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Start  : 1999
Found  : Pierpaolo De Lulis (after Reverendo Moon broke-up)
Distr. : IT -
         NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/Sonic Rendezvous/
         CA - Scratch
Style  : punk / glam rock / reissue / art punk / early hardcore / r&r /
         garage rock /

                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 1
RUR     001     THE RAECTORS            HALF-LIFE!                      LP      11.1999

        A1      I Want Sex (Studio)
        A2      Fingerprintz (Studio)
        A3      Clubs Suc (Studio)
        A4      Disposessed (Studio)
        A5      I'm A Reactor (Max's Kansas City)
        A6      Finally Gonna Win (Max's Kansas City)
        A7      I Like You (Godzilla)
        A8      Julia Stale A Supercar (Max's Kansas City)
        A9      Psychotic Darling (Max's Kansas City)
        B1      I Want Sex (Record)
        B2      Seduction Center (Record)
        B3      Space Age Rage (Godzilla)
        B4      Seduction Center (Godzilla)
        B5      Time Belong To Us (Godzilla) 
        B5      University Eternity (Godzilla)
        B7      Fingerprintz (Max's Kansas City)
        B8      Never In The Race (Godzilla)
        B9      No Excuse (Max's Kansas City)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 2
RUR     002     TRESORS FT. SONNY VINCENT : NEW YORK CITY PUNK 1979     LP        .1999

        A1      Bad Attitude
        A2      Beat It Down
        A3      Black Book
        A4      Lonely Nights
        A5      Primal Call
        A6      Full Circle
        A7      Sick On Yesterday
        A8      Good Stuff
        B1      She's Not Changed
        B2      Nice To Your Dog
        B3      Greedy Fuckers
        B4      Crazy Lazy Jane
        B5      Lust Or Love
        B5      Tracey McPrichtease
        B7      I'm Allowed
        B8      Ex
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 3

        A1      The Features            Floozie Of The Neighborhood
        A2      The Features            I Wanna Be Your Man
        A3      The Fingers             Isolation
        A4      The Fingers             Wanna Go
        A5      The Fingers             Work It Out
        B1      The Features            All Alone
        B2      The Features            Walk
        B3      The Features            On The Prowl
        B4      The Features            Battle Zone
        B5      The Features            Shake
        B6      The Features            Penthouse Party
        B7      The Features            Floozie Of The Neighborhood
        B8      The Features            Money Maker
        B9      The Features            Copy Cat
        B10     The Features            She Said Yeah
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 4
RUR     004     THE DOGS                TEEN SLIME                      LP        .1999

        A1      Teen Slime
        A2      X-Ray Me, Baby
        A3      When A Young Man
        B1      Rot 'N' Roll
        B2      Man Is Not An Animal
        B3      Horror House Blues
        B4      Freakin' On The Street
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 5
RUR     005     THE DEFEX               BEYOND MACHINE GUN LOVE         LP        .2000

        A1      Intro
        A2      Turn On U
        A3      Tomorrow
        A4      Nuthin 2 Say
        A5      Sum Body
        A6      I Want You Back
        B1      Food
        B2      Blink 2wice
        B3      Dead Heat
        B4      Needjuh
        B5      U Rilly Got Me
        B6      Machine Gun Love
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 6
RUR     006     THE VECTORS             DEATH TO DISCO                  LP        .2000

        A1      Hey Kirby
        A2      Black Pills
        A3      Bondage Man
        A4      Bad Situation
        A5      Fast Cars Fast Girls
        A6      We Are The One
        B1      Busy In The Kitchen
        B2      Death To Disco
        B3      I Hate Myself
        B4      Dirty Magazines
        B5      Grim Reality
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 7
RUR     007     NILLAGE PISTOLS         BIG MONEY                       LP        .2000

        A1      Big Money (Studio)
        A2      Strawberry Fields Forever (Studio)
        A3      Strawberry Fields Forever
        A4      Please Don't Touch
        A5      I'm Not The Pop
        A6      Flying Saucers Of Rock'n'Roll
        A7      Hang Onto Yourself
        B1      Slow Down
        B2      999 Emergency
        B3      Strutter
        B4      On The Road Again
        B5      Love Me Like A Reptile
        B6      Big Money
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 8
RUR     008     LOS REACTORS            DEAD IN THE SUBURBS             LP        .2000

        A1      Dead In The Suburbs
        A2      Laboratory Baby
        A3      Pregnant Girls
        A4      Culture Shock
        A5      Shake Down
        A6      Be A Zombie
        B1      Get Out
        B2      Just Another Unit
        B3      You Move Me
        B4      Dying Persian Monarch
        B5      Mr. Hearst We Have Your Daughter
        B6      Civil Servant
        B7      My Thoughts Are Pure
        B8      Not Quiet Menopause
        B9      I Don't Wanna Be Like You
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 9
RUR     009     TAZERS                  DON'T CLASSIFY ME!              LP        .2000

        A1      Don't Classify Me
        A2      (Music To Work By In The) Neo-Natal Hospital
        A3      Micro-Wave Mother
        A4      Kola Sketch
        A5      Subliminal Emission
        A6      Break Dance
        A7      Emergency Oxygen Intake
        B1      Social Trivia
        B2      Blame It On Bill
        B3      Delorean
        B4      Figure It Out
        B5      Plastic Girls
        B6      Alcoholics Anthem
        B7      429
        B8      Baby Run-A-Round
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 10
RUR     010     GRIM KLONE BAND         BLANK SPACE                     LP      01.2001

        A1      Stet
        A2      At The Hot Club
        A3      Heat's Rising
        A4      Jehovah's Witness
        A5      Punk Of Today
        A6      Blank Space
        A7      My Generation
        B1      Stet
        B2      At The Hot Club
        B3      Heat's Rising
        B4      Punk Of Today
        B5      Blank Space
        B6      I Can Tell
        B7      Son Of Sam
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 11

        A1      Contenders              Drug City
        A2      Contenders              Little Murders
        A3      Contenders              Trigger Boy
        A4      Contenders              Action Town
        A5      Contenders              Hearts Of The West
        A6      Contenders              Junkyard
        A7      Contenders              Coming Down Too Fast
        B1      Backstabbers            New World / Spy Generation
        B2      Backstabbers            Fortune Teller
        B3      Backstabbers : I Got All The Girls (I Got You Runnin')
        B4      Backstabbers            Pirate Love
        B5      Backstabbers            Susie Says
        B6      Backstabbers            She Put A Knife In My Heart
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 12
RUR     012     THE PENETRATORS         KINGS OF BASEMENT ROCK          LP        .2000

