RAW EDGE RECORDS                2 Hillview
****************                Wimbledon
                                London SW 20

                                tel. :  081 947 2724

Owner  : The Outsiders
Distr. : own
Style  : punk /

RER  001  THE OUTSIDERS         CALLING ON YOUTH                        LP      10.1977

Calling On Youth / Break Free / On The Edge / Hit And Run / Start Over / I'm Screwed
Up / Walking Through A Storm / Terminal Case
RER  002  THE OUTSIDERS         One To Infinity / New Uniform /         7"EP    10.1977
          Consequences / Freeway Vital Hours / Take Up
RER  003  THE OUTSIDERS         CLOSE UP                                LP        .1979

Vital Hours / Observations / Fixed Up / Touch And Go / White Debt / Count For Something
/ Out Of Place / Keep The Pain Inside / Face To Face / Semi-Detached Life / Conspiracy
Of War

(Note : LP with insert)
THE OUTSIDERS  :  are band from Wimbledon , later part of The Sound
Captured Tracks

CT      208 LP  THE OUTSIDERS           CLOSE UP                        LP      08.2014

The Outsiders, hailing from Wimbledon, England, were one of the many bands to rise up
through the UK is punk explosion of the late 70s. Citing the Velvet Underground as
their primary influence, The Outsiders were fronted by Adrian Borland, who went on to
form the seminal post-punk band The Sound following the demise of the band. Gaining
exposure through opening for acts such as The Jam and The Vibrators. Bob Lawrence
(bass) and Adrian Janes (aka Jan, drums) rounded out the band. The Outsiders were the
first UK punk band to self-release a full album (their first LP Calling on Youth), on
their own Raw Edge label. With Close Up, the band matured and further developed into
the punk sound that was clearly a gateway to Borland's work with The Sound. The band
were clearly influenced by the Detroit rock sound of The Stooges and were even joined
on stage by Iggy Pop himself for their rendition of 'Raw Power'. Long out of print on
vinyl, this reissue provides a great look into not only the development of the legend.
Adrian Borland, but also a look into the transitional phase of UK rock from classic to
punk. This release includes diary entries from the diary of Phil King (Lush, Jesus &
Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Servants) written during The Outsiders' active years as
a band, and includes memories of attending their shows, buying instruments from Adrian
Borland and the original art from his diaries."
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