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Really Records started in the summer of 2011 in Brooklyn, NY. It is based in a small
office in Jeff Rosenstock's apartment that has a printer, two postage scales for some
reason, a desk, two Really Records brand coffee mugs, a record player and a tabletop
-style coin-operated Tapper machine. Really Records has two PayPal accounts, one
tape gun and a lot of boxes that have yet to be folded.  may 16, 2019

Start   : 2011
Owner   : Jeff Rosenstock
          (In 2007 I started a free/donation-based digital label called Quote
          Unquote Records. I also used to be in the band Bomb the Music Industry!
          and then that band stopped. Now I just do this stuff. Hope you like it!)
Distr.  : US -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : indie / alternative / punk / power pop /

RRLP    001     BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! : VACATION                     LP      07.2011

        A1      Campaign for a Better Next Weekend
        A2      Vocal Coach
        A3      Everybody That You Love
        A4      Sponge Board / Baby Waves
        A5      The Shit That You Hate
        A6      Hurricane Waves
        A7      Sick, Later.
        B1      Why, Oh Why, Oh Why? (Oh Oh Oh Oh)
        B2      Savers
        B3      Canít Complain
        B4      Everybody That Loves You
        B5      Sunny Place / Shady People
        B6      Felt Just Like Vacation
RR      002     ROAR : I'M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS                     7"      02.2012

        A1      Chinese Tattoo
        A2      Flightless Bird
        B1      Poor Grammar
        B2      The Comfort Of A Laugh Track
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on clear-red vinyl)
RR      003     THE TAXPAYERS           GOD, FORGIVE BASTARDS           LP      06.2012
                (Songs From The Forgotten Life Of Henry Turner)

        A1      As The Sun Beats Down                           3:00
        A2      Atlanta's Own                                   3:37
        A3      Who The Hell Are You?                           1:43
        A4      Goddamn These Hands                             2:15
        A5      Drinking With Mickey Mantle                     2:49
        A6      Raised In The Shadows                           1:32
        A7      Weapon Of God                                   2:20
        A8      Jimmy Barlett's Teeth                           1:52
        B1      Hungry Dog In The Street                        1:42
        B2      The Business Man                                2:58
        B3      The Carriage Town Clinic                        2:56
        B4      I Love You Like An Alcoholic                    3:36
        B5      Some Rotten Man                                 4:06
        B6      Let The Seconds Do Their Worst                  3:03

LP      Asian Man           AMR 242         2012        US
RR      004     THE SIDEKICKS           AWKWARD BREEDS                  LP      04.2012

        A1      Dmt
        A2      Grace
        A3      Peacock
        A4      Incandescent Days
        A5      1940's Fighter Jet
        A6      Diamond Eyes
        B1      The Whale And Jonah
        B2      The 9th Piece
        B3      Looker
        B4      Baby, Baby
        B5      Daisy
RRLP    005     HARD GIRLS              ISN'T IT WORSE                  LP      10.2012

        A1      Focus on the Tedium
        A2      Hot for the Halo
        A3      My Buddy Valentine
        A4      Second Glimmer
        A5      Fed by the Eater
        B1      Swamp With Potential
        B2      Mary Anne
        B3      San Francisco
        B4      Major Payne
RR      006     ARCHIPELAGO             GOOD AS GONE                    LP      01.2013

        A1      Tune Up                                         2:27
        A2      The Mast                                        4:23
        A3      We're In Love                                   4:01
        A4      Reminder                                        2:42
        A5      Lion's Teeth                                    5:19
        B1      Carry On                                        5:23
        B2      Ripple                                          1:54
        B3      Holy Water                                      0:33
        B4      Tired Of Eating                                 3:28
        B5      Good As Gone                                    7:49
RRLP    007     SEAN NELSON             MAKE GOOD CHOICES               LP        .2013
RRCD    007     SEAN NELSON             MAKE GOOD CHOICES               CD        .2013

A.      1       The World Owes Me a Living (and I Intend to
                Collect)                                        3:08
        2       Born Without a Heart                            4:12
        3       Creative Differences                            3:50
        4       Brooklyn Bridge                                 4:17
        5       Make Good Choices                               3:29
        6       Advance and Retreat                             3:28
        7       Ski Lift Incident                               1:05
B.      8       More Good News From the Front                   2:50
        9       I'll Be the One                                 2:42
        10      Stupid & 25 (The Incredibly Sad Shuffle)        3:20
        11      Price of Doing Business                         3:25
        12      Hey, Millicent                                  2:50
        13      Kicking Me Out of the Band                      4:06
RR      008     AMERICAN WAR            CAGES EP                        7"        .2013

