Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : jazz / fusion / avantgarde /

ROW     001 LP  GEORGES-EDOUARD NOUEL : CHODO                           LP      05.2017

        1.      Mazurka
        2.      Chandernagor
        3.      Solingen
        4.      Meci Bon Die
        5.      Cesca
        6.      Chodo
        7.      Alfie

Spiritual afro jazz funk with west indies and latin influences by Georges-Edouard
Nouel, this jazz pianist from Martinique is better known for his collaboration with
Noel McGhie, Steve Potts or Roland Brival but his only album is just a masterpiece,
essential to any lovers of deep jazz records.
ROW     002 LP  ZISKAKAN                PEI BATO FOU                    2LP     02.2018

        1.      Bato Fou
        2.      20 Désanm
        3.      Romans Pour Rico
        4.      Siraz La Nuit
        5.      Eya Mussard
        6.      Tribinal Pou In Kriminel
        7.      Kosa Ou Nana Dan La Min
        8.      La Sours
        9.      Péi Lafrik
        10.     Gawé
        11.     In Romans
        12.     Les La Po Kabri Gazouyé
        13.     Démarser
        14.     Douloungé
        15.     Kisa La Vol

Enchanting fusions of Indian music, indigenous Maloya and acid folk with cheesy
French vocals, hailing from Réunion Island; the region of France located east of
Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
ROW     003 LP  LOUIS XAVIER            LADJA                           LP      11.2018

        1.      Delito
        2.      Trois Ilets
        3.      Helix
        4.      Steps
        5.      Miss Bee
        6.      Migan

Killer jazz record from instrumentalist, composer and arranger Louis Xavier. Ladja
was originally released in Paris in 1981. Louis was a prolific player in the Parisian
music scene.