        A1      Gotta Have Her
        A2      It's My Life
        A3      Teenage Lifestyle
        A4      Stop Action
        A5      #1 Band In Town
        A6      Everybody Needs Lovin'
        B1      Baby Dontcha Tell Me
        B2      Rock 'N' Roll Face
        B3      Life Stinks
        B4      Shopping Bag
        B5      Drive Me Crazy
        B6      The Scandalizer
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 13
RUR     013     VOMIT PIGS              USELESS EATERS                  LP        .2000

        A1      Baby's Playing Games
        A2      Slut
        A3      Useless Eater
        A4      Art Of The Insane
        A5      My Face Is On Your Lunchbox
        A6      Halloween
        B1      Beer Dog
        B2      Karen Ann Quinlan
        B3      Hypo
        B4      Bomb The Arabs
        B5      Catatonic
        B6      Pitt Grill
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 14
RUR     014     DRY HEAVES              SHOOT YOURSELF                  LP        .2000

        A1      Shoot Yourself
        A2      Portable
        A3      I Can't Puke
        A4      Chronic Care Ward
        A5      Scab Labour
        A6      Swimming In The Sewage
        B1      Factory Punishment
        B2      South Windsor Punk (No Funk)
        B3      Bobby's Gone
        B4      I Hate
        B5      High School Party
        B6      Cancelled
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 15
RUR     015     NERVEBREAKERS           Hijack The Radio                LP        .2000

        A1      Hijack The Radio!                               4:07
        A2      My Girlfriend Is A Rock                         3:26
        A3      Why Am I So Flipped                             3:51
        A4      My Life Is Ruined                               3:49
        A5      I Love Your Neurosis                            3:10
        A6      Everything That Is Right                        3:12
        B1      Strange Movies                                  2:40
        B2      I've Got A Problem                              3:04
        B3      A Part Of My Love                               2:32
        B4      What Do You Want Fron Me?                       2:40
        B5      Stepping Stone                                  2:46
        B6      Let's Fall Apart                                3:02
        B7      I Wanna Kill You                                2:58
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 16
RUR     016     THE GENERAL FOODZ       SICK OF THE WORLD               LP        .2001

        A1      Horniest Girl
        A2      Dead Girl
        A3      Scream
        A4      Sick Of The World
        A5      Slow Down
        B1      Be So Funny
        B2      Love Potion #9
        B3      Johnny Be Good
        B4      Horniest Girl
        B5      Be So Funny
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 17
RUR     017     SKUNKS                  EARTHQUAKE SHAKE                LP        .2001

        A1      Earthquake Shake
        A2      Don't Worry
        A3      Gimme Some
        A4      Top Ten
        A5      Cheap Girl
        A6      You Scare Me
        B1      All Tied Up
        B2      Gimme Some
        B3      Top Ten
        B4      Telewoman
        B5      Sister Ray
        B6      Can't Get Loose
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 18
RUR     018     THE TOKYOS              GOD SAVE THE EMPEROR            LP        .2002

        A1      You're So Silly
        A2      CIA
        A3      Daddy Says I Should Be Rich
        A4      Test Tube Baby
        A5      Party Girl
        B1      Cop Killer
        B2      Tractor
        B3      Trashychic
        B4      Paper People
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 19
RUR     019     DENNIS MOST & THE INSTIGATORS : EXCUSE MY SPUNK         LP        .2002

        A1      Dennis Most And The Instigators : Excuse My Spunk
        A2      Dennis Most And The Instigators : Destructive Love
        A3      Dennis Most             Penetrate
        A4      Dennis Most             Beneath Me Queen
        A5      Dennis Most             Fallout Shelter
        A6      Dennis Most             Don't Take Me For Granted, Janet
        A7      Dennis Most             Tough Break
        B1      Dennis Most             King Of Sleaze
        B2      Dennis Most             I Hate Mel Torme
        B3      Dennis Most             Jump In The Sand
        B4      Dennis Most             Sex Is An Art Form
        B5      Dennis Most             ?Widow's Delight
        B6      Dennis Most             Ad Vice Grip
        B7      Dennis Most And AudioLove : Three's A Crowd
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 20
RUR     020     THE PENETRATORS         LIVE AT KENNY'S 1980

        A1      Gotta Have Her
        A2      Baby Dontcha Tell Me
        A3      (I Like) Brooklyn
        A4      #1 Band In Town
        A5      Rock 'N' Roll Face
        A6      Sweet Soul Music
        A7      Rock 'N' Roll Face (Studio)
        B1      The Scandalizer
        B2      Drive Me Crazy
        B3      Teenage Lifestyle
        B4      Your Socalled Friends
        B5      The Godfather Speaks (P.D.)
        B6      Life Stinks (Studio)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 21
RUR     021     THE INJECTIONS          PRISON WALLS                    LP        .2001

        A1      Prison Walls
        A2      Lies
        A3      The Game
        A4      All The Good Men
        A5      Panther Anthem
        B1      CCCP
        B2      Hey Brother
        B3      Hittin Up
        B4      Jimmy Hoffa
        B5      Cuba
        B6      Hunting
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 22
RUR     022     CHAINSAW                We Are Not Very Nice            LP        .2001

        A1      Polaride Pictures
        A2      Hard Times
        A3      Run For Your Life
        A4      Later Than You Think
        A5      Possibilities
        A6      Burn All Bridges
        A7      30-06
        A8      Popular Boy
        A9      Chains
        A10     Break It Up
        B1      No Fun
        B2      Polaride Pictures
        B3      Popular Boy
        B4      Not Very Nice
        B5      Braker's Dozen

CD      Bacchus Archive BA 1199         2004    US
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 23
RUR     023     THE BRATS               CRIMINAL GUITAR                 LP        .2002

        A1      Keep Doin'
        A2      If You Can't Rock
        A3      Be A Man
        A4      Quaalude Queen
        A5      Criminal Guitar
        A6      Seventeen
        A7      Be A Man
        A8      Quaalude Queen
        B1      Take What I Can
        B2      Hog Ridin' Fools
        B3      I'm So Cruel
        B4      Bang Bang Bullet
        B5      Hot Lips
        B6      Saturday Night
        B7      You Got A Lover
        B8      Perfect Stranger
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 24
RUR     024     CORPSE GRINDERS         Grind On                        LP        .2001

        A1      Rites, 4 Whites
        A2      Mental Moron
        A3      Take What I Can
        A4      Bulldog
        A5      City Rocker
        A6      Frozen Alive
        A7      Forgot To Take My Baby
        B1      Price Of Meat
        B2      Scam
        B3      Infiltration
        B4      Everything About You
        B5      Anything Goes
        B6      Clinically Dead
        B7      Child Of The 4th Reich
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 25
RUR     025     RED SQUARES             MODERN ROLL                     LP        .2001

