REAL GROOVY RECORDS                     Auckland
*******************                     New Zealand

Distr.  : NZ - Flying Nun
Style   : jazz rock / folk / indie / punk / post punk /

RGR     001     ACOUSTIC CONFUSION      HAZY DAYS                       LP        .1984

        A1      Takeaway Newspapers
        A2      Falling Way Behind
        A3      Hard Time Killing Floor
        A4      Time On The Road
        A5      Maybeline
        B1      One For You
        B2      Girl With Enamel Eyes
        B3      Troubles
        B4      It's Alright
        B5      Gorleden
RGR     002     V / A                   AUCKLAND ACOUSTICS              LP        .1985

        A1      Mahina Tocker           Papa Will Survive
        A2      Acoustic Confusion      Lose Our Love
        A3      Chris Thompson (12) / Lynne Thompson : Poor Little Thing
        A4      Kathryn Tait : I Lost My Heart On A Westbound Highway
        A5      Wayne Gillespie         While The Cats Away
        A6      Siren                   Love Minus Zero/ No Limit
        A7      Nick Smith              Wasted Days
        B1      Kathryn Tait            Travellers In Your Eyes
        B2      Wayne Gillespie         Invercargill
        B3      Chris Thompson / Lynne Thompson : She Should Have Been A Lady
        B4      Acoustic Confusion      Takeaway Newspapers
        B5      Mahina Tocker           Love Me As I Am
        B6      Siren                   Dancing Barefoot
RGR     003     NICK SMITH              FLANKER                         12"       .1986

        A1      Turn To The Woman
        A2      Ring Of Bright Water
        A3      Moving Land
        B1      Going Home
        B2      Requiem
RGLP    001     TOY LOVE                LIVE AT THE GLUEPOT             2LP     04.2012

LP 1    A1      Fifteen
        A2      Blackboard Grin
        A3      Unscrewed Up
        A4      Amputee Song
        A5      Toy Love Song
        A6      I Wanna Die
        A7      Don't Catch Fire
        B1      Bedroom
        B2      Photographs
        B3      Lust
        B4      Second To Last Song Toy Love Ever Wrote (With Ad Lib Lyrics)
        B5      Sheep
        B6      Swimming Pool
        B7      Fast Ostrich
LP 2    C1      Good Old Joe
        C2      I Thought I Needed You
        C3      I'm In Love
        C4      Green Walls
        C5      Horror Comic
        C6      Rebel
        C7      Cold Meat
        C8      Don't Ask Me
        D1      Squeeze
        D2      I Don't Mind
        D3      Ain't It Nice
        D4      The Crunch
        D5      Death Rehearsal
        D6      Bride Of Frankenstein
        D7      Pull Down The Shades

2LP     Goner           91GONE          2012    US
RGLP    002     TOY LOVE                TOY LOOVE                       2LP     11.2012

LP 1    A1      Rebel                                           2:12
        A2      Don't Ask Me                                    2:44
        A3      Sheep                                           2:44
        A4      Bride Of Frankenstein                           2:07
        A5      Amputee Song                                    2:34
        A6      Good Old Joe                                    2:20
        B1      Squeeze                                         3:31
        B2      Sheep                                           2:42
        B3      I Don't Mind                                    1:59
        B4      Swimming Pool                                   2:30
        B5      Death Rehearsal                                 3:16
        B6      Unscrewed Up                                    2:37
        B7      Toy Love Song                                   2:41

LP 2    C1      Photographs Of Naked Ladies                     3:51
        C2      Lust                                            2:06
        C3      I'm Not Bored                                   4:18
        C4      1978                                            2:39
        C5      15                                              2:34
        C6      Cold Meat                                       3:06
        C7      The Crunch                                      2:19
        D1      Wanna Die With You                              1:56
        D2      Don't Catch Fire                                3:21
        D3      Green Walls                                     2:12
        D4      Pull Down The Shades                            1:40
        D5      Frogs                                           4:44
        D6      Fast Ostrich                                    1:01
        D7      Radio Hauraki Jingle                            0:30
        D8      Second To Last Song Toy Love Wrote (With Ad Lib Lyrics)

2LP     Flying Nun      FNLP 528        2013    NZ
RGLP    003     THE SCAVENGERS          THE SCAVENGERS                  LP      05.2014

A.      1.      True Love
        2.      Mysterex
        3.      Born To Bullshit
        4.      Money In The Bank
        5.      Supported By The State
        6.      Violence
        7.      Twenty One
B.      1.      Mysterex (Version 2)
        2.      First In Line
        3.      True Love
        4.      The Answer
        5.      The Man Who Knew Too Much
        6.      Routine
        7.      Glad All Over
RGLP    004     LE DE DA'S              LE DE DA'S                      LP        .2014

A.      1.      How Is The Air Up There
        2.      Donít You Stand In My Way
        3.      I Take What I Want
        4.      Hey Girl
        5.      Bright Lights Big City
        6.      Jump Back
        7.      What Ya Gonna Do About It
        8.      Little Girl
B.      1.      On Top Of The World
        2.      Land Of A Thousand Dancers
        3.      Shake
        4.      Ride Your Pony
        5.      Rosalie
        6.      All Purpose Low
        7.      Find Us A Way
RGLP    005     SPELLING MISTAKES       FEELS SO GOOD                   LP      05.2014

A.      1.      Feels So Good
        2.      Stingy
        3.      Hate Me, Hate Me!
        4.      No Contact
        5.      I Want You
        6.      I Hate The Spelling Mistakes
        7.      The Ballad of Reenaís Piss Flaps
B.      1.      X-Teenager
        2.      Ergophobia
        3.      Anti-social
        4.      Nothing To Say
        5.      Whatís Wrong With Me?
        6.      Hate Me, Hate Me!
        7.      All I Know How To Be
RGDVD   01      TOY LOVE                PULL DOWN THE SHADES            DVD     11.2012

        1       Bride Of Frankenstein
        2       Frogs
        3       Squeeze
        4       Death Rehearsal
        5       Ain't It Nice
        6       Sheep
        7       Green Walls
        8       Pull Down The Shades
        9       Good Old Joe
        10      Swimming Pool