Distr.  : UK - Norman
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RR   214316     SAMANTHA CRAIN          A SMALL DEATH                   LP      08.2020
RLKND   001     SAMANTHA CRAIN          A SMALL DEATH                   CD      08.2020

        1       An Echo
        2       Pastime
        3       Holding to the Edge of Night
        4       High Horse
        5       Reunion
        6       Joey
        7       Constructive Eviction
        8       Garden Dove
        9       Tough For You
        10      When We Remain
        11      Little Bit

A Small Death is an incredibly moving and hopeful album and comes as a very unexpected
chapter in the career and life of Samantha Crain. Since making her last album, 2017ís
You Had Me At Goodbye, her hands had become paralysed. It seemed that her career was
over. Inexplicably she got the use of her hands back and translated a brain full of
songs on to guitar. A Small Death is the first release on Real Kind Records - a label
set up by Lucy Rose who was inspired and moved by Samantha Crainís music.