        A1      Modern Roll
        A2      City Girls
        A3      No You Can't
        A4      No More Pulse
        A5      Rolling Love
        A6      I/You
        B1      Time Change
        B2      Kind Love
        B3      Satisfaction
        B4      You Left Me "D"
        B5      Time Change
        B6      Is It Your Mind
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 26
RUR     026     THE GYNECOLOGISTS       BUKKAKE HIT PARADE              LP        .2002

        A1      Ron & Nancy
        A2      Duk Koo Kim
        A3      Sex Orgy With The Brady Bunch
        A4      Brandy
        A5      Aunt Bee
        A6      Infant Doe
        B1      Nancy Reagan On Crack
        B2      M.A.S.H.E.R.
        B3      Shape Of Things To Come
        B4      Dahmer's Diner
        B5      Crim
        B6      Sally Struther's Tears
        B7      Across 110th Street
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 27
RUR     027     THE STIPHNOYDS          PORTLAND PUNK 1979              LP        .2002

        A1      Afraid Of The Russians
        A2      Mom's Fake
        A3      Radiation
        A4      Disco Fag
        A5      Buried Alive
        A6      What Love Is
        B1      Jimmy Carter
        B2      Meat Is Rotten
        B3      Leave Me Alone
        B4      Bobby Bobby
        B5      Afraid Of The Russians
        B6      Radiation
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 28
RUR     028     THE VIOLATORS           GUN CONTROL                     LP        .2002

        A1      Violator's Intro
        A2      Sweet 16
        A3      Suicide Dolls
        A4      Gun Control
        A5      End Of My Rope
        A6      Black Death
        B1      Durango 95
        B2      Epileptic Seizure
        B3      Ain't Nothing To Do
        B4      I Got Right
        B5      Gun Control
        B6      End Of My Rope
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 29
RUR     029     THE PRODUCTS            FAST MUSIC                      LP        .2002

        A1      Factory Town
        A2      Shooting Your Days Away
        A3      Show No Emotion
        A4      The Changes To Come
        A5      Letter Dated December 31
        B1      On Your Own
        B2      Punch The Man
        B3      Hard Work
        B4      Work Sketch
        B5      Wild Weekend
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 30
RUR     030     THE TRANSPLANTS         VEGETABLE STEW                  LP        .2002

        A1      Suicidal Tendencies
        A2      I've Had My Head Fill
        A3      Braincase
        A4      Police State
        A5      It's Your Own Fault
        A6      That's The Way
        A7      Vegetable Stew
        A8      In The End
        B1      Police State
        B2      That's The Way/I've Had My Fill (Live)
        B3      Suicidal Tendencies
        B4      I Never Loved Her
        B5      1-2-5
        B6      My Time
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 31
RUR     031     FOREIGN OBJECTS         VIOLENT WORLD                   LP        .2003

        A1      Not Too Cool/Sgt.Sanders
        A2      I Am A Dog
        A3      Lose Some Weight
        A4      Speak English
        A5      Collect Checks
        A6      Buy A Car
        A7      Plan Nine
        A8      You Go Home
        B1      Wrestling Is Real
        B2      It's A Jay
        B3      Recycled Jizz
        B4      Violent World
        B5      Capture The Klingons
        B6      Now She's Dead
        B7      Television Wizard
        B8      Genius Of Lou Albano
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 32
RUR     032     COMMANDOS               FIGHT TO WIN                    CD      04.2003

        A1      Fight To Win
        A2      Martial Law
        A3      Stay Out Tonight
        A4      Suburb Rock
        A5      Too Much Pressure
        A6      Radio Promo: "Watch, Listen And Destroy"
        A7      Operation Annihilation
        B1      Fearless Are The Damned
        B2      TV Promo: "Come...And Be Armed"
        B3      What Ya Gonna Do?
        B4      Wipeout
        B5      Nowhere To Hide
        B6      I'm Alive
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 33
RUR     033     WHITE FLAG : R IS FOR ROCKET-THE LOST 1982 ALBUM        LP      2003

                "R Is For Rocket" The Lost 1982 1st LP
        A1      Hell In A Handbasket                            1:01
        A2      No Such Thing As A Witch                        1:41
        A3      Hoppity Hooper                                  0:20
        A4      Mirror, Mirror                                  1:00
        A5      23 Pieces Of Fudge                              1:00
        A6      Love Me Like A Reptile                          1:29
        A7      I Think I Love You                              2:06
        A8      Torture Chamber                                 1:51
        A9      Paranoid                                        2:10
                Outtakes From The 1st LP Sessions
        A10     Cleocin                                         2:18
        A11     White Flag                                      0:52
        A12     Video.D.                                        1:09
        A13     Go To God                                       0:54
        A14     R'n'R                                           1:36
        A15     A Question Of Intelligence                      1:52
                1st Ever Gig, Sunnymead, CA - June 14th, 1982
        B1      Hell In A Handbasket                            1:04
        B2      Cleocin                                         2:23
        B3      Go To God                                       0:57
        B4      Mirror, Mirror                                  1:54
        B5      R'n'R                                           1:55
        B6      White Flag                                      0:49
        B7      Video.D.                                        1:04
        B8      Suzy Secret                                     1:02
        B9      Hell In A Handbasket                            1:06
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 34

        A1      Shock Appeal
        A2      Attacking The Beat
        A3      She
        A4      She Said Yeah
        A5      I'll Wait
        A6      Take A Dive
        A7      It Doesn't Matter
        A8      Emission Control
        A9      Cliche Ole
        A10     Monster Au Go Go
        B1      Three Cool Cats
        B2      It's My Life
        B3      My Little Red Book
        B4      Keep Your Hands To Yourself
        B5      Wild In The Streets
        B6      Complicated Fun
        B7      Burn It Down
        B8      O Carole / Petticoat Junction
        B9      Born To Be Wild

LP 2    C1      Shake
        C2      Journey To The Center Of The Mind
        C3      The American Ruse
        C4      Seven Deadly Finns
        C5      Fire
        C6      You Play To Hard
        C7      I Think Of You
        C9      Semi Smart
        C9      There Goes Gladys
        D1      Mosquito Crucifixion
        D2      Real Cool
        D3      Weekend Warrior
        D4      Call Of The Wild
        D5      Fireball 500
        D6      You Can't
        D7      I Need A Torch
        D8      River Deep Mountain High
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 35
RUR     035     THE LUBRICANTS          THE LUBRICANTS                  LP        .2003

        A1      Cissy Is Bitch
        A2      Shit Bomb
        A3      Real Feel
        A4      Kaka Brain Kid
        A5      Hemorrhoids
        A6      Sex Life Of A Cloistered Nun
        A7      Sick Of It
        A8      Violent Tendencies
        B1      Catalog Boy
        B2      Prove Myself
        B3      I'm Over Here Baby
        B4      Activated Energy
        B5      Transformation Vacation
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 36
RUR     036     THE REALTORS            GUILT BY ASSOCIATION            LP        .2003

