '90s. Their music sounds stylistically kinda like a mixture of NoMeansNo
and Minutemen, but with that certain British post-punk flair!
RW      29
RW      30      KURWV                   ALARM                           LP      10.2017

        A1      Oury Jalloh                                     1:00
        A2      Nagonka / The Hunt                              8:05
        A3      Mieæ Ciastko I Zjeœæ Ciastko / You Can’t Have
                Your Cake And Eat It Too                        9:06
        B1      Eliminacje / Eliminations                       7:17
        B2      Triumf Niewoli / Triumph Of The Unwill          10:47
        B3      Tañce Na Wulkanie / Dances On The Volcano       3:43

CD      Gusstaff                GRAM 17.07      2017    Poland

'Alarm' was recorded with the simultaneous usage of cassette dictaphone, digital
recorder and studio mixing console. The result is an album that not only blends
post-punk, krautrock, rock in opposition, funk and no wave, but also places all these
genres in an unusual context, be it deconstructed or distilled.
RW      31      API UIZ                 PEPLUM                          LP      10.2017

        A1      Fournaise A La GrenouillEre                     6:16
        A2      Stade                                           4:07
        A3      Le Grand Soir En Plein Soleil                   8:29
        B1      Exil                                            10:04
        B2      "Et Moi Aussi, Mais Alors Avec Un Peu De
                Moutarde..."                                    3:17
        B3      Chasse A L'Homme                                6:10

Experimental post-punk from Bordeaux, in a similar vein as bands like The Ex, Dog
Faced Hermans and Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp. Seven tracks, all purely
instrumental but with lots of variation, inventiveness and a colourful punk spirit.
RW      32      COOLHAVEN               RODE PRUIK                      10"+BK  11.2017

Rotterdam's Coolhaven performs cover versions of the Rondos and Tändstickorshocks,
combining the minimal punk style of the late '70s with a gabber hardcore beat, typical
for Rotterdam in the '90s. Limited edition of 300 copies including a 24-page comic
book, featuring artwork by Johannes van de Weert, former singer of Rondos.
RW      33
RW      34      LAHCEN AKIL             TIZI INZIT                      LP      08.2018

Recorded by Lucien in March 2018 in Tamlalt, Moroccan High Atlas, in the blue room
at the Bibliotatlas collective. Lahcen perfroms his songs on a lothar, an instrument
that he made himself, with a wooden handle, a palm soundboard and goatskin. He is
accompanied by El Hussain Safir on bendir and vocals, Lahcen Bouri on bendir, Tarik
Boughfyani on tamtam and vocals,Idir Ben Hakim on tamtam and vocals and El Houssain
Oumaa on bendir, tamtam and vocals.
RW      35      D.U.D.S.                IMMEDIATE                       LP      10.2018
RW      36
RW      37      PRZEPYCH                REGRESARABAS                    LP      03.2019

Przepych is a Wroclaw, Poland based duo consisting of members of Kurws, Ukryte Zalety
Systemu (UZS), Pustostany and Norymberga. The band is a member of local DIY underground
music scene CRK Salka oriented around CRK social-cultural center which is their daily
rehearsal room. Although the duo uses typical rock instruments and sound, they avoid
referring to typical rock or post-rock structures; instead, guitars and drums as tools
of composition owe a lot to the syncretic Rock In Opposition scene, funk-hitting no
wave, and post-punk that wished to turn its own limitations into unlimited space.
Przepych is a response to these endeavors. The LP is published cooperatively by Red
Wig, Déguelite, La Loutre Par Les Cornes and the band.