Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : punk / hardcore /

RHR     1       KEVIN K AND THE KRAZY KATS : DRY DRUNK                  7"      10.2018

        A       Dry Drunk
        B       Box Lunch

With a 40-year history in punk, post-punk and power pop bands (including The Toys
and Lone Cowboys) one of America's most successful losers, Kevin Kalicki, releases
a Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers-styled punk rock song. The flip is about trying to
get a girl that's totally out of your league, which Kevin knows all about.
RHR     2       CAR BOMB DRIVER         CBD                             7"      12.2020

Here's a cool 7-inch by Car Bomb Driver, the Tampa-based combo that's been delivering
beer fueled, Angry Samoans-style pop-punk since 1993!
RHR     3       THE BAD VIBRATIONS      BAD VIBRATIONS                  7"      12.2020

        1       BAD VIBRATIONS
        2       DEADLY EYES

The Bad Vibrations' debut-single comes across as the ideal muixture of The Kinks,
The Ramones and The Pandoras!