        A1      Guilt By Association
        A2      This Is Not Acceptable
        A3      Factory Limits
        A4      Sell Out
        A5      ARL 7
        A6      Where Is Bed?
        A7      Trailer Hitch
        B1      X-Cat X-Man
        B2      I Don't Know
        B3      Color Film
        B4      Out To Lunch (Live)
        B5      Shock Society (Live)
        B6      X-Cat X-Man (Altern)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 37
RUR     037     SHOCK                   THE GENERATION'S ON VACATION    LP        .2003

        A1      This Generation's On Vacation
        A2      I Wanna Be Spoiled
        A3      I Wanna Go Overseas
        A4      We Were That Noise
        A5      Gone For Good
        A6      (We Knew Then) All Of Friends
        B1      What A Farce!
        B2      There΄s Danger
        B3      Now That We're Blessed
        B4      No Restrictions
        B5      50% Of Normal
        B6      Banned!
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 38
RUR     038     CLASSIC RUINS           ROOM STARTS SPINNING            LP        .2003

        A1      Geraldine, I Need Money
        A2      Down And Out
        A3      Headhunters
        A4      Ruins Cafe
        A5      Record Time
        A6      The Room Starts Spinning
        B1      One One
        B2      Can't Spell Romance
        B3      Heart Attack
        B4      Nyquil Stinger
        B5      He's Got It
        B6      The Madison
        B7      How Do You Know
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 39
RUR     039     SPIKE                   Penetrator !                    LP      05.2005

        A1      #1 Band In Town
        A2      Life Stinks
        A3      (I Like) Brooklyn
        A4      Rude Boys
        A5      Dance Mr. Dj
        A6      Warlord
        B1      #1 Band In Town
        B2      Love Ya Honey
        B3      Your Socalled Friends
        B4      Shopping Bag
        B5      I Call That Love Too
        B6      Life Stinks
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 40
RUR     040     TOXIN III               I ROCK I RAN (AGAIN)            LP        .2004

        A1      I Rock I Ran
        A2      Arrested
        A3      Again
        A4      Numb
        A5      It's Dead
        A6      Middle Class
        B1      Dog Opera
        B2      Sieg Heil Rock'n'Roll
        B3      Dog Eat Dog
        B4      Might Be Yer King
        B5      Manifestations
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 41
RUR     041     THE STAINS              NINETEEN EIGHTY                 LP      07.2004

                Recorded At: Downtown Lounge, Portland, ME 4/2/80
        A1      July Done The Same
        A2      Gun
        A3      Feel Guilty
        A4      Give Ireland Back To The Snakes
        A5      D.C. 10
        A6      Sick Of Being Sick
        A7      Submission
                Recorded At: Bonning House Of Music, Scarbrough, ME 11/80
        A8      Your Entertainment
        A9      Observer
        A10     July Done The Same
                Recorded At: 2nd Annual Halloween Show, Deli 1, Portland, ME 10/31/80
        B1      Stick Your Neck Out
        B2      Industry
        B3      Zombie Rock
        B4      Rudolph Hess
        B5      Worthless Love
        B6      This Is So What
        B7      Happy Birthday Citizen
        B8      Swiss Opera Blues
        B9      If I Had A Hammer
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 42
RUR     042     EPICYCLE :Teenage Suicide-THE BEST OF 1978-81           LP      05.2005

        A1      You're Not Gonna Get It
        A2      Hardcore Punk
        A3      Radical Attitude
        A4      High School Junkie
        A5      Underground
        A6      Residential Area
        A7      The Stare
        B1      Faraway
        B2      The Best Of Everything
        B3      Life Is A Breeze
        B4      Biological Reaction
        B5      Standing On The Corner
        B6      Pleasant Valley Sequel
        B7      Teenage Suicide
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 43
RUR     043     TOT ROCKET & THE TWINS : TELEVISION RULES               LP        .2005

        A1      Reduced
        A2      Fun Fades Fast In The USA
        A3      Not A Chance
        A4      Employment Line
        A5      What Did You Expect?
        A6      Wouldn't Cost Much
        B1      One More Eviction
        B2      Hundred Years War
        B3      Twenty-Four Hour Protection,
        B4      Time To Waste
        B5      Shroud Of Turin
        B6      Television Rules
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 44
RUR     044     THE SHITDOGS            WORLD WAR III                   LP        .2005

        A1      Not Responsible
        A2      Reborn
        A3      Raw Meat
        A4      Killer Cain
        A5      World War II Never Ended
        A6      Bloodclot
        A7      Saucers Over Singapore
        A8      Nikita Banana
        B1      Calling Dr. Moto
        B2      It's Disposable
        B3      Can Opener
        B4      The Devil's Hand
        B5      TV Stupid
        B6      Don't Hide Razorblades
        B7      Cockroach
        B8      Moons
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 45
RUR     045     LE PASTE                BETTER OFF DEAD                 LP        .2006

        A1      Better Off Dead
        A2      Black
        A3      Whites Of Your Eyes
        A4      Skin Tight
        A5      She's A Girl
        A6      Die In My Sleep Tonight
        A7      Figure It Out
        A8      We're In The Army Now
        B1      Write Down Your Number
        B2      Leave Me Alone
        B3      The Road
        B4      TKO
        B5      Too Many Nights
        B6      Blood
        B7      Pop Rock Polls
        B8      Kill Me Now
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 46
RUR     046     THE EJECTORS            Hydrohead                       LP        .2006

        A1      Little Johnny
        A2      Napalm Hop - Slam Dance
        A3      Social Debate
        A4      Standin Over There
        A5      The Uknown
        A6      Fade With The Summer
        B1      Hydrohead
        B2      It's Not The Way
        B3      George Jetson
        B4      Communist Call
        B5      Hey Baby
        B6      She Was The Girl
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 47
RUR     047     THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES   Restlanged                      LP      10.2007

        A1      Hollywood Squares                               3:01
        A2      Organized Crime                                 3:23
        A3      Here Comes The Weekend                          3:08
        A4      Ashes And Dust                                  3:15
        A5      Hillside Strangler                              1:56
        B1      Street Fighting Man                             2:55
        B2      Destruction                                     3:13
        B3      Hey Joe                                         2:26
        B4      Hillside Strangler                              1:54
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 48
RUR     048     63 'MΦNRΦE              HIJACK VICTIM                   LP        .2007

        A1      Hijack Victim
        A2      After
        A3      Giv'em Up
        A4      Cyanide
        A5      Meltdown
        A6      Media Junkie
        A7      Soup To Nuts
        B1      F.Y.M.L.
        B2      Horizontal Hold
        B3      Hey Little Girl
        B4      Strike Three
        B5      Weekend Punks
        B6      Radio Rio Dio
        B7      Buried Alive
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 49
RUR     049     NEW TOYS                BETTER LATE THAN NEVER          LP      11.2007