        A       Cages
        B       Sometimes
RR      009     JEFF ROSENSTOCK         SUMMER                          7"        .2013
RR      009     JEFF ROSENSTOCK         SUMMER                          4DL       .2013

        1       Teenager
        2       Go On Get
        3       Not Too Soon
        4       I Always Dread The End Of Summer (Bonus Track)
RR      010     THE BRUCE LEE BAND : COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP            7"+DLc  01.2014

        A1      Agh!!!                                          0:57
        A2      Tanning Depression                              1:51
        A3      Dianna                                          2:19
        B1      We've Got The Money, We've Got The Power        2:07
        B2      Ms. Me                                          2:40
                (Note : 7" , black or orange vinyl)
RR      011     BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! :  Adults!!! - Smart!!!        12"     01.2014
                Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing

        A1      You Still Believe In Me?
        A2      Planning My Death
        A3      Slumlord
        B1      All Ages Shows
        B2      Big Ending
        B3      The First Time I Met Sanawon
        B4      Struggler
RRLP    12      JEFF ROSENSTOCK         I LOOK LIKE SHIT                LP      04.2014
                (Note : LP , yellow vinyl w/ brown + grey splatter)
RRLP    12      JEFF ROSENSTOCK         I LOOK LIKE SHIT                LP        .2015
                (Note : LP , clear brown vinyl w/ orange, yellow + brown
RRLP    12      JEFF ROSENSTOCK         I LOOK LIKE SHIT                LP      07.2019

        01.     TWINKLE
        02.     DISHES
        04.     SNOW CHARGES
        05.     80S THROUGH THE 50S
        06.     LITTLE BLUE PILLS
        08.     BONUS OCEANS
        09.     AMEN
        10.     I DONT WANNA DIE

Origianlly released in 2012, I Look Like Shit the debut solo record from Jeff
Rosenstock. It is a collection of frequently blown out / occasionally tender home
recordings from 2010 - 2012, written during the twilight of Rosenstocks former band
Bomb the Music Industry! This album has been unavailable on vinyl for quite some
time but hey check it out now its available again. In the years that have passed since
originally releasing I Look Like Shit, Rosenstock has gained the recognition of the
people who work at the donut shop across the street, he thinks, like it kinda feels
like they remember him at this point.
RR      013     ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI     SOULMATE STUFF                  12"     04.2014

        A1      100 Years
        A2      Sometimes
        A3      I'm Giving Up On U2
        A4      Guest List Spots
        B1      Don't Die In Yr Hometown
        B2      100 Years 2: 200 Years
        B3      Bang!
RR      014     ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI     LEAVIN' LA VIDA LOCA            LP      01.2016

        A1      2 Days                                          1:57
        A2      Impossible to Place                             2:30
        A3      Save Me From Myself                             2:18
        A4      Losing My Mind                                  2:48
        A5      Hooray for Me                                   2:30
        B1      VI                                              1:05
        B2      Living in Hell                                  3:05
        B3      No Bad Memories                                 2:16
        B4      Crashing Waves                                  3:12
        B5      I See Failure                                   3:55
RR      015     ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI     LRAVIN' LA VIDA LOCA            LP      01.2016
RR      015     ANTARCTIGO VESPUCCI     LRAVIN' LA VIDA LOCA            CS      01.2016

        A1      2 Days                                          1:57
        A2      Impossible To Place                             2:30
        A3      Save Me From Myself                             2:18
        A4      Losing My Mind                                  2:48
        A5      Hooray For Me                                   2:30
        B1      VI                                              1:05
        B2      Living In Hell                                  3:05
        B3      No Bad Memories                                 2:16
        B4      Crashing Waves                                  3:12
        B5      I See Failure                                   3:55
RR      016     DAN P.                  TO THE LIONS                    LP      07.2016

        A1      Beautiful Night                                 3:39
        A2      All I Want                                      2:18
        A3      World Won                                       3:01
        A4      Day Off                                         2:30
        A5      The Facts                                       2:40
        A6      The Lie                                         1:39
        B1      Talent                                          2:42
        B2      Crush                                           2:52
        B3      Back Again                                      2:37
        B4      Shazam                                          2:51
        B5      Pinball                                         3:48
RR      017     SHINOBU                 WORSTWARD, HO!                  LP      10.2016

        A1      T-T-T-Trempanning
        A2      Hail, Hail The Executioner
        A3      Same Bastards
        A4      Moms And Dads
        A5      Regular Love Triangle
        A6      Up There
        B1      Truth Or Consequences, Nm
        B2      Boourns
        B3      Not Gonna Happen
        B4      Bejing Bears
        B5      Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
        B6      Mt Umunhum

CD      Asian Man           AM 137 CD           2006        US