        A1      Running Away
        A2      Instant Suicide
        A3      Box Lunch
        A4      On Your Way
        A5      Don't Know Why
        A6      Should Have Know Better
        B1      Land Of Lenny Bruce
        B2      Johnny And Niggs
        B3      Outlaws Blues
        B4      Big City (Live)
        B5      Nightime (Live)
        B6      Outa Here (Live)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 50
RUR     050     LATEX NOVELTIES         A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND!           LP        .2008

        A1      Just Meat
        A2      Teenage Idol
        A3      We Don't Wanna Go Home
        A4      I Do I Own Thing
        A5      Kiss And Make Up
        A6      The Solution
        A7      Born To Destroy
        A8      I Don't Wanna Look Like No Ramone
        B1      Nervous Wreck
        B2      High Cost Of Lovin'
        B3      Falling Down
        B4      The Soldier
        B5      We Don't Wanna Go Home
        B6      You're Breaking Me Up
        B7      The Sound Of 1979
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 51

        A1      Torture That Girl
        A2      Contact Overdose
        A3      Judy's Wimp / Concealed Weapon
        A4      Window Peeper
        A5      Piston Boy
        A6      Andrea Teen
        A7      Baby Sitter
        A8      Oedipus Blues
        A9      When Havoc Struck
        A10     Winged Bat Anthem
        A11     Debby Is Electro-Cute
        A12     Getrude Is The Guitar Queen
        B1      Northfield Girls
        B2      Soviet Girl
        B3      Normal You
        B4      Surrogate Song
        B5      Memo To Rex
        B6      Sweet Little Suzie
        B7      Hey Rock Star
        B8      Skiing Down Mount Rushmore
        B9      Spacewalk
        B10     Suzie
        B11     Fun And Games And Michael Ambrose
        B12     Northfield Girls (Electro-version)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 52
RUR     052     THE FUTURE DAYS         24 WINSHIP                      LP      05.2009

        A1      Tree Outside
        A2      What To Do
        A3      Opus In D
        A4      New Feeling
        A5      Love's Hard To Say
        A6      Art Must Go
        A7      Dorchester Summer
        B1      When Will It Stop
        B2      Walk Alone
        B3      That's Me
        B4      Standing Still
        B5      New Town
        B6      Gangbusters
        B7      Brainiac
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 53
RUR     053     NATIVE TONGUE           BLAME IT ON GRAVITY             LP        .2008

        A1      Speaking In Captions
        A2      All Wronged Up
        A3      No Sense
        A4      Carving The Future From Soap
        A5      Hoowinked
        A6      Blame It On Gravity
        A7      Pencil Point
        A8      Ali'
        B1      No Bush Beat
        B2      Bit Part
        B3      Do I Bother You
        B4      Fluffy Thing
        B5      Thieves At Night
        B6      The Cake
        B7      When The Walls Close In
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 54
RUR     054     SIC KIDZ : TEENAGE OBSESSION 1978-84 RECORDINGS         LP      05.2009

        A1      On A Jones
        A2      Dogfood
        A3      Frenzy
        A4      Radar Eyes
        A5      Rhythm Gurl
        A6      She's My Witch
        B1      Night Of The Living Dead
        B2      (Like The) Duke Of Earl
        B3      Interzone
        B4      LSD
        B5      No Reason To Complain
        B6      Teen Angel
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 55
RUR     055     THE DAWGS               OUTSIDE OF TIME                 LP      05.2009

        A1      Hit The Fan
        A2      A Shot Of Your Love
        A3      Silhouette
        A4      Outside Of Time
        A5      Feed Me
        A6      Babylon City
        A7      Long, Long Summer
        B1      Jack's On Drugs
        B2      Lost In Love
        B3      Love On The Levee
        B4      Paper Moon
        B5      Who's She Lovin Tonight
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 56
RUR     056     THE WARM JETS           WANNA START A WAR               LP        .2009

        A1      Wanna Start A War
        A2      Ode To Jody Foster (Never Felt Like This Before)
        A3      I Love It
        A4      Scooter Pie
        A5      Baseball Player
        A6      Gogo With Me
        A7      Here Come The Warm Jets
        B1      Here Come The Warm Jets
        B2      Baseball Player
        B3      You're A Creep
        B4      Wild Sex
        B5      I Wanna Live In A Tot Store
        B6      Beach Tag Baby
        B7      I'm Dancing
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 57
RUR     057     THE CARDIAC KIDZ : GET OUT! SAN DIEGO PUNK 1978-81      LP        .2009

        A1      Get Out
        A2      Find Yourself A Way
        A3      Monday Afternoon
        A4      Mary Young
        A5      No You Don't
        A6      Oh Yeah
        A7      Punkette
        B1      Future Shock
        B2      Breakout
        B3      Bit Of Your Love
        B4      I Got No Time
        B5      Love Can Be Blind
        B6      More
        B7      Paper Towel
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 58
RUR     058     THE ACTION              SLASHING, WHITE HOT             LP      01.2009

        A1      TV's On The Blink
        A2      Downtown Boy
        A3      Waitin' For The Man
        A4      Do The Strangle
        A5      Succes Without College
        A6      Seafood Mama
        A7      Pressed Pig
        A8      Zona Rosa
        B1      Let You Down
        B2      Arena
        B3      Darts
        B4      Mr. T
        B5      Zona Rosa (Live)
        B6      Seafood Mama (Live)
        B7      Mr. Holmes
        B8      No Applause/Aryan Love
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 59
RUR     059     SPECTACLES              RE-SECTACLED                    LP        .2010

        A1      Mind Fuck
        A2      Anima Distortions
        A3      Love Then
        A4      II Wanna
        A5      Men Are Strong
        A6      Chill
        B1      Monkey Boy
        B2      All Chocked Up
        B3      How Many
        B4      Chalk Talk
        B5      Another Way
        B6      Empty Ashtray
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 60
RUR     060     DIODES                  TIME/DAMAGE-LIVE 1978           LP        .2010

        A1      The Shape Of Things To Come
        A2      Time Damage
        A3      Red Rubber Ball
        A4      Blonde Fever
        A5      Mercenary Flight
        A6      No Right To Make Me Bleed
        B1      Terminal Rock
        B2      Tennis Again
        B3      Death In The Suburbs
        B4      Behind Those Eyes
        B5      Nowhere Fast
        B6      Tired Of Waking Up Tired
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 61
RUR     061     THE ED DAVIS BAND       KEITH RICHARD'S DEAD            LP        .2010

        A1      Keith Richards Dead
        A2      Fuck Each Other
        A3      95 Amplified
        A4      Dead Stars
        A5      Take Out Your Pistols, Faggots
        B1      Asshole
        B2      Last Year At Surf City
        B3      Keith Richards Dead
        B4      Kill The The Dogs
        B5      I Still Hate The Nuns
        B6      Last Year At Surf City
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 62
                STREETS OF BERKELEY 1978-81

        A1      The Allies              Disposed Dictator
        A2      The Allies              Drone
        A3      The Allies              Chains And Me
        A4      The Allies              Emotional Trashing
        A5      The Allies              Cold Act
        B1      The Saucers             Twisted Dreams
        B2      The Saucers             Piggy's Jukebox
        B3      The Saucers             Recognition
        B4      The Saucers             Tinseltown
        B5      The Saucers             Cloud Of The Year
        B6      The Saucers             Disposed Dictator
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 63
RUR     063     TYRANNA                 TYRANNA                         LP        .2011

        A1      Shockface
        A2      Unfaithful
        A3      Divorce 1
        A4      Johnny
        A5      1 2 X U
        A6      Where The Boys Are
        A7      Test Tube Babies
        A8      Unfaithful - Divorce (Take 2)
        A9      Toranna Boys
        B1      Sex Ray Eyes
        B2      Neighbour
        B3      Test Tube Babies
        B4      Revenge
        B5      Back Of Baby
        B6      Suzi's Back (Live)
        B7      Dying In The Suburbs (Live)
        B8      Neighbour (Live)
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 64
RUR     064     SINATRAS                ARE YOU READY?                  LP        .2011

        A1      Teddy Crashes Blonde Dies
        A2      Now
        A3      Sweet Little French Teens
        A4      Whack It On Johnny
        A5      Look At The Kids
        B1      Some Other Boys
        B2      You Got Me
        B3      Lovers Leap
        B4      You And Me
        B5      Holiday On Ice
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 65
RUR     065     STREETKIDZ              LOOKING FOR A THRILL            LP      03.2012

        A1      Spy Vs. Spy
        A2      You Better Stop
        A3      Gimme Some Drugs
        A4      Suicide
        A5      Pissed Off
        A6      No One To Blame
        B1      Faster Than Speed Of Love
        B2      Go To School
        B3      Looking For A Thrill
        B4      Suicide II
        B5      In The IRA
        B6      Weekend Love Affair
        B7      Rock & Roll Band
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 66
RUR     066     THE NAMES               YOUNG ROMANTICS                 LP        .2011

        A1      Young Romantics
        A2      For Modern's Only
        A3      Pick Up Cindy
        A4      No More Pulse
        A5      Love/Hate
        A6      Damaged Goods
        B1      I Don't Like Radio
        B2      Johnny Normal
        B3      Waiting For My Man
        B4      Hey Little Girl
        B5      Hhead Kicked In
        B6      Young Romantics
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 67
RUR     067     THE 222s                SHE WANTS REVENGE               LP        .2012

        A1      Female
        A2      Hold Up
        A3      Always Around
        A4      She Wants Revenge
        A5      Fun, Fun, Fun
        A6      Academic Drop
        A7      Lowlife
        B1      First To Third Round
        B2      A Poupee Qui Fait Non
        B3      Come To Me Cold
        B4      Jailbait
        B5      First Studio Bomb
        B6      Something New
        B7      Dumb Girl
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 68
RUR     068     SPIKE PENETRATOR        YEAH! YEAH!...BABY              LP        .2013

        A1      Yeah, Yeah Baby!
        A2      Bastards
        A3      California
        A4      The Girl With The Big Ones
        A5      Faced Again (Over You)
        A6      Yeah, Yeah Baby! ('73 Heavy)
        B1      Forkeye
        B2      Greasy Spoon Boogie
        B3      Do It To It
        B4      Destiny Woman
        B5      Sam's Blues
        B6      Never Gonna Cut My Hair
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 69

        A1      Anti-Disco
        A2      Cutty Sark Into Rollin' On
        A3      Fly On By
        A4      Mercer Street
        A5      Can't Keep Foolin' Yourself
        B1      Blood From A Stone
        B2      Wonder Why
        B3      Hold Me
        B4      Pink Stilettos
        B5      Feedback Rock
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 70
                RECORDINGS FROM 1980/1981

        A1      Why Don't U Like Me?
        A2      Jesus Chrysler
        A3      Gimme A Break
        A4      I Want
        A5      American Pastime
        B1      Sick N Tired
        B2      Casual Acquaintances
        B3      Get Some Spunk
        B4      Buzz Off!
        B5      They Say It Better
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 71
RUR     071     GROUND ZERO             GROUND ZERO                     LP        .2013

        A1      Ground Zero
        A2      Ditch
        A3      Marlena Berlin
        A4      Nothing
        B1      Cybernetic War
        B2      Televoid
        B3      Prima Donna
        B4      Break Apart
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 72
RUR     072     LUKE MUCUS AND THE PHLEGM : S/T                         LP        .2013

        A1      I'm Luke Mucus
        A2      Chain Me! Whip Me!
        A3      So What?
        A4      Fartin' In A Pool
        A5      Caroline
        A6      Call Us Punks
        B1      Do Something Gross
        B2      Mother Is A Trucker
        B3      Got No Talent
        B4      Take A Co-Ed To Bed
        B5      Bicycle Seat
        B6      Greyhound Lover
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 73

        A1      I'm Hot And Wild
        A2      Punks
        A3      Teri, Teri, Teri
        A4      Ripped T Shirt
        B1      Mama Is A BAg Lady
        B2      Jim Jones
        B3      Running Out Of Love
        B4      Begging For A Job
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 74
RUR     074     HATES                   NO TALK IN THE EIGHTIES         LP      10.2014

        A1      No Talk In The Eighties
        A2      New Spartans
        A3      All The Whites Are Going Negro
        A4      Last Hymn
        A5      Do The Caryl Chessman
        A6      City On Ice
        A7      So What If Your Mother Kicks Me In The Nuts
        A8      Not My Kind
        B1      Houston
        B2      Welcome To The Nuclear
        B3      Science' Sfiction
        B4      Also Watched
        B5      Punk 1301
        B6      This Year Model
        B7      What Am I Living For
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 75
RUR     075     VAST MAJORITY           I WANNA BE A NUMBER             LP      10.2014

        A1      I Wanna Be A Number
        A2      God's Groin
        A3      Throwdown
        A4      Poor Sid / Duke Is Dead
        A5      Death To The Shah
        A6      Not My Wavelenght
        A7      Hollywood Cemetery
        A8      9 To 5
        A9      Squalid Living Conditions
        B1      Political Fetus
        B2      Terri Hollywood
        B3      Free The Moody Park 3
        B4      Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head)
        B5      Ready For The 80s
        B6      (I'm A) Wild Man
        B7      Public Image
        B8      Fuck Religion
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 76
RUR     076     THE DAUGHTERS           THE DAUGHTERS                   LP      10.2014

        A1      Dead End Job
        A2      She's A Lynn Girl
        A3      The Shake
        A4      Lonely Weekend
        A5      You Got A Hard Time Coming
        A6      Hey Little Girl
        A7      Miles Away
        B1      One Time Winner
        B2      Tellin' Me Lies
        B3      Love Me Tonight
        B4      Hey You Are The One
        B5      Gotta Get Away
        B6      She's A Lynn Girl
        B7      Chatterbox
        B8      Louie Louie
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 77
RUR     077     THE SCENICS             IN THE SUMMER                   LP      11.2015
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 78
RUR     078
                American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets – Vol. 79
RUR     079     V / A                   BOSTON BOOTLEG VOL.3            LP      11.2015
RUR     080     CULT HEROES             AMERICAN STORY                  LP      06.2016
RUR     081     THE DEGENERATES         DEGENERATES                     LP      06.2016
RUR     082     MARY MONDAY             POP GUN AND OTHER STORIES       LP      11.2017
RUR     083     THE HATES               PANACEA + 4                     LP      03.2019
RUR     084     THE MOLLS               SCREAM BABY SCREAM              2LP     05.2019



SSR     1       THE DOUBT               CONTRAST DISORDER               LP        .2003

        A1      Contrast Disorder
        A2      Time Out
        A3      Fringes
        A4      Lookaway
        A5      F**k Nose
        A6      Hang On To Yourself
        A7      Mirror Star
        B1      Fringes
        B2      Blank Stare
        B3      Subway Heat
        B4      Don't Stop Me Now
        B4      Time Out
        B6      Contrast Disorder
        B7      Lookaway

LP      Shell Shock Rock  #1            2003    IT
                American High Energy Rock N Roll #1
LPAHER# 1       THE PUNKS               THE PUNKS                       LP        .2005

        A1      My Times Comm'n
        A2      Chains Of Madness
        A3      Darker Side
        A4      Drop Dead 
        A5      Rocks Funeral
        B1      No Mercy
        B2      Drug Fueled Accident
        B3      Sinister Bly
        B4      Quick One
                American High Energy Rock N Roll #2
LPAHER# 2       SHADY LADY              RAVING MAD                      LP      05.2005

        A1      Circle Of Fools
        A2      Spin The Disk
        A3      Stranger
        A4      The Move
        A5      Down To Dirty
        B1      Raving Mad
        B2      Nightwitch
        B3      All Night Long
        B4      It's No Crime
        B5      Save Me
                American High Energy Rock N Roll #3
LPAHER# 3       THE BRATS               ROCK CANDY                      LP        .2012

        A1      Rock Candy
        A2      Tonight, Tonight
        A3      Pretty Woman
        A4      Right On The Money
        A5      On Her Way
        A6      Sweet Dreams
        B1      Perfect Stranger
        B2      Take It Or Leave It
        B3      Forever
        B4      Teen Tears
        B5      Radio
        B6      I Will Be There
LPAHER  4       THE BRATS               BRATOLOGY                       LP      11.2017
LPAHER  5       THE PUNKS               DEFINITIVE COLLECTION           2LP     01.2018
                EURO PUNK SERIES #01
EPR     01      AQUI D'EL-ROCK          HA QUE VIOLENTAR O SISTEMA      7"      03.2007

        A1      Hα Que Violentar O Sistema
        A2      Eu Nao Sei
        B1      Quero Tudo
        B2      Dedicada (A Quem Nos Rouba)
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , red vinyl)
                EURO PUNK SERIES #02
EPS#    02      PRIVATE DICKS           HOMELIFE 1979/80                LP        .2007

        A1      Homelife
        A2      Want Some Fun
        A3      Don't Follow My Lead
        A4      She Said Go
        A5      Catalouge Girls
        A6      Private Dicks
        A7      Green Is In The Red
        A8      All I Want Is You
        B1      You Want It, You Got It
        B2      Stitch' Em Up
        B3      Star Freezig
        B4      Forget The Night
        B5      Do You Remember
        B6      Incest (Live)
        B7      Michael (Live)
        B8      Over And Over (Live)
                EURO PUNK SERIES #03
EPS#    03      STORMTROOPER            I'M A MESS                      LP        .2010

        A1      I'm A Mess
        A2      It's Not Me
        A3      Wish I Could
        A4      Coming My Way
        A5      Ride The Sky
        B1      I'm On Fire
        B2      Coming My Way
        B3      Only Want To Be With You
        B4      I'm A Mess
        B5      Bad Motor Scooter
                EURO PUNK SERIES #04
EPS#    04      THE WASPS               THIS WASPUNK                    LP        .2011

        A1      Can't Wait Till '78
        A2      Stranger Love
        A3      Waiting For My Man
        A4      Teenage Treats
        A5      JJJJenny
        B1      Free Country
        B2      Run Run Angelica
        B3      She Made Magic
        B4      Evil Man
        B5      Something To Tell You
        B6      He's Back
                EURO PUNK SERIES #05
EPS#    05      THE USERS               KICK IN STYLE 1976-1979         LP        .2011

        A1      Kicks In Style
        A2      Sick Of You
        A3      I'm In Love With Today
        A4      Message #1
        B1      Listen
        B2      It's Not True
        B3      Now That It's Over
        B4      All I Get
        B5      Bad Decision
                EURO PUNK SERIES #06
EPS#    06      VICTIM                  ALL OUR DREAMS ARE GONE         LP        .2010

        A1      Strange Thing By Night
        A2      I Need You
        A3      Blood And Ashes
        A4      Mixed Up World
        A5      Why Are Fire Engines Red
        A6      Don't Break It
        A7      Junior Criminals
        B1      The Teen Age
        B2      Cause Or Consequence
        B3      Isobel
        B4      Hang On To Yourself
        B5      The Silence
        B6      The Last Laugh
                EURO PUNK SERIES #07
EPS#    07      CHUZPE                  ANARCHY BLA BLA                 LP      10.2011

        A1      Kopfschussler
        A2      Braune Nostalgie
        A3      Stingert Reich
        A4      Nervengas
        A5      Polsterficker
        A6      Chuzpe
        B1      Beislanarchie
        B2      Panik Alanig
        B3      Terror In Klein Babylon
        B4      Ferien In Stalingrad
        B5      Sie Is A Luada
        B6      Scheiss Drauf
                EURO PUNK SERIES #08
EPS#    08      KIDZ NEXT DOOR          KIDZ NEXT DOOR                  LP        .2011

        A1      Kidz Next Door
        A2      What's It All About
        A3      Images
        A4      Lifetime Of School
        A5      When I Look In Your Eyes
        A6      Monopoly
        A7      I'm Alright Jack
        A8      Serious
        B1      Payday Today
        B2      Up With The Joneses
        B3      I'm Alright Jack
        B4      Get Off Of My Cloud
        B5      Borstal Breakout
        B6      What's It All About
                EURO PUNK SERIES #09
EPS#    09      X-BELIEBIG              OH TANNENBAUM                   LP        .2012

        A1      Morgen
        A2      Der Staub
        A3      Fang An
        A4      Fort!
        A5      Ah!
        B1      Unheimliche Begegnung
        B2      Warum
        B3      Planquadrat
        B4      Stacheldrahtliebe

C60     X-Beliebig                      1981    Austria         50 copies
                EURO PUNK SERIES #10
EPS#    10      THE DEAD NITTELS        EARLY SONGS 1981-1983           LP      03.2013

        A1      Widerstand
        A2      Justizirrtum
        A3      Freitag Nocht
        A4      Menschenrecht
        A5      Liebe
        A6      Polizei
        A7      Schleicht's Eich
        B1      Anti New Wave Liga
        B2      Wien
        B3      Der Papst
        B4      Der Karl
        B5      Bla Bla
        B6      Leichenschδndung
        B7      Anton
                EURO PUNK SERIES #11
EPS     11      BLITZKRIEG BOP          STUDIO STUFF                    LP        .2014

        A1      Let's Go (Mortonsound Version)                  3:35
        A2      9 Till 5                                        3:03
        A3      Bugger Off                                      1:18
        A4      Life Is Just A So-So                            2:37
        A5      Mental Case                                     2:55
        A6      (You're Like A) U.F.O                           2:37
        A7      Viva Bobby Joe                                  3:37
        A8      Images (Weekend Punks)                          2:05
        B1      Let's Go (Lightning Version)                    3:22
        B2      Radio                                           3:11
        B3      West Side Radio                                 3:09
        B4      Blitzkrieg Bop                                  2:45
        B5      London Lady                                     2:25
        B6      White Riot                                      2:18
        B7      Dole Walla                                      2:21
        B8      Get Out Of My Way                               2:01
                EURO PUNK SERIES #12
EPS     012     CHARLIE 'UNGRY          THE CHESTER ROAD ALBUM          LP        .2014

        A1      Who Is My Killer?
        A2      Sometimes I Go Out Of My Mind
        A3      Try It Again
        A4      House On Chester Road
        A5      To Get Back Home
        B1      Digby Rising
        B2      Feel Like A Preacher
        B3      Keep The Peace
        B4      Memories
        B5      Let It Ride
                EURO PUNK SERIES #13
EPS     013     SUZANNES                DUTCH PUNK 1977-1978            LP      10.2014

        A1      Hippie
        A2      Naughty Young Girl
        A3      Listen To My Heartbeat
        A4      Teenage Abortion
        A5      Deepfreeze Boy
        A6      Organisation
        A7      Tennis Shoes
        A8      White Shirt
        B1      Listen To My Heartbeat
        B2      Gimme Your Love
        B3      TH Baby
        B4      Who's To Blame
        B5      Tennis Shoes
        B6      I Don't Care
        B7      Suzanne
        B8      Only Say The Word
        B9      Teenage Abortion
        B10     Deepfreeze Boy
        B11     Blackmail
        B12     I'm Going Mad


EPS#    16      MORDUBEN AG             UNRELEASED AND RARITIES         LP      11.2017
                Euro Glam Series #1
EGS#    1       IRON VIRGIN : 1974 SCOTTISH GLAM ROCK                   LP        .2007

        A1      Rebels Rule
        A2      Jet
        A3      Ain't No Clown
        B1      Teenage Love Affair
        B2      Midnight Hitcher
        B3      Shake That Fat
                Euro Glam Series #2
EGS#    2       PLOD                    NEO CITY                        LP        .2010

        A1      Long Gone
        A2      Lost In Crowd
        A3      Space Boy
        B1      Neo City
        B2      The Only Way To Go
        B3      Phil The Cleaner
AP      01      TELEBOYS                ASCOLI BRUCIA                   7"        .2010

        A1      Teleboys                Ascoli Brucia
        A2      Teleboys                Sara Punk
        B1      Teleboys                Meglio Che Lasci
                Bonus Track
        B2      I Cupi                  Sono Cupo
RURI    01      LUXFERO : NEW HEDONISM-ORIGINAL 1978-82 RECORDINGS      LP        .2010

        A1      New Hedonism
        A2      White Dust Woman
        A3      The Pleasure (Someonr To Fuck And Pray)
        A4      Face
        A5      Chatterbox
        A6      New Hedonism (Live)
        B1      Europe In 69
        B2      The Human Race
        B3      White Sad Reggae
        B4      Down The Wall
        B5      Just Me
                ROCK 1978-1980

        A1      Jumpers                 Blonde Bombshell
        A2      Jumpers                 Self Control
        A3      Jumpers                 Murder In The Train
        A4      198x                    Below Zero
        A5      198x                    Ketchup Stain (On My New Trousers)
        A6      198x                    (You Know) Mr. DJ
        B1      198x                    Tofu's Dance
        B2      198x                    Serious Again
        B3      198x                    Self Control
        B4      198x                    Palach Memorial
        B5      198x                    3-D Dance
        B6      198x                    Murder In The Train
RURI    003     THE RIDE                MASTURBAZIONE MENTALE           LP        .2014

        A1      Masturbazione Mentale
        A2      Lucida Follia
        A3      Elettroshock
        A4      Oltre Il Controllo
        A5      Kassandra
        A6      Ultima Guerra
        A7      Il Lago Rosa
        B1      Psicosi
        B2      Generazione Nucleare
        B3      Figlio Di Un Robot
        B4      Re Del Rock'n'Roll
        B5      Quello Che Tu Vuoi
        B6      Hanno Paura
        B7      Masturbazione Mentale
EPSLP   14      NO WAY                  THE BEEP                        LP      11.2015

Previously unissued LP, recorded in 1979 by a tight, Pistols-inspired punk band from
the UK.
EPSLP   15      THE BLEACH BOYS         FUR COUGH FROM THE GRAVE        LP      10.2016
RURX    7       THE DODGERS             CRIMINAL GAME                   7"      03.2019

Dodgers were a teenage snotty punk band based in Roma. These guys were active in late
90's, playing in various club with other bands of local punk scene of the period, such
Taxi (later Giuda), Transex, Dissuaders, Idol Lips and others. If you like Slaughter
and the Dogs, Johnny Moped, Eater....you will enjoy 'em! Three tracks of raunchy and
obnoxious D.I.Y punk rock!!!! 200 copies only!!!!
RUG     7       THE VIOLATORS           N.Y. RIPPERS                    7"      03.2019
RUG     8       THE KNOTS               ACTION                          7"      03.2019

        01.     ACTION
        02.     HEARTBREAKER
        03.     GLAD TO BE ALIVE